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Switzerland's National Council.
Politicians in Switzerland support LGBT+ hate crime action plan

National councillor advancing the plan has also been attacked while with his partner.

Dachelys Valdés Moreno, Hope Bastian and Paulo.
Cuba has recognized a baby has two moms for the first time

It’s a major step forward in family recognition in Cuba, where campaigners are also pushing for same-sex marriage.

The sea front at Libreville, Gabon’s capital.
Gabon has just voted to make gay sex legal

The vote has passed the lower house of parliament but now needs approval from the Senate.

Israelis demand respect for LGBT+ families at a protest.
Tel Aviv offers civil partnerships to challenge Israeli government over same-sex marriage ban

Move is pioneered by LGBT+ politician who changed attitudes in Israel by wedding his partner in Canada in 2005.

BBC Broadcasting House.
MPs and trans campaigners accuse the BBC of being ‘institutionally transphobic’

One leading gay Conservative MP, Crispin Blunt, is also raising concerns with the BBC’s Director General.

LGBT+ protest outside protested outside the Romanian president’s residence, Cotroceni Palace.
Romania passes law banning gender identity studies despite protests

The new ban on gender identity studies has now reached the desk of Romania’s president.

Senator James Lankford.
Republican uses JK Rowling to block vote on the Equality Act in the US Senate

Democrats had pushed for a vote after the US Supreme Court ruled employers couldn’t discriminate against LGBT+ people.

Duda and his wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda with US President Donald Trump and Melania Trump in Warsaw.
Poland’s anti-gay president to visit Trump as first foreign visitor since pandemic began

Meanwhile the EU is threatening Poland’s coronavirus recovery funding due to its ‘LGBT-Free Zones’.

Person sitting in window.
Dutch government uncovers anti-LGBT+ ‘conversion therapy’ holiday camps

The Netherlands is considering a legal ban on the harmful ‘gay cures’.

President Andrzej Duda of Poland.
Poland’s president says LGBT+ ‘ideology’ is worse than communist doctrine

President Duda is on the attack but LGBT+ ally Rafał Trzaskowski may still beat him in the election on 28 June.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence.
Republicans will oppose same-sex marriage and back ‘conversion therapy’ at elections

Both conservatives and moderates are upset as Republicans keep their 2016 platform wholesale.

Crowds at the LGBT+ Black Lives Matter protest in LA.
Thousands across US march for black and trans lives as Trump erases trans rights

Black and LGBT+ people and their allies stood in solidarity and demanded justice.

Donald Trump
Campaigners are suing Trump after he erased trans health rights

‘This rollback will put patients’ lives and health in danger.’

Sparkle trans festival in Manchester, England.
UK plots to scrap plans to allow trans people to self-identify

They will make life harder for trans women in particular and offer LGBT+ people a ban on ‘conversion therapy’ to placate them.

President Andrzej Duda of Poland.
Poland’s president signs Family Charter against LGBT+ education and marriage equality

Homophobic President Andrzej Duda is up against the LGBT+ ally Rafał Trzaskowski in the presidential election.

Joe Biden.
Joe Biden launches LGBT+ campaign with historic pledges to deliver equality

Biden promises to ban conversion therapy, allow trans people to serve in the armed forces and bring in the Equality Act.

People attending Pride in Switzerland.
Switzerland’s National Council just said yes to same-sex marriage

‘A big hurdle cleared’ as the Swiss move towards equal marriage.

Eikei Suzuki, governor of Mie Prefecture.
A Japanese region has made it illegal to out someone as LGBT+

Outing ‘can destabilize family and working relationships and drive people into isolation’ says governor.

Rosemary Ketchum.
West Virginia elects its first ever out trans official

Rosemary Ketchum ‘has shattered a lavender ceiling’ to become one of just 26 openly trans elected officials in the US.

Pride in Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico fails to protect LGBT+ citizens in new Civil Code

‘When they gouge LGBTTIQ+ people’s eyes out, they gouge everyone’s eyes out.’

Canadian Conservative MP Derek Sloan.
Conservative MP says banning ‘conversion therapy’ will allow ‘child abuse’

Derek Sloan MP attacked attempts to ban the dangerous anti-LGBT+ ‘cures’.

People attending Pride in Switzerland.
Switzerland’s parliament is finally talking about same-sex marriage

Unlike Swiss trains, marriage equality hasn’t arrived on time.

UK Equalities Minister Liz Truss.
Trans campaigners ask employers to help them fight UK bathroom threat this Pride month

Ask your boss to be a true ally, not just wave a rainbow flag.

Rafał Trzaskowski.
Warsaw’s LGBT+ friendly mayor could win Poland’s presidential election

Hope at last as Rafał Trzaskowski takes on President Andrzey Duda, supported by the anti-LGBT+ Law and Justice Party.

Mariela Castro at a Pride event in Cuba.
Gay politician asks Cuba to pass same-sex marriage without a referendum

The country is starting a process that could lead to marriage equality.

Protest against 'gay cures' in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
UK confirms it will soon bring in plans to ban ‘conversion therapy’

‘I will shortly be bringing forward plans to end conversion therapy.’

UK Equalities Minister Liz Truss.
Cross-party politicians demand UK bans ‘conversion therapy’ without delay

The government must protect LGBT+ people from ‘quacks and religious fundamentalists’.

China's National People's Congress.
Campaigners push for same-sex marriage in China as party official rejects change

Same-sex marriage was the most popular demand from the Chinese public in a government consultation last year.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.
Chechnya’s chief homophobe Ramzan Kadyrov in hospital with COVID-19 symptoms

His government set up concentration camps for LGBT+ people to ‘purge’ Chechnya.