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Kamala Harris at San Francisco Pride in 2019.
Kamala Harris: Same-sex marriage is at risk if Amy Coney Barrett joins US Supreme Court

‘President Trump is attempting to roll back Americans’ rights for decades to come.’

Joe Biden, September 2020
Joe Biden: ‘I’ll fight every day in the White House’ for LGBT+ people

Pledge comes as Pete Buttigieg warns ‘LGBTQ+ equality is on the ballot’ at the US election.

A previous LGBT+ protest in Rome.
LGBT+ activists are battling the Catholic Church to finally pass a hate crime law in Italy

Bishops say the law against LGBT+ discrimination would be ‘the death of liberty’.

Pride in Panama City
Courts finally move on with same-sex marriage cases in Panama

Panama sees protests by both LGBT+ campaigners and religious extremists over marriage equality.

Justin Trudeau at Pride in 2018.
Canada takes a second shot at banning LGBT+ ‘conversion therapy’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the so-called ‘therapies’ are ‘harmful, degrading, and have no place in Canada’.

Przemyslaw Czarnek.
Poland’s government has just become even more anti-LGBT+

New education minister Przemyslaw Czarnek believes gay people are ‘not equal to normal people’.

Trump in a MAGA cap.
LGBT+ poll: 76% back Biden to 17% Trump and they are more motivated than ever to vote

Poll came before the overnight news that Trump has COVID-19.

ILGA activists demanding intersex rights in 2018.
33 states tell the United Nations to protect intersex people’s rights

‘This is an historic step forward for intersex communities globally.’

Eric Trump.
Donald Trump’s son Eric claims LGBT+ people love his dad and accidentally comes out

‘I am part of that community and we love the man.’

Two men embracing in bed.
England makes PrEP free but getting it will still be a postcode lottery for now

Many parts of England are just not ready for free PrEP to start on 1 October.

Mike Pompeo.
US attempt to rewrite human rights, leaving out LGBT+, causes concern at UN

European allies are not keen to join Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo’s new vision for human rights.

Mary Trump.
Donald Trump’s lesbian niece Mary warns he will go ‘farther than you can imagine’ to keep power

She also says he is ‘particularly vicious’ towards trans people.

Alexa Hoffmann.
Barbados civil unions referendum could see LGBT+ people killed

Caribbean campaigners say Barbados’ promises of reform are actually a ‘recipe for disaster’.

Ursula von der Leyen.
Is Poland’s ruling PiS party divided over its crackdown on LGBT+ people?

The threat of the EU withdrawing funding is putting pressure on the Polish government over LGBT+ and women’s rights.

MEP protests Poland's LGBT+ record.
Will the EU finally act against Poland’s anti-LGBT+ government?

Politicians argue both Poland and Hungary should lose EU funds over anti-LGBT+ policies.

Mia Mottley.
Barbados Government proposes civil unions and hints it will make gay sex legal

In the same speech, Barbados announced it wanted to ditch Queen Elizabeth and have a Barbadian head of state.

The 2019 Bhubaneswar Pride parade,
Battle for same-sex marriage in India begins in Delhi High Court

India’s Solicitor General says marriage equality violates ‘our values’. But the constitution and the court may still be on LGBT+ campaigners side.

Chick-fil-A in Toronto, Canada.
Texas passed a law to ‘Save Chick-fil-A’ but the anti-gay chain has ditched its new store anyway

After over a year of political wrangling over its LGBT+ stance Chic-fil-A decides not to open at San Antonio’s airport.

Trans Pride 2020 in London.
Disney, Google and Microsoft join over 130 companies demanding UK protects trans rights

Crowds demanded their rights at Trans Pride over the weekend.

Carál Ni Chuilín.
Northern Ireland plans to ban ‘conversion therapy’ for LGBT+ people

Northern Ireland’s Health Ministry said it was too busy with coronavirus but ministers have found a way forward.

Melania Geymonat and her partner Chris.
Same-sex couple beaten on a bus join campaign to make misogyny a hate crime

Gender is already a factor in a third of all existing hate crime – but gender is not currently protected under hate crime law.

Yelena Mizulina.
Russia’s parliament to move forward with erasing trans rights and LGBT+ families this month

New laws would stop trans people changing gender, ban them from opposite-sex marriage and may take kids from LGBT+ people.

Joe Biden holds Pete Buttigieg's shoulders.
Joe Biden gives Pete Buttigieg key job in making his presidency a reality

Meanwhile Afghanistan veteran Buttigieg attacks Trump for calling fallen US troops ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’.

Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden Bush with their attorney.
Cayman Islands now have same-sex civil partnerships but battle for marriage equality goes on

British governor forced through the new Civil Partnership Law. Meanwhile LGBT+ campaigners won’t accept ‘legal segregation’ and are fighting for marriage.

Police cordon on Hurst Street.
‘Multiple stabbings’ in Birmingham’s LGBT+ district

BREAKING: Police declare a major incident. Number of victims and extent of injuries unknown.

Scott Wiener.
Gay senator faces ‘extreme death threats’ and false pedophile claims over sex offender bill

Scott Wiener just wants same-sex and opposite sex relationships treated the same.

Mark Latham MLC.
‘Dangerous’ bill would see teachers lose their job if they support trans kids

Campaigners urge Australia’s New South Wales Parliament to reject ‘trans erasure’ bill.

Tony Abbott, former prime minister of Australia.
UK Health Secretary wears LGBT+ pin as he defends ‘homophobic misogynist’ Tony Abbott

Matt Hancock’s comments come as the UK Government plans to appoint former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott as post-Brexit trade envoy.

Kayleigh McEnany Trump's press secretary
White House press secretary insists Trump is LGBT+ ally, despite 172 reasons he is not

‘This administration and president will proudly stand on a record of achievements.’