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Neil Young is crowdfunding to raise money to fight transphobia | Photo: Neil Young
How I’m fighting the feminists who are crowdfunding money for transphobia

OPINION: Why Neil Young’s journey to accepting his gender identity has inspired a campaign supporting trans youth

Trailblazer Shirley Chisholm reviewing political statistics in 1965.
It’s time the Democrats took black women voters seriously

Being called the ‘backbone’ of the Democratic Party is no compliment if we are treated like mules

An African-American drinking at a ‘colored’ water fountain in 1939
As a black lesbian, I fear Trump is bringing back Jim Crow

Jim Crow laws enforced racial segregation in Southern US states. Are LGBTI Americans the next victims of this agenda?

Richard Hammond’s ‘coming out’ comments trivialise homophobic attacks everywhere

Young LGBTI YouTuber calls out Richard Hammond’s comments as an insult to the whole LGBTI community

David Robson wonders how different growing up gay would have been if he'd had access to same-sex sex and relationship education with no section 28
It’s time the Conservatives apologized to all of us for Section 28

David Robson wonders how different growing up gay would have been with LGBTI sex and relationship education

What's the real story?
What is the real story behind today’s tabloid transphobic headlines?

Trans Media Watch’s Helen Belcher takes tabloids to task over their transphobia

Steven presenting the ring for his identical twin brother James
I’m straight but my identical twin brother is gay and this is why I support same-sex marriage

‘I watched him get married in London, now let him get married in Australia too’

President Barack Obama.
The 19 historic moments that make us miss President Obama

Obama changed the US for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer Americans

Trump and Brexit are a double blow to Helen Belcher's business.
I don’t feel safe to visit the US as a trans businesswoman

Trump and Brexit are limiting the places I can do business

Randi Blocker is a trans veteran
I am a trans veteran and I want Trump to hear my message

Read trans veteran Randi Blocker’s powerful message to Trump

Pride LGSM Miners Marching shot
This is why young people need to learn their queer history

‘It’s as basic as knowledge is power’

The 32 ways the Conservatives are a threat to Britain

And why LGBTIs need to stop them

Will Luis Larrain be successful as Chile’s first openly-gay Congress member?

Larrain now hopes to not just fight for LGBTIs in his country, but also other underserved communities that may have slipped through the policy gaps of the Chilean system

State Senator Scott Wiener says that axing the Affordable Care Act would be a 'train wreck'
Why gutting the Affordable Care Act will devastate the LGBTI community

California State Senator Scott Wiener on the threat posed to millions if Obamacare is axed

Trans teacher Aila Boyd resigned from her North Carolina school district after Trump's election.
Why Trump forced me to resign as a trans teacher in a public high school

After my state, North Carolina, passed the trans bathroom law my LGBTI students felt frightened and targeted

Canadian trans activist Brae Carnes took photos of herself in men’s bathrooms in 2015 to highlight the ‘ridiculous
Why Trump’s action on transgender students will cause nothing but harm

David Hudson says the Trump administration’s action against trans students is a calculated one that threatens vulnerable young people

Donald Trump and Mike Pence
Why I plan to resist the inauguration of the axis of evil

Glenn D. Magpantay, of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance, on why vigilance is essential to hold the Trump administration accountable

Ian Duncan MEP.
The EU is not as great on LGBTI rights as everyone thinks it is

It’s not a game of liberals versus despots

Far right politician Marine Le Pen is now a serious contender in the presidential election.
Even if Marine Le Pen loses, France’s next president is going to be anti-gay

The right and far-right are poised to take over France

Roger Calderon
Why election night left me with feelings of shame

After last week’s Presidential election, the next four years are where we really prove ourselves as a community

Michael Anderson (right) is troubled by the election of Donald Trump
Read this gay dad’s powerful message to friends and family who voted for Trump

Michael Anderson is alarmed by the outcome of the US Election. In a Facebook posting to friends who voted for Trump, he explains why he is so troubled

Marriage equality campaigner Shelley Argent opposed the plebiscite.
How and why we Australians killed Tony Abbott’s same-sex marriage equality plebiscite

The plan for a public vote on marriage equality in Australia is dead

religious Shelley Argent says a plebiscite would be a tremendous waste of money
Why as a parent I am against a plebiscite in Australia on marriage equality

Shelley Argent is an active member of Australian branch of family and ally organization, PFLAG, and campaigner for marriage equality

Tabloids publish Keith Vaz 'sex shame'
Keith Vaz’s rent boy scandal exposes the worst of homophobic British journalism

‘Sleazy’ stories may be sensational, but is outing someone ever in the public interest?

Eric Turner is backing Hillary Clinton
Why I’m baring my chest to get Hillary Clinton elected

Underwear entrepreneur Eric Turner explains why he’s stripped down to help launch the #HunksForHillary campaign

National AIDS Trust supporters demanding PrEP.
Read how the Daily Mail is lying to you about PrEP

PrEP will actually save the NHS money