Sexual Health

Henry Holland performing Don't You Forget About Me.
Henry Holland and Keegan Hirst prove they can’t sing but can fight to end AIDS

LGBT+ celebrities and HIV activists perform the cutest and least musical version of 80s hit Don’t You Forget About Me.

Elton John.
Report says England can slash HIV rates to under 50 gay and bi men a year by 2030

At the moment, over 1,100 gay and bi men contract HIV in England each year but the tools now exist to slash that number.

Vials of blood.
US approves breakthrough HIV test that can help people start treatment straight away

It’s the first test to not only diagnose HIV but also measure viral load, allowing doctors to start treatment even faster.

Three men in a bed.
Gay and bi men are having more sex during the pandemic, despite COVID risk

New survey found gay and bi men are having more sex with more people.

Injection drug user in Moscow. Photo posed by model.
Gay and bi men have 22 times the HIV risk but get less than 1% of HIV funding

Many countries are failing to use HIV money on gay, trans and other high risk groups.

A Superdrug store.
High street retailer is now offering PrEP for the first time

It should help people who can’t easily get the drug right now protect themselves against HIV.

Two men embracing in bed.
England makes PrEP free but getting it will still be a postcode lottery for now

Many parts of England are just not ready for free PrEP to start on 1 October.

Crystal Meth
Crystal meth is one of the biggest risk factors in gay men acquiring HIV

A new study tracked almost 5,000 men for a year in the US; Meth-use by far the biggest factor that influenced risk-taking behavior.

Two men embracing in bed.
Gay and bi men see big jumps in chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis

Chlamydia is up 83% among gay and bi men in England in four years.

A glory hole in a public restroom.
Health officials suggest people use ‘glory holes’ for sex to reduce coronavirus risk

Reducing risk doesn’t have to mean stopping sex – but adjusting what you do.

Model with a trans flag as eye makeup.
Only 3% of sexually active trans people use PrEP

And less than half of sexually active transgender people know about the drug that can prevent HIV.

Male torso.
Once in a lifetime opportunity to end HIV and slash sex infection rates

STIs are plummeting and lockdown could reduce sexual infection rates for years to come, if we all do the right thing now.

Three men in a bed.
Fresh advice on sex for gay and bi men during coronavirus pandemic

Sex is a high-risk activity for COVID-19.

Adam Castillejo, The London Patient's Twitter profile photo.
Second person in the world ever cured of HIV reveals his identity

‘I want to be an ambassador of hope.’

Deborah Gold of National AIDS Trust.
We can end HIV transmissions by 2030 but we can’t be complacent

But as we reduce HIV rates, things will get harder not easier, says National AIDS Trust’s Deborah Gold.

Truvada (PrEP) is used to prevent HIV infection
There’s a new way to take PrEP, but is it right for you?

PrEPster’s Dr Will Nutland gives the 101 on 2+1+1 PrEP

orgasm Screenshot from new website, Why Not Bi?
Almost 70% of people have faked an orgasm

Half of people ‘faked it’ because they were self-conscious about their facial expressions

PrEP implant could be a ‘game changer’ for HIV prevention

The implant won’t be visible under the skin and can prevent HIV for a year

commission 56 Dean Street reports dramatic drop in new HIV diagnoses
England to get HIV commission to end new transmissions by 2030

EXCLUSIVE: The UK government will take recommendations from the committee to help end new HIV transmissions

Man donating blood
France to end 12 month gay blood donation ban

But blood equality advocates say this does not go far enough to end discrimination

HIV nurses warn 80’s-style epidemic could happen again

REVIEW: They warn people should not have less access to healthcare because of their identity

Tel Aviv University researchers artificially developed a 'receptive' human uterus
Israeli researchers engineer model of ‘receptive’ human uterus

This could be a gamechanger when it comes to reproduction

Tim'm T. West talks about the 20th anniversary of his HIV diagnosis
Today I’m 20 years HIV positive: Still thriving but still fighting stigma

Educator Tim’m T. West says he is sometimes left ‘tired of fighting … HIV stigma is still very much alive and well.’

A man holds a PrEP (Truvada) pill to prevent acquiring HIV
‘Postcode lottery’ is stopping people getting PrEP in England

HIV experts warn of an ’emergency’ unless PrEP is more accessible

The HIV Garage is your one-stop shop for ageing with HIV

HIV is no longer a ‘short hop’, but a ‘long-haul journey’

New HIV drug Dovato given green light in Europe

‘Improving ability to treat and prevent HIV is one of the great achievements of medicine in recent years’

HIV positive men take part in the HIV is: Just A Part Of Me campaign
There’s more to HIV health than just knowing your viral loads

We’re looking for people to fill in our survey to help improve overall HIV health

New HIV cases in Singapore drop to 14-year low

Singapore had 313 new HIV cases in 2018

a patient sitting in the doctors office. he is wearing a white t-shirt and facing the doctor whose back is to the camera
‘Fake news’ is stopping LGB women from getting critical health tests

83% of cervical cancer cases could be avoided with regular screening