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Carál Ni Chuilín.
Northern Ireland plans to ban ‘conversion therapy’ for LGBT+ people

Northern Ireland’s Health Ministry said it was too busy with coronavirus but ministers have found a way forward.

Melania Geymonat and her partner Chris.
Same-sex couple beaten on a bus join campaign to make misogyny a hate crime

Gender is already a factor in a third of all existing hate crime – but gender is not currently protected under hate crime law.

Yelena Mizulina.
Russia’s parliament to move forward with erasing trans rights and LGBT+ families this month

New laws would stop trans people changing gender, ban them from opposite-sex marriage and may take kids from LGBT+ people.

Joe Biden holds Pete Buttigieg's shoulders.
Joe Biden gives Pete Buttigieg key job in making his presidency a reality

Meanwhile Afghanistan veteran Buttigieg attacks Trump for calling fallen US troops ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’.

Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden Bush with their attorney.
Cayman Islands now have same-sex civil partnerships but battle for marriage equality goes on

British governor forced through the new Civil Partnership Law. Meanwhile LGBT+ campaigners won’t accept ‘legal segregation’ and are fighting for marriage.

Police cordon on Hurst Street.
‘Multiple stabbings’ in Birmingham’s LGBT+ district

BREAKING: Police declare a major incident. Number of victims and extent of injuries unknown.

Scott Wiener.
Gay senator faces ‘extreme death threats’ and false pedophile claims over sex offender bill

Scott Wiener just wants same-sex and opposite sex relationships treated the same.

Mark Latham MLC.
‘Dangerous’ bill would see teachers lose their job if they support trans kids

Campaigners urge Australia’s New South Wales Parliament to reject ‘trans erasure’ bill.

Tony Abbott, former prime minister of Australia.
UK Health Secretary wears LGBT+ pin as he defends ‘homophobic misogynist’ Tony Abbott

Matt Hancock’s comments come as the UK Government plans to appoint former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott as post-Brexit trade envoy.

Kayleigh McEnany Trump's press secretary
White House press secretary insists Trump is LGBT+ ally, despite 172 reasons he is not

‘This administration and president will proudly stand on a record of achievements.’

UK Equalities Minister Liz Truss.
Equalities minister asked about ‘sexist, homophobic’ Tony Abbott, refuses to answer 7 times

UK trade and equalities minister Liz Truss under pressure over imminent appointment of former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott as Britain’s trade envoy.

Taiwan number plates.
Campaigners criticize Taiwan for banning ‘GAY’ vehicle number plates

Taiwan also bans ‘SEX’, ‘ASS’, ‘BUM’, ‘PUP’ and ‘BRA’.

Sunrise in Canberra.
Australian Capital Territory bans ‘conversion therapy’, including by religious groups

Campaigners who condemned Queensland’s ‘useless’ law welcome ACT ban, giving it seven out 10.

Cissie Graham Lynch
Franklin Graham’s daughter attacks trans kids as she stirs up Republican Christians

Cissie Graham Lynch speaks at the Republican National Convention to spread transphobic and homophobic falsehoods.

Joe Biden holds Pete Buttigieg's shoulders.
Pete Buttigieg: Joe Biden’s political courage made LGBT+ change possible in America

Meanwhile fellow out politician Tammy Baldwin shared the story of her childhood healthcare scare.

Annastacia Palaszczuk.
Survivors tell Queensland it must change its ‘useless’ new ‘conversion therapy’ ban

The Australian state ignored survivors’ advice when writing the law.

The flag getting aloft and flying over the Kremlin.
Russian former mayor uses helium balloons to send Pride flag floating over the Kremlin

Gay artist Alexander Donskoy has made a name for himself by standing up to Putin, including running for the presidency.

Trump in a MAGA cap.
Trump angry as Goodyear says yes to LGBT+ but no to MAGA hats

Black Lives Matter and LGBT+ Pride are in but political support is out.

Surgeons operating.
Federal judge blocks Trump’s bid to end LGBT+ health care protections

Campaigners herald ‘a crucial early victory’ in battle to stop Trump erasing discrimination protections.

Annastacia Palaszczuk.
Queensland’s ban on ‘conversion therapy’ is a complete waste of time

‘This is like passing a law to ban cigarette advertising but excluding tobacco companies.’

Barbra Streisand.
Vote Proud: Barbara Streisand says ‘Enough is Enough’ of Trump

More than 50% of LGBT+ Americans didn’t vote in 2016 – they could swing the election this year.

Swiss Council of States.
Same-sex marriage in Switzerland faces another delay

The Swiss people massively support marriage equality but politicians keep delaying it.

Priti Patel
UK Home Secretary may officially make poppers legal

Priti Patel wants to clear up confusion about the drug which is popular with gay and bi men for sex.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris include LGBT+ Americans in first joint appearance

The Democrats used their speeches to attack Trump’s record which has left the country ‘in tatters’.

Kamala Harris at San Francisco Pride in 2019.
Kamala Harris: Biden’s vice president running mate has long positive record on LGBT+

Harris previously told GSN that she wouldn’t be put off fighting for LGBT+ rights just because it’s politically risky.

GSN at the People's Vote march.
University of Law warns Brexit could seriously damage UK’s LGBT+ rights

The UK will leave the European Union at the end of this year – but there are no guarantees for the LGBT+ rights the EU has granted.

Damage caused by the Beirut port explosion.
LGBT+ survivors in Beirut coping with horrific injuries, homelessness and food shortages

But despite that, LGBT+ volunteers are clearing debris and helping Beirut recover from the devastating port explosion.

Launch of trans report in Thailand.
Thailand’s government is putting forward a bill to recognize trans people

It will help trans people access jobs, services and welfare but may leave out non-binary and intersex people.

Politicians from Poland's 'Left' group supporting LGBT+ rights.
Polish LGBT+ people are leaving in huge numbers to escape hate and get ‘dignity’

‘Every LGBT person knows at least one person who has emigrated in recent years and more who want to emigrate.’

Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden Bush with their attorney.
British Governor will overrule Cayman Islands to impose same-sex domestic partnership law

Meanwhile a UK court may still order marriage equality on the Caribbean islands.