Pride Cups at the British Museum
British Museum begins to offer guided tours of LGBTI treasures

The evocative Warren Cup, which the museum purchased for £1.8m, is among the objects on display

Janelle Monae is a strong ally to the trans and nonbinary communities
Janelle Monáe: ‘We must do better for our trans siblings’

‘We have to protect our babies, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community’

Kids reading a book together
Amazon to support LGBTI inclusivity in schools with Reading Roadshow

‘It’s great that Amazon is visiting schools across the country to show young people that being true to themselves is an enabler, not a barrier, to their future’

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road on track to become diamond certified while still #1 on the charts

The breakout single has been #1 on the Hot 100 hip-hop charts for 13 weeks in a row

Lil Nas X walking off BBC show | Photo: Screenshot/BBC
Gay rapper Lil Nas X walks off BBC show and the video is hilarious

Give him a break, he’s only 20 and he just came out!

Here’s a clip from shocking new film set in a gay porn studio, Knife+Heart

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I want you all naked and stiffer then President Giscard!’ Film hits UK cinemas tomorrow

Claire Richards recalls sweet way H from Steps came out to her

EXCLUSIVE: ‘So embarrassing!’ Star jumped to wrong conclusion when H said ‘I need to talk to you’ before 5, 6, 7, 8 video shoot

Couple saved dog from being killed for being gay in Russia

This dog wouldn’t mate with females but was saved by a kind couple looking for a furry friend

Charli and one of his lambs - and the Grindr message
Grindr: Why you should always check that profile photo closely

EXCLUSIVE: A gay farmer tweeted a message he got from someone on the hookup app – and reveals the difficulties of dating in rural Northern Ireland

On a scale of 10 to 10, how cute are these penguin parents and their newborn? | Picture: Sea Life London
Same sex penguin couple welcome adopted chick and it’s too cute

Marama and Rocky of SEA LIFE London have welcomed the pitter-patter of webbed feet

Lil Nas X visits sneaker store After Drop in Paris
Lil Nas X responds to homophobic backlash over his coming out

‘Next n**** to say something offensive to me getting kissed’ tweeted Lil Nas X; hip hop star has topped the Billboard Hot singles charts for three months

NBC correspondent Joe Fryer pens emotional letter about coming out

He wants his story to help other LGBTI people

Dad and son share cute story of how they came out to each other

‘I sort of knew before he told me’

Anthony Ogogo officiates the wedding of his sister 'a la, Joey [from Friends] | Pictures: Both from Twitter (@AnthonyOgogo)
Anthony Ogogo has perfect reply to haters after officiating his queer sister’s wedding

‘We are in the year 2019 and some people still have these bigoted opinions,’ the retired boxer said

Mindy Kaling stunned in a Pride flag-themed dress, but some homophobes weren't happy | Picture: Instagram (@mindykaling)
10 best celeb clap backs at homophobes this Pride season

Mindy Kaling deserves an award for slamming down homophobes, to be honest

Rapper Iggy Azalea
Rapper Iggy Azalea stops own set for heartfelt speech on trans equality

She also brought her trans friend on stage for a super sweet hug

Valedictorian comes out as bi in grad speech, crowd gives standing ovation

He wants to inspire others to live out and proud

Vans Frida Kahlo collection of shoes
Vans is releasing a Frida Kahlo-inspired line of sneakers

Last year, the skate shoe company released a line of Van Gogh-inspired sneakers

Laverne Cox
Actor Laverne Cox: ‘Immigration is an LGBTI issue’

‘We are having a conversation about immigration now, but that is not divorced from LGBTQ rights’

Megan Rapinoe
US pro soccer player Megan Rapinoe: ‘You can’t win without gay players’

She also shouted ‘Go gays!’ after her quarter-final match

Scenes from Brokeback Mountain and Sense8
LGBTI people reveal the first queer sex scenes they saw on film or TV

NSFW: Do you remember the first LGBTI sex scene you saw onscreen?

Todrick Hall in his new music video
‘I like when they almost naked,’ Todrick Hall sings in sexy new video

Featuring almost naked men and extravagant outfits

Burger King creates diamond out of a Whopper | Photo: Burger King
Burger King transforms Whopper into diamonds for gay couple’s wedding

A burger was cooked to ashes so it could be transformed into diamonds

Dallas to introduce rainbow crosswalks to mark the end of Pride Month

The Pride crosswalks will appear in the historic LGBTI neighborhood of Oak Lawn

Fairy change name to Fair for the month of July.
Washing liquid brand Fairy changes name in fight for LGBTI equality

They’re cleaning up homophobia, one dish at a time

Hip hop singer and rapper Aina Brei'Yon
Queer hip hop performer: ‘They wanted me to change because of how I looked’

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper, singer and producer Aina Brei’Yon is forging her own path in the US entertainment industry