Todrick Hall in his new music video
‘I like when they almost naked,’ Todrick Hall sings in sexy new video

Featuring almost naked men and extravagant outfits

Burger King creates diamond out of a Whopper | Photo: Burger King
Burger King transforms Whopper into diamonds for gay couple’s wedding

A burger was cooked to ashes so it could be transformed into diamonds

Dallas to introduce rainbow crosswalks to mark the end of Pride Month

The Pride crosswalks will appear in the historic LGBTI neighborhood of Oak Lawn

Fairy change name to Fair for the month of July.
Washing liquid brand Fairy changes name in fight for LGBTI equality

They’re cleaning up homophobia, one dish at a time

Hip hop singer and rapper Aina Brei'Yon
Queer hip hop performer: ‘They wanted me to change because of how I looked’

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper, singer and producer Aina Brei’Yon is forging her own path in the US entertainment industry

Conchita on a year since sharing HIV status: ‘The response was beautiful’

EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Eurovision champ on new music and why you’re as likely to see him in a ‘jockstrap and cap’ as a dress!

London Ronnie, Reggie and Rainbow celebrate Pride | Zoological Society of London / London Zoo
This same sex penguin couple celebrated Pride and it’s too cute

Not too sure if the gay bears at the London Zoo will hold their own Pride, though

Matt Feczko wearing Kapow meggings
6 fun and sexy colorful ‘meggings’ for any Pride celebration

These leggings will keep you stylish, cool and show off all of your best assets

Marina on Twitter, Pride and gay male femme-shaming: ‘It’s an issue’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I thought “Why would any self-respecting person put themselves through this?”‘ Star on leaving social media and loving Gaga

New TV series about trans high school student gets big funding boon

Evie Macdonald made history as the first trans child actor to play a trans role in Australia

There's only 150 of these limited-edition T-shirts by the singer, model, and designer | Picture: Victoria, Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham drops Pride T-shirt and is ‘proud to support’ LGBTIs

There’s only 150 T-shirts made, so we’d ‘add to basket’ as soon as possible

Tista Das (left) and Dipan Chakraborty (right) announced their engagement on trans day of visibility (Photo: Facebook)
After meeting at gender affirmation clinic, trans couple to wed

The pair announced their engagement on Transgender Day of Visibility

Aaron Philip just scored her first fashion magazine cover for Paper | Picture: Instagram
A black, trans, disabled model just landed her first magazine cover

Aaron Philip is ushering a new era of inclusive and diverse fashion

Madonna speaks with with Australian talk show host Andrew Denton
Madonna wants to meet Pope Francis to challenge the Vatican’s view on abortion

‘Don’t you think Jesus would agree that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body?’

Matt McGorry models limited edition Playboy bunny ears
Actor Matt McGorry teams up with Playboy to promote Pride

McGorry took to Instagram to promote Playboy’s new #PrideIsGood collection in collaboration with queer artists and The Trevor Project

MNEK revealed as UK Black Pride headliner

Event takes place in London’s Haggerston Park on Sunday 7 July 2019

US embassy in Singapore finds inventive way to celebrate Pride Month

Embassy staff take extra steps to show support for LGBTI rights

Troye Sivan with boyfriend Jacob Bixenman
This is the reason Troye Sivan feels uncomfortable being called a ‘gay icon’

He also revealed what it was like growing up gay and his relationship with his boyfriend

Note shows how much a rainbow flag meant to a young neighbor | Photo: Facebook
Note reveals how much gay couple’s rainbow flag meant to young neighbor

Small actions can have big and wonderful consequences

Pride Edinburgh
Scottish capital introduces LGBTI traffic lights for Pride Edinburgh

A total of 35 lights will be dotted along the route of this year’s Pride parade

University backtracks to allow trans students to graduate in dresses

One of the trans women said universities should help students grow and ‘not cut their wings’

Father Rod Bower
LGBTI-inclusive priest: Israel Folau is ‘wrong’ about trans kids

Rugby star recently said homosexuality is a ‘sin’, trans kids don’t know what they’re doing and same-sex marriage is wrong

Ben Platt speaks at Cambridge University – here are 4 takeaways

The Emmy, Tony and Grammy winner, who is gay, says ‘I’m not setting a schedule for when I’d like to receive an Oscar!’