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Icelands national registry finally updates its gender options

About a year and a half since Iceland passed its Gender Determination Law, which allowed…

People attending Pride in Switzerland.
Swiss parliament passes marriage equality in final vote

Switzerland is the 29th country in the world to approve marriage equality.

Joe Biden holds Pete Buttigieg's shoulders.
Biden names Pete Buttigieg as Transport Secretary: The first gay cabinet member in US history

Once the first openly-gay serious contender for the presidency, Pete Buttigieg has now made history again.

Blood donation.
UK lifts blood donation ban on gay and bisexual men

New blood donation policy will treat gay and straight people the same for the first time.

Kingdom of Bhutan finally votes to make gay sex legal

The isolated country in the Himalayas has amended the law to scrap its gay sex ban.

Singapore's Pink Dot demands: Repeal Section 377A.
Activist sues Singapore saying it must either scrap or enforce law against gay sex

Singaporeans can challenge laws that are not applied consistently.

People attending Pride in Switzerland.
Swiss Parliament clears the way for same-sex marriage

Marriage equality in Switzerland still faces a final vote and possible referendum but looks almost certain.

Clément Beaune.
French minister Clément Beaune comes out as gay, will fight hate in Poland and Hungary

‘As European affairs minister, I have an additional responsibility. I must fight for tolerance.’

Trump in a MAGA cap.
Trump uses final days to expand right to discriminate against LGBT+ people

The new rules apply to federal contractors, and even allow profit-making companies to discriminate.

Senator Kelly Loeffler and Senator David Perdue
These are the anti-LGBT+ track records of the Republicans in Georgia’s Senate races

The over 313,000 registered LGBT+ voters in Georgia could make a big difference to the result.

European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
Amnesty warns UK review of Human Rights Act puts LGBT+ rights at risk

As Britain prepares for Brexit, the government eyes up another target – the European Convention on Human Rights.

Party-goers enjoy Pride on the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Human rights watchdog say Jamaica is breaking international law over gay sex

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has officially censured Jamaica, pressuring it to change the law.

House of Assembly, Parliament of South Australia.
All of Australia has now abolished the ‘gay panic’ defense to murder

Defendants can no longer claim that gay or trans sexual advances panicked them, forcing them to attack.

József Szájer.
Hungarian politician from anti-LGBT+ party quits after being caught fleeing orgy

Member of the European Parliament József Szájer literally fled ‘along the gutter’.

Elton John.
Report says England can slash HIV rates to under 50 gay and bi men a year by 2030

At the moment, over 1,100 gay and bi men contract HIV in England each year but the tools now exist to slash that number.

Belgian regions close Polish office over attack on democracy and LGBT+ rights

Brussels and Wallonia say Poland is ‘endangering democracy and European integration’.

Parliament of Victoria.
Australian state of Victoria’s ‘conversion therapy’ bill is ‘world-leading’

‘The Victorian bill is vastly better than any bill developed in Australia to date.’

US Army in a firefight in Afghanistan.
Trump’s trans military ban has harmed the US armed forces, report finds

Three former military Surgeons General and academics release first independent assessment of the US president’s policy.

Police disperse Thai protesters in Bangkok with water cannon on 16 October 2020.
Thailand’s anti-government protesters are set to demand marriage equality

The protest has expanded as Thais break their ultimate taboo and criticize the monarchy.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Eight out of 10 LGBT+ Americans voted for Joe Biden

Exit polls showed higher support for Donald Trump but were misleading.

A previous Prague Pride.
Czechs demand equal marriage after COVID rules allow weddings but not civil partnerships

The legal mess shows why ‘separate but equal’ is never good enough.

Woman with head on friend's shoulder.
Most LGBT+ survivors don’t have access to specialist domestic abuse help

LGBT+ survivors ‘face distinct systemic and personal barriers in accessing help and support’.

Boris Johnson.
Tories cut funding to save LGBT+ kids from bullying but will spend billions more on defense

Boris Johnson has just given £16.5billion to defense but has quietly cut £4million to protect LGBT+ kids.

Hobart in Tasmania.
Tasmania may pay compensation to LGBT+ people convicted under scrapped laws

The Australian state has already agreed to expunge criminal records for gay sex and cross dressing but it may go even further.

Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro.
Brazil’s President Bolsonaro says ‘we have to stop being a country of fags’ over COVID

Brazil has the second highest death-toll in the world from coronavirus but Bolsonaro says ‘we’re all going to die someday’.

Members of Iris Angola LGBT+ group.
Angola has finally voted to make gay sex legal

The new law will come into effect in February next year and will also protect against discrimination.

Helena Dalli.
EU pledges to fight LGBT+ discrimination and lead the call for global equality

New EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy will push Europe to defend and protect rights at a time of backlash.

UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group at Pride 2019.
UK asylum translators are so anti-LGBT+ that even Home Office staff are worried

Official report reveals that interpreters let their anti-LGBT+ views affect their work, harming asylum fairness.

The protest in Palermo.
Italians face long wait for Senate to debate LGBT+ and women’s hate crime law

The bill has passed by a clear majority in Italy’s lower house of parliament but hate groups may still derail it.

MEP protests Poland's LGBT+ record.
Campaigners bid to get the EU to ban ‘conversion therapy’ across Europe

The European Commission’s first ever LGBTI+ Strategy will launch tomorrow.