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Kamala Harris at San Francisco Pride in 2019.
The secret gay history of the 2020 presidential race and Trump and Harris’ LGBT+ past

Years after their deaths, the shadows of two leading gay political operatives are guiding both Donald Trump and Kamala Harris.

Alexa Hoffmann.
My boss admitted I was a ‘very good employee’ but still fired me for being trans

Now many other trans people will face the same because of a new employment discrimination bill that specifically excludes us.

Melanie Nathan, Joan Baez and friends lead the Women's March Protest in 2018 against Trump's immigration bans.
We must stop Trump from destroying the US asylum system

Campaigner Melanie Nathan explains how Trump’s proposals will particularly hurt vulnerable LGBT+ asylum seekers.

UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group at Pride 2019.
LGBT+ asylum seekers are sharing bedrooms with strangers during coronavirus

LGBT+ immigration charity UKLGIG says government policy is putting asylum seekers in a desperate position and risking all of our health.

Woman on toilet.
UK government’s attack on trans bathroom use will drive people underground

Trans Media Watch co-founder Helen Belcher warns without access to public toilets, trans people can’t access day-to-day life.

Maurice Tomlinson and his husband on a beach.
Jamaican LGBT+ couples want same-sex marriage and may win it in court

Jamaica still criminalizes gay sex but legal same-sex marriage could come soon.

Rebecca Kadaga.
Uganda’s ‘Kill The Gays’ leaders have the most dangerous coronavirus response yet

‘The only product in the world that kills the virus.’

Man on laptop at sunset.
UK’s bid to fight abuse online could censor LGBT+ sites

Beware the straights bearing gifts! Especially beware the straights in the most right-wing government this…

Remy Bonny on his five-point plan for world leaders on the LGBTI community | Photo: Supplied
What we should demand from world leaders 50 years after Stonewall

Stonewall 50: We need to understand LGBTI rights can be reversed. So political scientist Rémy Bonny has a five-point plan for world leaders to read

Pride Toronto
No Pride in policing: systemic oppression has no place in our parade

Stonewall 50: queer activist Lisa Amin on why banning police and the military from Pride Toronto honors the Stonewall legacy

My straight friend’s clap-back to homophobic slurs on our photo was perfect

OPINION: From calling us ‘fag leftard remoaning c**ts’ to apologizing – politicians could learn from this conversation

Kathryn Breitner (center) on the last People's Vote march in London, 20 October 2018
The UK and EU are better together… and stronger

Kathryn Breitner, campaigning for a second ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit, sets out a vision for LGBTI rights if the UK stays within the European Union

Donald Trump
13,000 LGBTI Americans struggle without pay in Trump shutdown

OPINION: Drew Anderson explains how difficult life gets for an LGBTI worker during a shutdown: ‘It was New Year when the debt collectors stopped calling’

Elsie Greenwood wants to have her say on Brexit via a People's Vote
Too young to vote in the Brexit referendum – now I want a People’s Vote

OPINION: Elsie Greenwood is a bisexual student in Edinburgh who believes Brexit will be bad for the whole of the UK – and especially LGBTI people

LGBT+ for a People's Vote at the 700,000 strong march in London
LGBTIs have the power to get a People’s Vote and stop Brexit

Theresa May’s government is in meltdown over a Brexit deal nobody wants – and which is bad for LGBTI rights

Jair Bolsonaro, an extremely right-wing politician, is currently the frontrunner for Brazil's presidency
This Brazilian feminist scholar has a lot to say about Brazil’s current political climate

‘This is one of the most, if not “the” most important election in Brazilian history’

As a non-binary person why am I forced to have a passport that lies?

OPINION: If you think renewing your passport is easy for everyone, you might want to think twice, says non-binary Bam Pickard

LGBTI people held protest against Romania's Constitutional Court decision
Romania marriage referendum: ‘Is silence the best defence against homophobia?’

Was silence really the best tactic going into the Romania referendum this weekend?

Gay Star News co-founders Scott Nunn and Tris Reid-Smith marching for a People's Vote.
Brexit will be a disaster for LGBTI people – we demand a People’s Vote

Gay Star News Editor-in-Chief: Brexit has turned homophobic and transphobic and so we are supporting a People’s Vote

HRC equality voters
This is why it’s pointless to be cynical – and why you should vote instead

EXCLUSIVE: ‘If we don’t show up, there will be no check on Donald Trump’

Paris on the new cover of Harper's Bazaar Singapore
Paris Jackson’s Harper’s Bazaar Singapore cover is hypocritical

OPINION: Gay sex is illegal in Singapore. When asked if she was bi last month, Paris – a self-confessed LGBTI activist – said ‘I guess.’ What’s wrong here?

Brighton Pride goers sign the petition for a People's Vote on Brexit.
Why pretty much everyone at Pride wanted a People’s Vote on Brexit

Brexit has opened ugly divisions in society. But the fight to overturn it isn’t over and we can win a People’s Vote to stop it

A bigfoot statue outside a Bigfoot store in California
Democrat accuses Republican opponent of liking Bigfoot erotica

Opinion: We couldn’t make this up if we tried

Queers for Palestine banner from the University of Sydney Queer Action Collective
Queers for Palestine: ‘Our banner won’t be disappearing anytime soon’

What’s all the fuss about queer activism and the Israel-Palestine conflict?

A Remain campaigner holds up a crying emoji in a circle of EU stars at a protest.
LGBTI people need to know Brexit will put our rights at risk

Today GSN publishes a report showing that leaving the EU will endanger the rights of UK LGBTI people