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Male torso.
Injectable PrEP may be on its way and is even more effective than pills

The new injections may make taking PrEP easier and they are even better at stopping HIV.

Budapest Pride 2017
Hungary drops the ban on gay and bi men giving blood

Even Hungary thinks the ban is discriminatory.

Man on beach calls for people to donate blood.
Australians plead: Lift the gay blood ban and help us save lives

‘At a time of crisis like this, we can’t allow old prejudices to get in the way of saving lives.’

An FDA scientist testing blood.
US bans gay men who survive coronavirus from donating lifesaving plasma

Discrimination may be blocking a lifesaving treatment for COVID-19.

The team from Switchboard.
LGBT+ helplines see surge in calls as coronavirus heightens mental health problems

Plus links to support services around the world and the latest COVID-19 advice.

A sheriff donates blood in Lynchburg, United States.
Campaigners urge: Let gay and bi men give blood as supplies face coronavirus threat

Many countries still ban or restrict gay and bi men from donating blood.

Man with smoke.
LGBT+ people are 46% more likely to smoke and new research explains why

TV’s Doctor Christian Jessen says LGBT+ smokers are self-medicating with nicotine due to poor mental health.

Blood test.
Gay men are waiting four weeks longer than straights to get sex infections treated

And one in three gay patients avoid the doctor as they fear being judged.

Britain’s NHS will be free to turn away homophobic patients

New rules come in to place in April allowing NHS staff to refuse non-emergency care.

orgasm Screenshot from new website, Why Not Bi?
Almost 70% of people have faked an orgasm

Half of people ‘faked it’ because they were self-conscious about their facial expressions

Man donating blood
France to end 12 month gay blood donation ban

But blood equality advocates say this does not go far enough to end discrimination

A HIV infected T cell - HIV diagnoses have fallen in the UK
Groundbreaking HIV vaccine enters late-stage testing in US and Europe

A potential vaccine is being welcomed by HIV prevention advocates with ‘cautious optimism’

Bisexual Health Summit hopes to spark a conversation about bi+ health issues
This is why we need a Bisexual Health Summit, say bi+ activists

Very first Bisexual Health Summit tackled mental health, discrimination, violence and substance abuse in relation to bisexuality

A man holds a PrEP (Truvada) pill to prevent acquiring HIV
‘Postcode lottery’ is stopping people getting PrEP in England

HIV experts warn of an ’emergency’ unless PrEP is more accessible

Someone smoking a cigarette
UK government wants to end all cigarette smoking by 2030

The government will especially focus on LGBTI people

New HIV drug Dovato given green light in Europe

‘Improving ability to treat and prevent HIV is one of the great achievements of medicine in recent years’

HIV positive men take part in the HIV is: Just A Part Of Me campaign
There’s more to HIV health than just knowing your viral loads

We’re looking for people to fill in our survey to help improve overall HIV health

a patient sitting in the doctors office. he is wearing a white t-shirt and facing the doctor whose back is to the camera
‘Fake news’ is stopping LGB women from getting critical health tests

83% of cervical cancer cases could be avoided with regular screening

PrEP is daily medication to prevent HIV infection
Free, fast track access to PrEP now available in London

EXCLUSIVE: It’s an ’embarrassment’ that PrEP isn’t more readily available in the UK

A LGBTI pride flag being planted outside the White House
American Psychoanalytic Association apologizes for treating homosexuality as mental illness

It’s the first US medical organization to formally do so

Two men sitting in towels in a gay bathhouse
Gonorrhoea cases up 249% in a decade in the UK

The government and sexual health groups disagree about what has caused the increase

British sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust demanding PrEP at Pride.
UK sexual health services at ‘tipping point’ because of funding cuts

There are calls to make PrEP more accessible in the UK

Truvada (PrEP) is used to prevent HIV infection
UK’s biggest sexual health clinic has just dropped its PrEP prices

It will cost as little as £17.50 per month

A healthcare doctor seeing a transgender patient
LGBTI groups sue Trump Administration over trans healthcare rights

They’ve made it harder for trans people to access safe healthcare

Saliva is driving gonorrhea transmission between gay and bi men
Kissing and rimming are key factors in spread of gonorrhea in gay men

New Australian study emphasizes the importance of going for a regular sexual health check-up – even if you have no symptoms