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Brad Little
Idaho governor passes two anti-trans laws just hours before Trans Day of Visibility

‘Cruel and discriminatory’ laws target trans kids.

Brad Little
Idaho passes anti-trans sports bill, now governor must decide

While most legislatures focused on coronavirus, the US state of Idaho had other ideas.

The historical and ceremonial Andorran Parliament
Same-sex marriage is coming to one of Europe’s smallest countries

Beautiful European mountain country of Andorra moves on marriage equality.

UKLGIG at Pride.
UK must change asylum system after Windrush review exposes ‘disregard for rights’

Campaigners say there are ‘significant parallels’ between Windrush scandal and LGBT+ asylum seekers.

Crowd in Heaven nightclub.
G-A-Y boss Jeremy Joseph: ‘Boris Johnson is a c**t but he can still save our staff’

LGBT+ venues are among businesses caught between protecting customers and surviving long term and saving jobs.

UN review tells Iran to end the death penalty for gay sex

Iran’s reply ignores the ‘very existence of LGB persons’.

Young LGBT+ Advocates in South Carolina.
Victory! Judge strikes down state’s ban on proper LGBT+ education for kids

Ending over 30 years of discrimination against LGBT+ students.

Person sitting in window.
Canada’s ban on ‘gay cures’ will be world-leading with penalty of five years jail

Details of the laws which Canada claims will be the ‘most progressive and comprehensive in the world’.

The Royal Courts of Justice, including the Court of Appeal.
UK Court of Appeal rules against giving people ‘gender X’ passports

If the courts won’t allow gender-neutral passports, UK Parliament must.

Homeless person in central London.
Authorities are setting homeless LGBT+ youths a crazy task to avoid helping them

They are even accusing LGBT+ young people of making themselves ‘intentionally homeless’.

TLVFest 2020 dates announced.
Filmmakers boycott LGBT film festival to support queer Palestinians

But Tel Aviv festival organizer says they are wrong and the boycott will harm progress.

Greenville County Court House
Could this US county introduce a Poland-style ‘LGBT-Free Zone’?

A bid to get rid of an anti-LGBT+ resolution from the 90s may lead to a new ballot to entrench ‘traditional values’.

Joe Biden holds Pete Buttigieg's shoulders.
Anti-LGBT+ Republican says Buttigieg is used to being groped by men like Biden

State senator’s comment ‘sends a horrible message to LGBTQ youth’.

Pride in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong homophobes fear LGBT+ court victory brings marriage equality closer

Hong Kong High Court has ruled that same-sex couples should be able to access public housing.

Cape Town police arresting two suspects.
Teen boys gang raped lesbian to ‘correct’ her sexuality

Attack happened in Cape Town as it celebrated its Pride festival this weekend.

Ralph Northam in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2017.
It’s official: Governor signs new law banning ‘gay cures’ in Virginia

The new law is the first in the South to protect young people from anti-LGBT+ ‘conversion therapy’.

Joe Biden.
Joe Biden predicts we will see a lot more of Pete Buttigieg as he wins his endorsement

History-making openly gay candidate Pete Buttigieg is out of the race and backing Biden as Super Tuesday starts.

Vladimir Putin
Putin submits plan to ban same-sex marriage in Russia’s constitution

Further constitutional changes are likely to allow Putin to continue in power long-term.

Pete Buttigieg.
Gay candidate Pete Buttigieg pulls out of US presidential race

Buttigieg had been the first openly gay major presidential candidate for the US presidency.

Upset woman.
US states finally move to get rid of gay and trans panic defenses

The gay or trans panic defense lets hate attackers get smaller sentences or even get let off if they claim an LGBT+ person was coming on to them.

Julie Wilensky and supporters file the case.
Students are taking South Carolina to court over ban on proper LGBT+ education

Currently South Carolina only allows public schools to talk about STIs and bans proper same-sex relationship education.

Effigy of same-sex couple on fire in Croatia.
Town cheers as they burn effigy of same-sex couple and baby

The Prime Minister of Croatia has condemned the ‘arsonists’ in Imotski.

Martyn Hett.
The UK’s new anti-terror law will also symbolize a mom’s love for her gay son

Martyn Hett was among 22 people killed in the 2017 Ariana Grande gig bombing.

Jakarta Indonesia, traffic.
Indonesia plans to make homosexuality a crime and force offenders into rehab camps

Politicians are also planning on banning S&M under the ‘Family Resilience’ Bill.

Michael Bloomberg
Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg calls trans people ‘it’ in 2019 video

He added that most voters don’t want to support Democrats who champion the rights of ‘some guy in a dress’.

Britain’s NHS will be free to turn away homophobic patients

New rules come in to place in April allowing NHS staff to refuse non-emergency care.

Joe Biden and Cher.
Cher backs Joe Biden for president: I Got You Babe

Legendary singer has backed Biden who is struggling to make headway in the race to be Democratic nominee to take on Trump.

Donald Trump
Trump talks about whether he and America are ready for a gay president

The first serious openly-gay candidate for the presidency, Pete Buttigieg is leading the Democratic field for now.