Trans Health

Tel Aviv University researchers artificially developed a 'receptive' human uterus
Israeli researchers engineer model of ‘receptive’ human uterus

This could be a gamechanger when it comes to reproduction

a patient sitting in the doctors office. he is wearing a white t-shirt and facing the doctor whose back is to the camera
‘Fake news’ is stopping LGB women from getting critical health tests

83% of cervical cancer cases could be avoided with regular screening

International Trans Day of Visibility
Global health group urges Japan to reform legal recognition of trans people

Japan requires trans people to undergo sterilization before they can be legally recognized as their gender identity

LGBTI smokers reveal how they managed to quit their habit

LGBTI people are more likely to smoke than straight people

A healthcare doctor seeing a transgender patient
LGBTI groups sue Trump Administration over trans healthcare rights

They’ve made it harder for trans people to access safe healthcare

South Africa's Caster Semenya athletes
Fans plead with Caster Semenya not to quit following testosterone ruling

Semenya lost an appeal at the international sports court regarding rules on testosterone levels in female athletes

Arizona Waving a trans flag at Capital Pride
Arizona count rules that judges can order specialist treatment for trans kids

The state’s Supreme Court rules that judges can overrule parents’ custodial authority to protect the safety of a child

The Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines
Iowa Republicans push to ban use of Medicaid dollars on transgender surgeries

In March, the Iowa Supreme Court struck down the ban, yet Republican lawmakers are still trying to introduce this discriminatory amendment

ICE pic
Trans asylum seeker re-detained by ICE a week after her release

Nicole Garcia Aguilar is being held in custody even though she has been granted asylum

Trans global: Freedom and trans flags are raised in central Philadelphia. Photo: Amber Hikes Twitter
Trump administration may soon remove trans healthcare protections

Repealing the current protections could allow healthcare providers to openly discriminate against trans patients

A healthcare doctor seeing a transgender patient
Trump wants to make it harder for trans people to access healthcare

Women who have had abortions will also be affected

Bisexual Health Summit hopes to spark a conversation about bi+ health issues
Study: Trans adults in the US have higher risk of ‘poor’ physical health

Researchers linked these health issues to the transphobia they face

Roxsana Hernandez, a transgender immigrant
Trans woman who died in ICE custody was not abused, say New Mexico officials

A previous autopsy found evidence that Roxsana Hernández was physically abused before she died in custody

Protesters gather to support transgender rights
Trump’s ban on trans troops in the US military goes into effect

Openly trans people will not be able to enlist in the US military as of Friday (12 April)

British women's marathon runner Paula Radcliffe
Trans marathon runners have an ‘unfair’ advantage, says Paula Radcliffe

Long-distance runner speaks out against trans athletes ahead of next week’s Boston Marathon

International Trans Day of Visibility
Trans people may be at higher risks of heart attacks, study finds

Studies show that trans men could be four times more likely to suffer a heart attack than cisgender women

Gabby Logan
BBC sports presenter says that trans athletes have an ‘unfair advantage’

Gabby Logan spoke in support of a number of female athletes who say trans athletes should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports

Trans rights advocates march at Glasgow Pride, 14 July 2018 equality
Equality watchdog drops lawsuit against NHS over trans fertility rights

UK’s equality commission had argued that not offering fertility treatment to trans patients was discriminatory

Trans Solidarity Rally and March, Washington 2015
Leading trans doctors debate the best way to treat trans kids

Heavy security and police presence protected attendees at a trans conference in the UK

Trans men maintain functioning ovaries after a year on testosterone

A new study’s findings could be important news for trans people who wish to conceive while undergoing gender affirmation treatment

South Africa's Caster Semenya athletes
UN condemns forcing women athletes to limit testosterone amid intersex row

Olympic champion Caster Semenya is appealing against the international athletic body’s ruling on testosterone suppression

A poster for the campaign 'Io scompaio' (I'm disappearing) features a trans man.
Trans men forced to buy hormones illegally as testosterone becomes unavailable

In Italy, testosterone-based meds are disappearing from the shelves due to ‘production issues’

Dr. Michael Brady Adviser
UK govt. appoints first National Adviser for LGBTI healthcare

The members of a new 12-person LGBT Advisory Panel have also been announced

The Youth Health Prevention Act would penalize doctors providing transition-related care to transgender youth (Photo by Ted Eytan)
This Illinois bill could punish doctors who provide transition-related medical care

If passed, doctors could have their medical licenses revoked for violating the Youth Health Prevention Act

Plasma collection company CSL Plasma Inc. is being sued for allegedly discriminating against a trans woman
Plasma donation company sued for discriminating against a trans woman

CSL Plasma Inc. maintains it ‘acted lawfully’

a cartoon of different trans people in the colour of the trans pride flag
Trans Day of Visibility celebrates everything wonderful about trans people

Transgender Victoria is throwing its biggest celebration to date