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Strictly Come Dancing finally had a same-sex routine. Ish.
Did the BBC edit the pro dance on Strictly Come Dancing to seem ‘less gay’?

Audience member reveals more about what really happened on the Strictly Come Dancing stage

Why are Queer People so Obsessed with the Good Place-1
Why are queer people so obsessed with The Good Place?

LGBTI people forking love it more than anyone and there’s quite a dark reason for it

Paul Thorn nearly died from a tuberculosis outbreak on a hospital ward
I nearly died from tuberculosis – and why world must do more to tackle it

Paul Thorn is a HIV-positive gay man who nearly died from tuberculosis in the mid-90s. He survived but every other person on his ward at the time died

A south east Asian man
How do I convince my mum to accept my sexuality and wish me happiness?

Despite law change in India, attitudes can lag behind within families – wherever they live in the world, as this British man of Indian heritage recently discovered

Will changing my label change the way people see me?

Joanna’s attraction to boys kept her ‘somewhat connected’ to her straight friends

Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin: A queen for life and in death

OPINION: Music’s greatest royal demanded ‘Respect’ – and earned it, says Jeremy Helligar

Nico Tortorella and wife Bethany Meyers at the GLAAD Awards in May
No, bi people are not ‘appropriating gay culture’

OPINION: Bisexual activist Lois Shearing calls out TV writer Graham Linehan for questioning whether opposite-sex relationships can be considered queer

Vicky Vox as Audrey II. Photo Johan Persson. Design Tom Scutt. Lighting Design Howard Hudson. | Photo: Open Air Theatre Little Shop of Horrors
DWV drag superstar Vicky Vox makes stunning theater debut

The latest rendition of Little Shop Of Horrors shows you can drag up anything – even a blood thirsty plant

David Hudson on why some gay men seem to struggle so poorly with getting older
Do gay men have a particular problem with getting older?

David Hudson says he sees too many other gay men in their 40s and 50s who are struggling

A man sits with his head in his hands
When we say goodbye: A personal guide to moving on from a break-up

OPINION: Dumped by your partner? Been subjected to the ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ speech?

Brett Service now and as a baby - he was raised in the UK care system
This is what it’s like to be a gay child in the care system

A young gay man who grew up in the UK’s care system since the age of 13 months reveals some of his experiences

Topher Gen
How pop punk and emo music helped me embrace being queer

OPINION: Topher Gen has had his eyes on Brendon Urie since long before the singer announced his pansexuality

Jamie Windust
Is Pride a safe space for all?

OPINION: This non-binary activist says Pride in London can’t take its inclusiveness for granted – and clashing with the England World Cup match poses additional challenges

Sam Smith
My tips for Sam Smith on how to have the perfect showbiz relationship

From one man in the public eye to another, Scott McGlynn has some tips for the broken-hearted singing superstar

Girlbands Little Mix | Photo: Little Mix / Instagram
Dear pop world: more girlbands please. Sincerely, one devoted gay

OPINION: I miss girl power – thank goodness we at least have LGBTI champions Little Mix to keep us going

David Hudson - what does it mean to look gay
How do you react when a straight person says ‘you don’t look gay’?

David Hudson says he’s thrown by the intention behind the comment, ‘You don’t look gay’

José with his kids Lilah, Avery and London
Meet the amazing gay single dad-of-3 whose husband died before their twins were born

Wedding planner José Rolón shares story of late husband Tim and the kids he left behind – Avery, Lilah and London

Jeff Ingold went to Mighty Hoopla
Gay guy attacked with rocks after leaving queer festival Mighty Hoopla

Teens threw rocks and two hit this gay guy on the back of his head

Alex Protopapa
Bear? Cub? Twink? I’m a twub and this is what it means

OPINION: ‘Too voluptuous to ignore, I’m a twub, hear me roar!’ says Alex Protopapa

Two women at Queer Space.
This is how we recreated the LGBTI scene in our small city

Without safe and inclusive spaces, we are in danger of losing our queer communities

Sam Retford in the recording studio.
Get a sneak peak of time-traveling gay musical, Closets

For Digital Pride, Lloyd Daniels and Sam Retford perform a song from the new musical for the first time

The GMDC performs at the charity gala at the Troxy in London
How I battled my mental illness to perform at a gay dance show

Don’t be scared of your childhood demons – embrace them

Jeremy Helligar in Budapest, Hungar
Just because I’m a gay man, my life doesn’t revolve around sex

OPINION: ‘I may wake up horny, but I spend my days getting off on so many things besides getting off,’ says Jeremy Helligar

A man's hands play with his cellphone - perhaps checking his Instagram
What does your Instagram account say about your sexuality?

OPINION: David Hudson wonders if his Instagram ‘likes’ reveal more about his sexuality than he’s comfortable with the whole world knowing

A letter to my sisters on International Women’s Day

This bisexual woman thanks her sisters for ‘blinking and acting like nothing had happened’ when she came out

Charlie during National Student Pride's sponsored sleep out
I was throwing up with exhaustion after sleeping rough for one night

National Student Pride hosted the sponsored sleep out to raise money for The Albert Kennedy Trust

Christopher Preston rediscovered his love of swimming in his 60s
How joining a gay swim club in my 60s helped me after the death of my partner

British organization Out for Sport is launching a campaign to encourage senior LGBTI people to participate in sport

Alexa Hoffmann, attack victim
My ex-lodger hacked me with a meat cleaver but police didn’t care

WARNING: This article contains graphic photos. Barbados trans activist Alexa Hoffmann tells GSN about the moment she was attacked and how the police responded.

Darren (right) and boyfriend Christiaan
All the cute little things my gay boyfriend does

OPINION: Darren Stehle says it’s the little things that can mean so much when it comes to relationships

A man with a rose in his mouth - column on bad dates and dating
What I’ve learned from all the bad dates I’ve had

OPINION: David McGregor says although dates might not go as planned, he’s always learned something from them