Women’s Health

Tel Aviv University researchers artificially developed a 'receptive' human uterus
Israeli researchers engineer model of ‘receptive’ human uterus

This could be a gamechanger when it comes to reproduction

a patient sitting in the doctors office. he is wearing a white t-shirt and facing the doctor whose back is to the camera
‘Fake news’ is stopping LGB women from getting critical health tests

83% of cervical cancer cases could be avoided with regular screening

Phi Phi O'Hara
RPDR queen Phi Phi O’Hara shares abortion story to challenge new bills

‘When I was 15, my girlfriend and I found out she became pregnant,’ the queen said after Alabama and Georgia passed restrictive abortion bills

ivf treatment women olliss-375373-unsplash
Record number of gay and bisexual women using IVF in the UK

More and more same-sex couples are trying to conceive

South Africa's Caster Semenya athletes
UN condemns forcing women athletes to limit testosterone amid intersex row

Olympic champion Caster Semenya is appealing against the international athletic body’s ruling on testosterone suppression

Clementine Morrigan talks about life with psoriasis
Magic queer sluts with psoriasis

Clementine Morrigan talks candidly about living with psoriasis: ‘I still want to be desirable. I still want to be sexy and have hot sex’

a patient sitting in the doctors office. he is wearing a white t-shirt and facing the doctor whose back is to the camera
Queer women and trans men are not getting enough cervical screenings

Lesbian and bisexual women are 10 times less likely to have had a cervical screening test in the past three years

Two women standing on in front of the other, they are turning and smiling at each other. the woman at the back has her hands on the breasts of the woman at the front
New breast cancer video has all genders and sexualities to encourage testing

‘The campaign features cis women, trans women, non-binary and trans masculine members of our community’

'Women of minority sexual orientation are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic.'
Lesbian and bisexual women at more risk of being overweight than straight women

But gay men were more likely to be underweight than straight men

People supporting Planned Parenthood at a rally
Trump reinstates gag rule on healthcare for LGBTIs and women

It’s an attack on abortion services

Woman wearing a rainbow flag kisses woman
Here’s what you need to know about cervical cancer

For Cervical Cancer Prevention Week we put together everything you need to know about this preventable cancer

Condoms are now free for Washingtonians with health insurance
Condoms are now free in Washington State to those with insurance

In addition to over-the-counter contraceptives being covered, this new law also covers abortions, sterilizations, and vasectomies

Children in the UK city of Brighton & Hove will be taught a new, inclusive sex ed curriculum
In this UK city, new sex education lessons are a victory for trans rights

‘Our approach recognizes the fact that some people who have periods are trans or non-binary’

A person with a shaved head against a white wall
How to overcome the fear of going for a cervical screening test

LGBTI people face a lot of barriers when accessing health services

A girl looking down
Abortion is not just for straight women, bisexuals and lesbians have it too

Lesbian and bisexual women are almost twice as likely as straight women to get pregnant before age 20

Two gay women holding hands
Lesbian and bisexual women at greater risk of heart disease

Researchers want doctors to start screening lesbian and bisexual women for trauma to help prevent heart disease

Two pregnant women holding hands.
Same-sex couple give birth two days apart after undergoing IVF

The two women welcomed two beautiful baby girls

Questions to ask your fertility clinic
5 questions you should be asking fertility clinics

Kimberley Bryon-Dodd from The London Women’s Clinic offers advice for anyone looking to have a child, whatever their situation

london women's clinic
London Women’s Clinic: Giving you control over your own fertility

SPONSORED: The London Women’s Clinic makes a point of simplifying the complex process of starting a family for LGBTI couples, helping you make informed decisions about treatments

Smiling baby
Planning to be a mother of tomorrow? Book your fertility MOT now!

SPONSORED: Get the facts and bust the jargon around fertility treatment with this handy nuts and bolts guide from the London Women’s Clinic

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The stress of fertility treatment for same-sex couples and singles

SPONSORED: Allow London Women’s Clinic to bust the myths around assisted conception – it’s not necessarily easier for one type of family over another

Smiling baby boy
Your 6 step fertility MOT

Looking to start a family? Here’s what to expect from fertility treatment, with expert advice from the London Women’s Clinic

Taiwan fertility clinic refuses lesbian’s eggs

The woman was told recipients fear homosexuality is hereditary

Gay couples in California to receive same access to insurance for fertility treatments as straights

Governor Jerry Brown signs bill into law also applies to unmarried couples

Lesbians more likely to drink, smoke and take drugs

Australian study finds lesbian and bisexual women are less likely to have a cervical smear

Cancer inspires a gay man to screen women

Gay Justen Schafer tells his story of surviving testicular and colorectal cancer and why he now runs a charity screening women for the disease