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Trans people to legally change gender on birth certificate without doctor approval
Doctors disagree whether gender reassignment needs specialized medical care

Should trans people be able to get medical help about their transition from their GPs?

a patient sitting in the doctors office. he is wearing a white t-shirt and facing the doctor whose back is to the camera
Queer women and trans men are not getting enough cervical screenings

Lesbian and bisexual women are 10 times less likely to have had a cervical screening test in the past three years

Two women standing on in front of the other, they are turning and smiling at each other. the woman at the back has her hands on the breasts of the woman at the front
New breast cancer video has all genders and sexualities to encourage testing

‘The campaign features cis women, trans women, non-binary and trans masculine members of our community’

'Women of minority sexual orientation are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic.'
Lesbian and bisexual women at more risk of being overweight than straight women

But gay men were more likely to be underweight than straight men

People supporting Planned Parenthood at a rally
Trump reinstates gag rule on healthcare for LGBTIs and women

It’s an attack on abortion services

Protesting intersex surgeries
California may become the first state to limit intersex surgery on children

It’s largely considered unnecessary and cosmetic

Red ribbons raise awareness of World AIDS Day
UK government announces plan for zero HIV transmissions by 2030

‘Action must follow’ the announcement

A man holds a PrEP tablet
PrEP trial board delays doubling the size of PrEP trial in England

‘We now face the imminent end of access to PrEP in England,’ says one sexual health advocates, who blasts the decision as ‘unacceptable’

two photos. one a close up selfie of matilda. one is lewis standing on a london rooftop as the sun sets behind him
TV psychologist shares her top tips on how to quit smoking cigarettes

Popular TV psychologist Jo Hemmings has helped countless people quit smoking cigarettes

A third-year med student at New York Medical College is vocal about the need to focus more on LGBTI health
Med students push for more LGBTI health training

According to a 2011 survey, the median amount of time med students spent on LGBTI healthcare was a mere five hours

A patient has their blood pressure measured by a health worker
Only half of US cancer doctors have good knowledge of LGBTI patient needs

They didn’t know the answer to some basic questions

Condoms are now free for Washingtonians with health insurance
Condoms are now free in Washington State to those with insurance

In addition to over-the-counter contraceptives being covered, this new law also covers abortions, sterilizations, and vasectomies

Dr Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID
‘Overwhelming’ evidence HIV undetectable = untransmittable say US experts

A report by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases looked at 12 studies that followed HIV positive people with suppressed viral loads

A man holds a PrEP (Truvada) pill to prevent acquiring HIV
NHS England announces support for doubling PrEP trial

BREAKING: Access to the pill will now increase to 26,000 people

Chris Fearne address media holding a policy document at the new gender clinic
Trans people flock to Malta’s new gender clinic

In less than two months, 35 people have accessed the clinics services

Iceland may lift its ban on gay men donating blood, but with limits

A chief epidemiologist has said that Iceland should keep some restrictions on accepting blood donations from gay men

LGBTI patients prefer to list their sexual orientation in writing, new study shows

Allowing LGBTI patients to list their sexual orientation or gender identity on forms will make accessing healthcare easier

The Lisbon Patient is soon to turn 100
Meet the man living with HIV who is soon to turn 100 years old

‘This patient is the tip of an iceberg … an icon of hope for people living with HIV,’ says doctors of the ‘Lisbon Patient’ named Miguel

A HIV infected T cell - HIV diagnoses have fallen in the UK
Trump administration suspends study into HIV ‘cure’

The study used fetal tissue – a technique strongly opposed by anti-abortion groups

A red ribbon at the White House for World AIDS Day
Trump administration suddenly threatens funding for HIV research

It stems from pro-life and conservative figures

Students in Ireland attending the Pink Training conference at the weekend
These students want you to watch an important message about sex

Drone footage used by students in Ireland to drive home the HIV Undetectable = Untransmittable message

Antiretroviral drugs to treat HIV infection and prevent HIV trasmission
Undetectable HIV+ people pose ‘zero’ not ‘minimal’ risk, says HIV charity

The British HIV Association want to avoid confusing terms like ‘negligible risk’ and ‘minimal risk’ when people have an undetectable viral load: risk of transmission is ‘zero’

vandalized poster
‘F**k f*gs’: HIV posters vandalized ahead of World AIDS Day in Sydney

‘Sadly, this is just the most recent case to appear in Sydney’

Red ribbons raise awareness of World AIDS Day
New data shows UK could very soon ‘eliminate HIV as a public health threat’

Sexual health campaigners are ‘overjoyed’, but there’s still a lot more to do

LGBT people face barriers to getting health care in the UK because of discrimination

An inquiry will try to figure out to remove LGBT discrimination in health care

Medicine and drug treatment
Pharma company Gilead accused of ‘intentionally withholding’ safer HIV drug

Lawsuit claims American company is delaying the new drug rollout to extend the profitability of its current patent in the US

A UK church has been filmed offering 'gay cure' therapy
‘Gay cure’ therapy exposed in UK church in hidden-camera investigation

Pastor compared acceptance of homosexuality with Nazi brainwashing

Two gay women holding hands
Lesbian and bisexual women at greater risk of heart disease

Researchers want doctors to start screening lesbian and bisexual women for trauma to help prevent heart disease