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Two 'gay inclusive' rugby players.
The face of gay rugby in 15 stunning images

LGBT+ inclusive rugby is gaining new players while traditional clubs are struggling.

Teens playing basketball.
Being out at school is stopping LGBT+ teens from taking part in sport

New research shows that the more open an LGBT+ teen is about their sexuality, the less likely they are to participate in sport.

Adam Levine's apparently well-maintained crotch.
What gay men and women really think about pubic hair and sex

Is a big or unkempt bush a deal breaker?

Yoga man stands on hands.
Gay men are embracing naked yoga all over the world

It’s not about sex. So why are men prepared to risk prison or even corporal punishment to hang out naked?

Truvada (PrEP) is used to prevent HIV infection
There’s a new way to take PrEP, but is it right for you?

PrEPster’s Dr Will Nutland gives the 101 on 2+1+1 PrEP

Want to quit smoking? Here’s how to get started

LGBTI people have higher rates of smoking than the general population

Unique London event will tackle major LGBTI killer: smoking

Smoking is the secret killer of LGBTI people and no one is doing anything about it – until now

The HIV Garage is your one-stop shop for ageing with HIV

HIV is no longer a ‘short hop’, but a ‘long-haul journey’

How to avoid the Pride season hangover

Pride is fun, but there’s no reason it should also end in a hangover

LGBTI smokers reveal how they managed to quit their habit

LGBTI people are more likely to smoke than straight people

Porn actor Leander XXX has taken up the fight to end syphilis

‘We’re making a point that if government is neglecting us, we will look after ourselves’

a man sitting on a couch in a grey cardigan he is anxiously talking to a woman whose back is facing the camera
Why we need to talk more about mental health issues in the LGBTI community

Speaking about your mental health issues, especially to a professional can really work wonders

two people stand together in front of white screen
LGBTI Aboriginal suicide is the issue people are finally paying attention to

Stronger Together is a suicide prevention source for a community that is desperate need of it

Stop telling me I don’t ‘need’ to lose weight

I shouldn’t have to explain to you why I’m trying to lose weight

Georgia is just one of the participants in a challenge that made her feel better naked and more confident in her own skin | Photo: Gay Star News
How I learned to feel amazing naked in just one month

These LGBT people feel better in their own skin, and learned it was nothing to do with any grueling physical exercise

Dave Tyson
Gay men, stop hot-shaming me for going to the gym

This personal trainer says other gay men’s insecurities lead to assumptions around those who enjoy working out

Christopher Preston rediscovered his love of swimming in his 60s
How joining a gay swim club in my 60s helped me after the death of my partner

British organization Out for Sport is launching a campaign to encourage senior LGBTI people to participate in sport

Sports Island. Photo courtesy of Club La Santa
Step your training up for Sports Island

An island dedicated to sport, fitness, health, and fun.

We had nothing on Channing Tatum doing the Full Monty. | Photo: Iron House Entertainment
I went on a date to a mindfulness class, and ended up doing the full monty

I had to walk around the room like a drunk chicken too

Gay fitness instructor Kris Saunders-Stowe
This gay fitness instructor teaches classes from his wheelchair: ‘Disability is not inability’

Kris jokes lovingly: ‘I’ve created a family of monsters’

Army vet turned trainer, Chris Rand Schiffer, wants to help you achieve your fitness goals
Starting a new fitness regime? This is what personal trainers want you to know

We reached out to some gay personal trainers around the world to ask them the things they want new and old clients to bear in mind

The Kilted Coaches are coming to the rescue this Xmas
WATCH: Eating too much at Xmas? These sexy kilted coaches can help

‘When it’s cold out, you have to leave room for shrinkage’

What helps you feel more at peace with the world? mental health
‘Celebrate the small victories’: Advice to boost your mental health

There’s no easy fix for most mental health challenges but some things can help you on a day-to-day basis

WATCH: RuPaul’s Drag Race queens appear in an anti-smoking ad

These queens reject wrinkled skin, smelly hair, yellow nails, and busted teeth by staying away from cigarettes

Immerse yourself in your destination with a triathlon
Plan your travel around a triathlon

1500m swim. 40 km cycle. 10 km run

WATCH: How to get rock-hard abs in 2017 (ft. Asia’s hottest fitness trainer)

The video has been viewed over 10 million times in just a couple of hours

Thomas Roberts is the first openly gay newsman to anchor a major network newscast.
Hunky TV anchorman Thomas Roberts shares his workout tips

‘It’s become a healthy addiction, I can’t live without it’