In 2013, Michael Johnson was the protagonist of a controversial trial for HIV transmission in Missouri
Man serving 30 years for failing to disclose his HIV status released

Michael Johnson, convicted for an HIV transmission case in Missouri, had been given a longer sentence than second-degree murderers

A man holds a PrEP (Truvada) pill to prevent acquiring HIV
‘Postcode lottery’ is stopping people getting PrEP in England

HIV experts warn of an ’emergency’ unless PrEP is more accessible

The HIV Garage is your one-stop shop for ageing with HIV

HIV is no longer a ‘short hop’, but a ‘long-haul journey’

Someone smoking a cigarette
UK government wants to end all cigarette smoking by 2030

The government will especially focus on LGBTI people

resource A young man with mental health problems with his head in his hands
This self-care resource helps LGBTI people through tough times

It helps protect LGBTI people from toxic comments

New HIV drug Dovato given green light in Europe

‘Improving ability to treat and prevent HIV is one of the great achievements of medicine in recent years’

HIV positive men take part in the HIV is: Just A Part Of Me campaign
There’s more to HIV health than just knowing your viral loads

We’re looking for people to fill in our survey to help improve overall HIV health

New HIV cases in Singapore drop to 14-year low

Singapore had 313 new HIV cases in 2018

PrEP is daily medication to prevent HIV infection
HIV diagnoses in Australia reach 18-year low

New HIV infections among men who have sex with men have dropped 30% in five years

How to avoid the Pride season hangover

Pride is fun, but there’s no reason it should also end in a hangover

a patient sitting in the doctors office. he is wearing a white t-shirt and facing the doctor whose back is to the camera
‘Fake news’ is stopping LGB women from getting critical health tests

83% of cervical cancer cases could be avoided with regular screening

Most Americans have never had a HIV test

Fewer than 30% at high risk of acquiring HIV had been tested in the past year

PrEP is daily medication to prevent HIV infection
Free, fast track access to PrEP now available in London

EXCLUSIVE: It’s an ’embarrassment’ that PrEP isn’t more readily available in the UK

Which states are failing LGBTI youth?
US youth facing ‘public health crises’ leading to STIs, drug use and suicide

More ‘connected’ youth are 54% less likely to get an STI as an adult

Masturbating is one of Britain’s favorite stress relievers

The world’s biggest study on masturbation found LGBTI people masturbate more than heterosexuals

A LGBTI pride flag being planted outside the White House
American Psychoanalytic Association apologizes for treating homosexuality as mental illness

It’s the first US medical organization to formally do so

media Young trans youth showing their Pride in New York | Photo: GenderFamilyProject Instagram / Daniel Tepper
Why is the UK media telling lies about trans youth?

EXCLUSIVE: A mom talks about the heartbreak over the national attack on trans young people and the charity, Mermaids

sti clinic in dublin turning men away
Gay and bi men turned away from STI clinic in Dublin

Lack of staff is putting many men at risk

International Trans Day of Visibility
Global health group urges Japan to reform legal recognition of trans people

Japan requires trans people to undergo sterilization before they can be legally recognized as their gender identity

Should we stop debating blood donation bans to focus on ending HIV instead?

Some activists say we should prioritize ending HIV transmission over ending blood donation bans

Some people worry about adding PrEP to existing medication regimes Truvada
US government gives top rating to PrEP and self-testing HIV kits

This should make HIV prevention and testing more accessible to Americans

The LGBTI liaison to the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office’s has been found dead by suicide.
Philadelphia sheriff’s LGBTI community liaison dies by suicide

Dante Austin was the Sheriff Office’s first openly gay deputy and its first liaison with Philadelphia’s LGBTI community

LGBTI smokers reveal how they managed to quit their habit

LGBTI people are more likely to smoke than straight people

Two men sitting in towels in a gay bathhouse
Gonorrhoea cases up 249% in a decade in the UK

The government and sexual health groups disagree about what has caused the increase