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Victor Madrigal-Borloz.
UN expert says COVID has increased exclusion and violence against LGBT+ people

Some countries have used the pandemic as ‘fuel for hatred’ to ‘scapegoat’ LGBT+ citizens.

People attending Pride in Switzerland.
Swiss support for same-sex marriage soars to 82% ahead of parliamentary debates

One house of Switzerland’s parliament has voted for marriage equality already with the other still to decide.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Victory: Joe Biden wins presidency after record-breaking race

However Donald Trump still managed to increase his vote share, including among LGBT+ people.

Puebla, Mexico.
Conservative Mexican state of Puebla is latest to pass same-sex marriage

Mexico continues its long battle to recognize marriage equality.

Donald Trump as a turtle.
Anderson Cooper says Donald Trump is ‘an obese turtle on his back’

The election is too close to call but is going Joe Biden’s way.

Canadian Conservative MP Derek Sloan.
Canada’s bid to ban ‘conversion therapy’ takes big step forwards in landslide vote

The bill achieved cross-party support but still faces more hurdles before becoming law.

Joe Biden, September 2020
US presidential election result is on a knife-edge

Currently Biden is on 238 electoral college votes and Trump on 213 with 270 needed to win.

Sarah McBride gives her victory speech.
US sees first trans state senator and victories for LGBT+ people of color

There is a 2020 ‘rainbow wave’ but the presidential election result remains on a knife-edge.

Gay porn actors at the Blatino Erotica Awards.
Gay and bi porn fans will have particular influence in the US elections today

Major porn platform says its users could hold the keys to the White House.

Voters queuing in the rain in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA.
Why the LGBT+ vote is different and precious this election

LGBT+ voters are particularly motivated to vote in 2020 and could be decisive in many swing states.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence.
Gay and bi Republicans are less engaged with LGBT+ community than Democrats

Republicans and Democrats tend to view their sexual identity and connection to other LGBT+ people differently.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Most Americans think LGBT+ people have protections they do not

Straight, cis Americans want LGBT+ people to have legal protection from discrimination and think they already do.

Estonia's Riigikogu.
Estonia’s parliament likely to debate same-sex marriage by public demand

A petition supporting same-sex marriage has broken records in Estonia but the majority of citizens still oppose marriage equality.

Franklin Graham and the Samaritan's Purse field hospital.
US Christians linked to Trump have spent $280million attacking women and LGBT+ rights

Open Democracy exposes ‘alarming’ dark money around the world.

Charles T Moran speaks at Trump Pride.
Gay Republican leader heralds ‘historic’ Trump Pride campaign

He claims Trump is the first candidate they ‘don’t have to apologize and explain’ to LGBT+ people.

An LGBT+ bike ride protest in Tirana, Albania.
Fresh bid to win same-sex marriage in Albania

The Pink Embassy calls on the government to eliminate ‘open discrimination against LGBTI persons’.

Amy Coney Barrett
Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to US Supreme Court

Same-sex couples are already rushing to marry in fear justices may now attack marriage equality.

A protest for equal marriage in Northern Ireland.
Same-sex civil partners in Northern Ireland can now convert to marriage

Northern Ireland will even waive the fee if you convert in the first year.

Malcolm Kenyatta.
Barack Obama says this gay politician’s haircut shows progress is possible

State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta was the first openly gay person of color to join Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives.

Judge Barrett and her husband Jesse.
Activists attack Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett for supporting LGBT+ hate in schools

‘Amy Coney Barrett helped lead schools that taught children and educators to hate themselves in the name of religion.’

Pride in Santiago, Chile.
Chile’s Senate approves crucial articles for same-sex marriage law

The Senate’s Constitution Commission has said yes to equal marriage.

Elisabeth Moreno.
France promises to tackle LGBT+ hate and ban ‘conversion therapy’

The 42 measures will tackle homophobia and transphobia in the home, school, university, work, healthcare and sport.

Newly elected Labour MPs celebrate outside the New Zealand Parliament.
New Zealand now has the most LGBT+ parliament in the world

It’s beaten the British parliament into second place for LGBT+ representation.

The protest in Palermo.
LGBT+ Italians protest in 63 cities to demand protection from violence

Parliament is finally debating a law to protect women and LGBT+ people from discrimination and hate.

Pride march in Israel.
Israel’s government ministries join forces to make life easier for trans people

Representatives of the justice, health, welfare and education ministries will meet with trans organizations.

Joe Biden.
Biden promises mom of trans daughter he will ‘change the law’ to ensure ‘zero discrimination’

Presidential hopeful recalls what his dad told a young ‘Joey’ when he first saw two gay men kissing.

Trump in a MAGA cap.
Even Donald Trump’s supporters don’t agree with his anti-LGBT+ stance

Poll indicates that homophobia and transphobia doesn’t actually win elections.

House of Assembly, Parliament of South Australia.
Australian state to scrap law that lets killers get away with gay murder

Defendants claim that gay or trans sexual advances panic them, forcing them to attack.

LGBT+ protest sign with anti-queer slurs and lovehearts.
LGBT+ hate crimes rising faster than any other group

Crimes based on sexual orientation are 19% up in the last year and anti-LGBT+ hate crimes have more than doubled since 2015.