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Mikey James.
How I embraced making music and found my inner Freak Tonight in 2020

Singer Mikey James shares how music and creative collaboration got him through a tough year.

Ivor Gurney.
All the greatest First World War poets were queer and it’s time to remember them

They were torn between love and war. They were brave, often recklessly so, and they had the medals to prove it.

Iain Johnstone and Daniel Kerry.
How you can protect yourself and your same-sex partner for a better financial future

The right planning can make the difference between a great retirement and a nasty shock.

Jenny Sheanon
Meet the UK’s first specialist transgender financial adviser

Jenny Sheanon spent most of her life hiding her trans identity – now she helps others who want to be themselves and achieve their goals.

New Lithuanian gay film THE LAWYER.
This gay love film is going head-to-head with a Hollywood blockbuster in cinemas

The strange story of how a home-grown gay movie ended up taking on Chris Nolan’s major new spy film, Tenet, in Lithuanian cinemas, thanks to coronavirus.

Teenage boy reading.
8 amazing LGBT+ young adult books by contemporary queer authors

The Gravity of Us author, Phil Stamper, shares his favorite recent YA LGBT+ fiction.

Thee Amir is a makeup influencer on Yubo.
Gay Muslim makeup influencer: How I came out and found people like me

‘I met another gay Asian guy who shared my love for fashion and makeup and felt so accepted.’

It’s time to lift the lid on what’s really happening in bisexual people’s lives

We must all pull together and help the cause – by taking part.

Dusty Limits
How OnlyFans is giving LGBT+ comic talent the freedom to perform

Dusty Limits says going on OnlyFans is helping queer comics and cabaret stars survive coronavirus and perform free of censorship.

Rowena Howie in her Revival Retro London store.
People are paying it forward to save this amazing, LGBT+ owned boutique

LGBT+ small business owner Rowena Howie’s shop has brought old Hollywood glamor to her customers. Now they are helping Revival Retro survive coronavirus.

A shirtless man in a doorway.
That c word that screwed up my film premiere

How one gay Lithuania filmmaker and his boyfriend are getting through coronavirus together.

Ian Usher, of Sonic Yootha, on attending Pride
Why I’m attending my first Pride parade at 43 despite being out for years

OPINION: Ian Usher is the co-promoter of Sonic Yootha, one of the most iconic queer nights in Liverpool, England

If we want realistic bisexuals on screen, let’s start with the closeted ones

OPINION: About 90% of bi men are closeted, so why not be realistic when depicting them?

Alan Turing on the £50 note
Why putting Alan Turing on a banknote is something to celebrate

OPINION: Amid disarray over Brexit, putting maths genius Alan Turing on a banknote is an example of the British establishment doing something right

A woman smoking medical marijuana
This is why you need to stop shaming my medical marijuana use

More and more LGBTI people are exploring legal weed, like cannabis bath bombs and other CBD products

Creators should make more LGBTI-inclusive art, and we should support those who do, like Neil Gaiman with Good Omens
LGBTI fans: Stop harassing creators who are on our side

OPINION: Neil Gaiman’s response to an angry fan was classy, but it also highlighted a bigger problem

We have published 50 articles by 50 voices around the world | Photo: Supplied
Stonewall 50: Fifty LGBTI people on how Stonewall changed the world

Read 50 articles about Stonewall by diverse voices around the world.  All discuss the past, present and future of our struggle for love and liberation

Companies keep celebrating Pride - but how does a rainbow logo benefit LGBTI people? | Photo: Queer Culture
Companies can’t just have a rainbow logo next year: they must do more

Does a rainbow logo actually help anyone? Or is it time we demanded more from companies wanting our money?

Libby Baxter-Williams is launching a club night specifically for bisexual people in London
50 years after Stonewall, queers spaces are still not safe for all of us

Stonewall 50: Libby Baxter-Williams, co-promoter of a bisexual bar night, says the LGBTI scene isn’t as welcoming to bisexual and trans individuals

Jordan Charles explains his concept of Personal Pride
You don’t have to march at Pride to show your pride

Stonewall 50: Jordan Charles says there are many ways to demonstrate pride and make a difference – not everyone feels able to riot or break the law

Alexis Gregory talks about Stonewall and his play, Riot Act
Carrying on the riot

Stonewall 50: Writer and performer Alexis Gregory says we need to continue to listen to all voices across the LGBTI spectrum – and not live in fear

Topher Gen on public affection and its dangers
This is what happened each time I showed public affection to someone

OPINION: A recent case of a gay couple being assaulted makes Topher Gen reflect on the issues LGBTI people face being themselves in public

Erin Curran writes about Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland: When will we get the rights we’re entitled to?

STONEWALL 50: ‘The older I get, the more I grow to discover that I shouldn’t have to stand for this,’ says 20-year-old novelist Erin Curran

Wes Streeting talks about the protests taking place outside schools
Gay, British MP: Government must act to stop anti-LGBTI school protests

OPINION: ‘Where leadership has been needed from Government, we’ve had a vacuum,’ says Labour MP Wes Streeting about protests outside school gates

Ignas Rekasius in Vilnius, Lithuania
Lithuania’s LGBTI community refuse to hide away any more

STONEWALL 50: Ahead of Baltic Pride, this writer says increasing LGBTI liberation in Lithuania is being matched by a rise in hate-motivated crimes

New Orleans resident Erik Alexander and his mom
I never thought mom would accept me being gay: now she couldn’t be prouder

OPINION: Erik Alexander reflects on the pride that bonds he and his mom – and how her reaction to his coming out threatened that for a while

The Netflix film The Perfection
Netflix’s new LGBTI horror film The Perfection is misogynistic garbage

REVIEW: And in the time of #MeToo, it wildly misses the mark

What did GSN think of Amelie the musical? | Photo: Supplied
REVIEW: Amélie The Musical is a show that rests on its stand-out star

Amélie The Musical is on tour across the UK and Ireland until 21 September

The protest in Sanremo, Italy was the country's Stonewall moment
You might not have heard of Italy’s Stonewall moment but it’s so important

Stonewall 50: This is the story of a few dozen Europeans who decided to fight back against oppression in 1972

War Paint makeup products
‘Makeup should be for everyone’: Why this new brand for men doesn’t work

War Paint is not being received well – for good reason