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Vladimir Putin
Putin: Russia will never have gay marriage while I’m in the Kremlin

Putin wants to change the constitution to make marriage between a man and a woman as he plots to hold onto power for life.

Donald Trump.
Trump is getting more anti-LGBT+ as he fights for reelection

This is how President Trump dramatically expanded his anti-LGBT+ policies in 2019.

Bayard Rustin.
Martin Luther King’s friend Bayard Rustin will be pardoned for gay sex

Bayard Rustin was one of the heroes of the civil rights movement and was arrested for concensual gay sex.

Giant coronavirus.
Beware the gays will bring down Coronavirus upon us

Legislator goes on bizarre rant blaming Coronavirus, earthquakes and SARS on same-sex marriage.

Campaigners and supporters at the Virginia General Assembly.
Historic breakthrough for the South as Virginia votes to protect LGBT+ people

Virginia’s new law will protect 250,000 LGBT+ people but could be even more significant for southern US states.

Pete Buttigieg speaking in California in 2019.
Who is Pete Buttigieg? And will he become the first openly gay president of the United States?

Pete Buttigieg is now the unlikely frontrunner in the race to be the Democratic candidate to take on Donald Trump.

Crowd at Hong Kong Pride
Hong Kong citizens back same-sex marriage and LGBT+ protection

Support for LGBT+ people is at a record high. Could this pave the way for law change?

Protestor at Pride holds sign saying 'gender is a construct, tear it apart'.
LGBT+ groups back Scotland’s bid to have world class trans laws

72 Scottish LGBT+ groups have signed letter of solidarity with trans community as Scotland reviews Gender Recognition Act.

Crowds at Prague Pride 2017
Czechs back same-sex marriage as country debates changing law

Could Czech Republic become the next European country to make marriage legal? Two-thirds of Czechs think it should.

Transgender rights activists present their proposed law to politicians in Thailand (Photo: Facebook)
Transgender activists in Thailand propose law to protect their rights

They want to be recognized as the correct gender after they undergo surgery