Recording misogyny as a hate crime will not reduce misogyny itself

By Sophie Perry  The tragic death of Sarah Everard has reignited conversions around sexual harassment…

Mikey James.
How I embraced making music and found my inner Freak Tonight in 2020

Singer Mikey James shares how music and creative collaboration got him through a tough year.

Daniel Harding.
Why everyone’s mental health could do with a ‘Holi-date’ this year

Singleton Daniel Harding says sitting on Santa’s lap has never been so appealing as he searches for an alternative.

Police at Westminster Underground Station in London.
This is the true picture behind the UK’s alarming rise in LGBT+ hate

Leni Morris of hate crime charity Galop examines the rise in hate crime against LGBT+ people in the UK.

Ivor Gurney.
All the greatest First World War poets were queer and it’s time to remember them

They were torn between love and war. They were brave, often recklessly so, and they had the medals to prove it.

Kamala Harris at San Francisco Pride in 2019.
The secret gay history of the 2020 presidential race and Trump and Harris’ LGBT+ past

Years after their deaths, the shadows of two leading gay political operatives are guiding both Donald Trump and Kamala Harris.

New York Stock Exchange.
There’s $20trillion of global LGBT+ wealth we could be leveraging to build a better world

Paul Thompson, director of LGBT Capital, says the LGBT+ and Black Lives Matter movements should push investors to an ethical future.

How to survive a pandemic – by a gay man who’s lived through one before

“Stay safe. Stay strong. Adapt and survive.”

Iain Johnstone and Daniel Kerry.
How you can protect yourself and your same-sex partner for a better financial future

The right planning can make the difference between a great retirement and a nasty shock.

Aish Divine.
My ‘BBC’ is my brown sexuality without having to explain or fit a stereotype

Singer song-writer Aish Divine gives his gay Indian answer to Cardi B’s WAP as he mocks stereotypes in his new music video.

Jenny Sheanon
Meet the UK’s first specialist transgender financial adviser

Jenny Sheanon spent most of her life hiding her trans identity – now she helps others who want to be themselves and achieve their goals.

Bradley Birkholz.
Why a growing number of LGBT+ people are incels – and angry they aren’t having sex

The ‘gaycels’ claim that the LGBT+ world’s unrealistic standards of beauty force them to be ‘involuntarily celibate’. But are they making it worse for themselves?

New Lithuanian gay film THE LAWYER.
This gay love film is going head-to-head with a Hollywood blockbuster in cinemas

The strange story of how a home-grown gay movie ended up taking on Chris Nolan’s major new spy film, Tenet, in Lithuanian cinemas, thanks to coronavirus.

Alexa Hoffmann.
My boss admitted I was a ‘very good employee’ but still fired me for being trans

Now many other trans people will face the same because of a new employment discrimination bill that specifically excludes us.

Melanie Nathan, Joan Baez and friends lead the Women's March Protest in 2018 against Trump's immigration bans.
We must stop Trump from destroying the US asylum system

Campaigner Melanie Nathan explains how Trump’s proposals will particularly hurt vulnerable LGBT+ asylum seekers.

Lendale Johnson.
America’s first black, gay male pro tennis player on growing up as a gay person of color

Lendale Johnson is the only openly gay, black male professional tennis player in the International Tennis Federation Pro Circuit.

Why it can be hard to make friends with other bisexuals

Bi activist Lewis Oakley explains how to make other bi friends and what can go wrong.

Thee Amir in his Pride make-up.
How I’ve celebrated this Pride Month with my LGBT+ teenage friends

This year’s online Prides have made it easier than ever for LGBT+ teenagers to take part.

Aram Bolandpaz.
How this lesbian TV reporter uses journalism to fight for the LGBT+ community in Iran

TV news reporter Aram Bolandpaz left Iran for Britain then came out as lesbian but is still fighting for the community.

Teenage boy reading.
8 amazing LGBT+ young adult books by contemporary queer authors

The Gravity of Us author, Phil Stamper, shares his favorite recent YA LGBT+ fiction.

Elyse and Maria left the States for a new life in Costa Rica.
Our adventure in Costa Rica and how we hope to share it, now same-sex marriage is legal

‘Just six weeks after we met, we decided to sell all our things and move to Costa Rica.’

Thee Amir is a makeup influencer on Yubo.
Gay Muslim makeup influencer: How I came out and found people like me

‘I met another gay Asian guy who shared my love for fashion and makeup and felt so accepted.’

Maurice Tomlinson and his husband on a beach.
It is time to campaign for equal marriage in countries where gay sex is still illegal

Caribbean queers can’t wait another 50 years for the future we all deserve.

It’s time to lift the lid on what’s really happening in bisexual people’s lives

We must all pull together and help the cause – by taking part.

UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group at Pride 2019.
LGBT+ asylum seekers are sharing bedrooms with strangers during coronavirus

LGBT+ immigration charity UKLGIG says government policy is putting asylum seekers in a desperate position and risking all of our health.

Dusty Limits
How OnlyFans is giving LGBT+ comic talent the freedom to perform

Dusty Limits says going on OnlyFans is helping queer comics and cabaret stars survive coronavirus and perform free of censorship.

Woman on toilet.
UK government’s attack on trans bathroom use will drive people underground

Trans Media Watch co-founder Helen Belcher warns without access to public toilets, trans people can’t access day-to-day life.

Rowena Howie in her Revival Retro London store.
People are paying it forward to save this amazing, LGBT+ owned boutique

LGBT+ small business owner Rowena Howie’s shop has brought old Hollywood glamor to her customers. Now they are helping Revival Retro survive coronavirus.

Lewis Oakley with his fiancée and stepson.
I’m determined to be a proud bisexual dad to my kids and this is how

As bi campaigner Lewis Oakley becomes a dad, he looks at how to stay visible with a female partner and children.

Maurice Tomlinson and his husband on a beach.
Jamaican LGBT+ couples want same-sex marriage and may win it in court

Jamaica still criminalizes gay sex but legal same-sex marriage could come soon.