Lecturer changes student’s life by loaning them this one book

British lecturer was blown away by how lending a book could have such an impact on a student; her tweet of the experience has now gone viral

Pink Lady apples with rainbow stickers
Pink Lady launches rainbow apple sticker and chance to win free dance lessons

Enter the competition to win £100 worth of dance lessons!

Comedian Joe Lycett
Comedian perfectly responds to concerns books on gay people turn kids gay

It comes about after the BBC aired a segment featuring several religious people objecting to LGBTI-inclusive education

Time is running out to have your say in EU survey for LGBTI people

Your answers to the anonymous survey will help support equal treatment legislation and policy making for LGBTIs across the Union

Brandon Austin is a teen drag queen | Photo: Supplied
Teen drag queen graduates and slays everyone with a death drop

This 18-year-old’s graduation has been seen over three million times

Florence + The Machine, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand at British Summer Time, London review

Florence hailed ‘matriarchal experience’ on stage in Hyde Park last night, at festival brimming with top female performers

film A still from the movie Evening Shadows - Bollywood India gay movie
LGBTI film to screen on airline from a country where it’s illegal to be gay

The United Arab Emirates criminalizes same-sex activity

James finds his 'forever family' in this cute cartoon
This cute cartoon shows the real story of a boy finding his forever family

It’s part of a new animation series for preschool kids

Church of Satan comes out in support of trans rights

‘What’s the point [in transphobia]? To insult that person? To diminish this huge, life-changing choice they’ve made?’

Suresh Ramdas became Mr Gay World India earlier in 2019
How I overcame prejudice and stigma to become Mr Gay India

Suresh Ramdas, based in Bangalore, won the 2019 Mr Gay World India title and now devotes himself to raising awareness around LGBTI issues in India

Trans woman joins sex workers in body positive underwear campaign

They want to challenge stereotypes perpetuated in the porn industry

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex with Marty Richardson in New York (Photo: Instagram)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wows audiences at New York drag show

‘You are beautiful! You are accepted!’ the New York Representative shouted from the stage

This is how a straight guy changed his LGBTI views | Photo: Instagram
Straight guy reveals a co-worker transformed him from gay basher to ally

‘My way of thinking simply could not stand up to the powerful decency of this man’

Kent Mendez wrote his parents a heart-breaking letter after they refused to accept him for being gay | Picture: Twitter (@uhkent)
Gay teen writes emotional letter to parents who won’t accept him

‘I refuse to live a lie, not for you or for anyone,’ Kent Mendez, 19, wrote

Reverend Kate Bottley
Reverend drowns out anti-gay preacher with passionate speech about love

EXCLUSIVE: Reverend Kate Bottley has a very special message for preachers who try to use the name of Jesus to spread hate

Bini The Bunny
Adorable Insta bunny star hits back at anti-LGBTI fans over rainbow post

Bini The Bunny is an LGBTI ally and wants to meet Ellen DeGeneres

Drag queens use hand fans to drown out Proud Boy hatred at the #AllOutDC rally
Drag queens drown out Proud Boy hatred with hand fans at #AllOutDC rally

Independent media outlet Unicorn Riot was on the scene at the #AllOutDC rally, covering it and the counterprotests

A nun asking anti-gay protesters to leave the church's courtyard during Brianza Pride
Nun removes anti-LGBTI protesters from church courtyard during Brianza Pride

When the anti-LGBTI group began to pray in the church’s courtyard, a nun left her convent to ask them to leave

Pride Cups at the British Museum
British Museum begins to offer guided tours of LGBTI treasures

The evocative Warren Cup, which the museum purchased for £1.8m, is among the objects on display

Janelle Monae is a strong ally to the trans and nonbinary communities
Janelle Monáe: ‘We must do better for our trans siblings’

‘We have to protect our babies, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community’

Kids reading a book together
Amazon to support LGBTI inclusivity in schools with Reading Roadshow

‘It’s great that Amazon is visiting schools across the country to show young people that being true to themselves is an enabler, not a barrier, to their future’

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road on track to become diamond certified while still #1 on the charts

The breakout single has been #1 on the Hot 100 hip-hop charts for 13 weeks in a row

Lil Nas X walking off BBC show | Photo: Screenshot/BBC
Gay rapper Lil Nas X walks off BBC show and the video is hilarious

Give him a break, he’s only 20 and he just came out!

Here’s a clip from shocking new film set in a gay porn studio, Knife+Heart

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I want you all naked and stiffer then President Giscard!’ Film hits UK cinemas tomorrow

Claire Richards recalls sweet way H from Steps came out to her

EXCLUSIVE: ‘So embarrassing!’ Star jumped to wrong conclusion when H said ‘I need to talk to you’ before 5, 6, 7, 8 video shoot

Couple saved dog from being killed for being gay in Russia

This dog wouldn’t mate with females but was saved by a kind couple looking for a furry friend