Mental Health

Teenager with a phone.
Childline helpline sees big rise in kids seeking advice about being LGBT+

‘I’ve been feeling really sad and cry non-stop.’

Horses in a field.
Gay horse ‘conversion therapy’ ranch is to close

Pastor claimed he could help gay teens ‘choose’ to be straight by getting them to stroke horses.

Cell phone user looking at Instagram.
Instagram will ban users from promoting LGBT+ ‘conversion therapy’

‘We are updating our policies to ban the promotion of conversion therapy services.’

Person sitting in window.
LGBT+ youth who have suffered ‘conversion therapy’ over twice as likely to attempt suicide

New study also confirms that religious leaders are guilty of over 80% of so-called LGBT+ ‘cures’.

Youth on a bench at sunset.
One of the biggest ‘conversion therapy’ organizations in the US is closing forever

‘Ex-gay’ group Hope for Wholeness operates in at least 15 states.

Person sitting in window.
Dutch government uncovers anti-LGBT+ ‘conversion therapy’ holiday camps

The Netherlands is considering a legal ban on the harmful ‘gay cures’.

Woman crying.
Four in five LGBT+ people admit their mental health has been worse during lockdown

Young, trans and black and Asian LGBT+ people have taken the biggest hit to their wellbeing.

Olivia Levine in a pool.
How my first lesbian heartbreak made me discover I have OCD

Queer actor, comic and writer Olivia Levine shares her story of living with OCD.

Self-care comes in many forms, like reading
7 self-care tips that are small but powerful

What are your favorite self-care practices?

Husbands Kris (Right) and Deane (Left) Saunders-Stowe are at the heart of a new documentary about being LGBT and living with a disability | Photo: Gay Star News / Jamie Wareham
This new documentary is challenging queer disability myths

Kris: The Power Of Support follows a gay, wheelchair user who wants to help others overcome challenges they face living with a disability

Ro Allen condemning high lgbt suicide rate
High LGBTI suicide rate in Australia ‘unacceptable’, says commissioner

LGBTI people have the highest rates of suicide in Australia than any other group

Switzerland in crisis: LGBTI youth dying by suicide at alarming rates

50% of attempted suicides in gay men happen before the age of 20 and that jumps to 74% for lesbian women

Phil Gutis (right) and husband Tim Weaver - Phil suffers from Alzheimer's Disease
LGBT people may be more likely to develop dementia

Author of the first major study into early signs of dementia in LGBTI Americans thinks it might be linked to the community’s mental health

Bisexual Health Summit hopes to spark a conversation about bi+ health issues
This is why we need a Bisexual Health Summit, say bi+ activists

Very first Bisexual Health Summit tackled mental health, discrimination, violence and substance abuse in relation to bisexuality

A woman smoking medical marijuana
This is why you need to stop shaming my medical marijuana use

More and more LGBTI people are exploring legal weed, like cannabis bath bombs and other CBD products

The HIV Garage is your one-stop shop for ageing with HIV

HIV is no longer a ‘short hop’, but a ‘long-haul journey’

resource A young man with mental health problems with his head in his hands
This self-care resource helps LGBTI people through tough times

It helps protect LGBTI people from toxic comments

Which states are failing LGBTI youth?
US youth facing ‘public health crises’ leading to STIs, drug use and suicide

More ‘connected’ youth are 54% less likely to get an STI as an adult

Masturbating is one of Britain’s favorite stress relievers

The world’s biggest study on masturbation found LGBTI people masturbate more than heterosexuals

The LGBTI liaison to the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office’s has been found dead by suicide.
Philadelphia sheriff’s LGBTI community liaison dies by suicide

Dante Austin was the Sheriff Office’s first openly gay deputy and its first liaison with Philadelphia’s LGBTI community

The Surge underwear campaign
A third of LGBTI UK people have had suicidal thoughts because of body image

It’s more than double the rate of straight people

Davey Shields is a co-host of MenTalkHealth. | Photo: Supplied
How I started living for myself and not just for weekends on the gay scene

Feel like every Sunday is a waste? You’re not alone

Bisexual rep in the Pride in London parade
Bisexual people in opposite sex relationships have poor mental health

Study results ‘prove’ more work needs to be done to improve the mental health of bisexual people

a man sitting on a couch in a grey cardigan he is anxiously talking to a woman whose back is facing the camera
Why we need to talk more about mental health issues in the LGBTI community

Speaking about your mental health issues, especially to a professional can really work wonders

Japan Pride Parade
Increase in ‘outings’ of LGBTI people in Japan has experts very worried

A 25-year-old graduate student took his own life after his classmate outed him

Ian Howley attempted suicide three times as a teenager
How I survived three suicide attempts as gay teen and am now getting angry

OPINION: Ian Howley, the CEO of UK-based organization LGBT HERO says it’s time to get angry about the high rates of LGBTI suicide

Britney Spears performing.
Britney Spears checks into mental health facility amidst her dad’s illness

The pop icon is having a hard time dealing with her dad’s declining health

two people stand together in front of white screen
LGBTI Aboriginal suicide is the issue people are finally paying attention to

Stronger Together is a suicide prevention source for a community that is desperate need of it

a woman sitting facing the ocean
My loneliness is killing me AND costing me a fortune

OPINION: Loneliness is a public health issue that is costing us way more than money