Health News

Dr. Mike Webberley
British doctor providing care for 1,600 trans patients suspended

Dr. Mike Webberley says this is a blow for the trans and non-binary community

The Surge underwear campaign
A third of LGBTI UK people have had suicidal thoughts because of body image

It’s more than double the rate of straight people

Douching bulks to insert water into the rectum or vagina
Douching linked to HIV and STI transmission in gay and bi men

A study suggests rectal douching can remove protective mucus that keeps the anal lining in optimum health

Pro-choice protester against restrictive abortion laws
Georgia makes abortion illegal once a ‘fetal heartbeat’ is detected

It’s one of the most restrictive laws in the US

two men lying in bed together smiling
Sexual health campaign that’s ‘unapologetic, black and gay’ hits London

‘It’s nice to finally be represented in a positive way’

‘Dismay’ as older LGBTI people keep facing health inequalities

‘It is disheartening that in 2019 we continue to see health inequalities between older LGBT people and their heterosexual and cisgender peers’

A healthcare doctor seeing a transgender patient
Trump Administration gives doctors the right to deny LGBTI people healthcare

They’ve been working towards this for some time

a dark shot with a man in a grey t-shirt sitting with his head in his hands
Gay and bi men experience erectile dysfunction more than straight men

And it’s driving them to celibacy rather than treating it

World Medical Association takes stand against trans 'cure' therapy
Health care providers need to learn LGBTI health is not only about sexual health

It’s going to take a lot of work to remove discrimination in health for LGBTI people

HIV ribbon
HIV diagnoses linked to ‘vampire’ facials at New Mexico spa

Their own blood was injected into their faces

A healthcare doctor seeing a transgender patient
Trump wants to make it harder for trans people to access healthcare

Women who have had abortions will also be affected

Are men becoming less and less fearful of contracting HIV?
‘Surprising’ research finds STIs among PrEP users not linked to condom use

There was no link between condom use and STIs among PrEP users

UK project to improve communication between health workers and LGBT+ people

Lesbian women and gay men are at higher risk of death from any cause

Dr Christian Jessen speaking, he is wearing a dark blazer and blue jumper
Gay TV doctor Dr Christian Jessen says vaping can help people quit smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest killers of LGBTI people around the world

Trans rights advocates march at Glasgow Pride, 14 July 2018 equality
Equality watchdog drops lawsuit against NHS over trans fertility rights

UK’s equality commission had argued that not offering fertility treatment to trans patients was discriminatory

Surgeon fired for mocking and violating trans people | Photo: Pixabay
Doctors achieve first ever HIV positive organ donation

It shows being HIV positive ‘can bring life’

Some people worry about adding PrEP to existing medication regimes Truvada
Controversial new PrEP drug with less potential side effects coming soon

‘It’s really good news that there is PrEP for people that have kidney problems… but the number of people who are going to benefit are quite low’

baroness Williams sitting at a desk talking into a microphone
UK will spend £12 million to end LGBTI discrimination globally

It also promised a review of the Gender Recognition Act had not slowed down despite ‘Chinese whispers’ saying otherwise

A red ribbon at the White House for World AIDS Day
Undetectable HIV positive people in the US responsibile for zero new transmissions

Most new transmissions were from people not receiving treatment

Dr. Michael Brady Adviser
UK govt. appoints first National Adviser for LGBTI healthcare

The members of a new 12-person LGBT Advisory Panel have also been announced

A man buries his head in his hands
Gay and bisexual men wanted for prostate cancer research

The study wants to recruit men in the US who have, or are recovering from, prostate cancer

President Donald Trump
Trump proposes cutting over $1 billion in global HIV and AIDS funding

But he’s generously giving $291 million to the US

A third-year med student at New York Medical College is vocal about the need to focus more on LGBTI health
Medical textbooks still list homosexuality as a disease in India

A trans doctor is fighting to get them changed

Antiretroviral drugs to treat HIV infection and prevent HIV trasmission
HIV injections to replace daily pills pass medical trial

Monthly injections could replace daily pills in treating HIV