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Theresa May is the new UK Prime Minister
Justice for all LGBTI people, Prime Minister?

Savitri Hensman says that Theresa May’s promise to end ‘burning injustice’ for all is an impressive but tough challenge; LGBTI people must continue to hold her to account

GSN's Homes Editor Stefanie Gerdes
I’m a European living in the UK and Brexit broke my heart

‘Waking up to the news that Britain, the place I came to consider my “zu Hause,” my adopted home, voted to leave the European Union, felt like a slap to the face’

Trade unionists take part in a Pride parade
Why LGBT trade unionists and allies will be marching in great numbers at this year’s Pride

SPONSORED: The EU referendum, and the rising incidence of hate crimes, highlight how strength in numbers can help support LGBT rights

Lord Cashman
Here’s the confident vision of Britain’s future in the EU everyone’s been asking for

Top gay politician Michael Cashman: ‘Only by acting together can we really change the world for the better’

Student Pride's Jamie Wareham and Hatti Smart with Charlie Craggs (right).
‘Brexit bad for trans rights, with dangerous Boris in charge,’ says young trans activist

Charlie Craggs tells UK students to vote to remain as leaving EU could make Boris Johnson the next prime minister

Jonathan Cooper
Lessons from Orlando: Greater LGBTI equality would make us all safer

Leading gay lawyer Jonathan Cooper examines equality in the US, UK and around the world and argues it improves our security

Donald Trump opposed gay marriage.
Donald Trump’s tweets on the Orlando shooting show why he should never be president

Trump cynically used the Orlando tragedy to promote his anti-Islam rhetoric, without ever mentioning LGBTIs

Hillary Clinton is our best chance of beating Donald Trump
This is why Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination is a big deal for gay people

Sexism and homophobia go hand in hand, Joe Morgan writes, and it’s time people know femininity doesn’t mean being inferior

Thomas Lange is fighting HIV service cuts in south London
Read why this First Dates star wants your help to fight cuts to HIV services

Thomas Lange revealed he was HIV positive on British TV’s First Dates. He’s now urging people to help fight against cuts in London’s HIV services

Huma Munshi, equalities officer at the TUC.
Why Britain leaving the EU would be bad for LGBTI workers

The European Union gives gay bi and trans workers vital protections which Brexit would threaten warns TUC, the British trade union body

Italy has now brought in civil unions
Italy has joined the civilized world but gay civil unions are still under threat

Italy’s government made history by standing up to the Catholic Church to give lesbian and gay couples civil partnerships

David Cameron.
Why I refuse to be a part of David Cameron’s PR effort to impress gay people

I was flattered to be invited to Number 10 for an LGBT reception, then I thought again

Seb Dance, Member of the European Parliament, says LGBTI people in the UK are better off in the EU.
Boris Johnson is wrong: British LGBTIs are better off staying in the EU

Seb Dance MEP says the European Union backed gay rights while London’s mayor was still attacking them

Brutal tweet exposes hypocrisy of US lawmakers: ‘Transgender people are more dangerous than guns?’

The holy trinity for transphobic folks: Fear, Ignorance and Hate.

Donald Trump speaks at a Florida rally
A gay dad sounds off on Donald Trump and Marco Rubio’s penis fixation

Top tip: If you want the gay rumors to go away, don’t focus on Mr Trump’s penis size

Intersex Trans Equal Rights
How the truth about people with intersex biology is ‘masked’ in the UK

The transgender artist demanding the government recognizes and gives equal human rights to intersex people in UK law

Pride in London crowds in Trafalgar Sqaure, 2015.
London’s next mayor can still do so much for LGBTIs

Pledge to make gay, bi and trans Londoners safe, healthy and visible

Protestors demanding LGBTI rights in the Commonwealth
Our big chance to change the Commonwealth, help millions of LGBTIs

Together we can put gay and trans rights at the heart of the next Commonwealth meeting and decriminalize millions of LGBTIs

Tom York and Alberto Milazzo protesting for civil unions.
Civil unions: An Italian-English couple share what it will mean for them

Anglo-Italian gay couple Tom York and Alberto Milazzo talk about Italy’s same-sex civil unions bill

Protestors demanding Italy grants same-sex couples civil unions outside Italian Embassy in London
This is what LGBTI Italians are going through to get civil unions

28 years of fighting for same-sex marriage and still no equality

Lord Michael Cashman, LGBTI rights defender
Michael Cashman: Why I believe British LGBTI rights are in danger today

Lord Cashman helped us win our rights but warns the scrapping of the Human Rights Act is a threat to the UK and LGBTIs around the world

Greg Guelda writes on the religious freedom bill being considered in Kentucky
A gay dad’s open letter to Kentucky legislators on their religious freedom bill

‘Daddy, that’s a dumb law … Everybody should be happy and not make other people sad by forcing them to think mean things like they do’

Michael Burge and his partner Jonathan Rosten.
I was a victim of Australia’s anti-gay #NeverMarried policy too

The British newlyweds tragedy highlights the plight of generations of gay and lesbian Australians

Italians have been protesting for same-sex relationship recognition for over a decade. This protest was from 2005.
Italy’s gay civil partnership law is in danger, we need help now

End Italy’s shame and grant us ‘love equality’

Prime Minister Modi addresses a rally.
Prime Minister Modi, on behalf of millions of my fellow gay Indians, it’s time to repeal this law

As a bid to make gay sex legal in India fails, a gay Indian writes an open letter to Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi Ji

Edwin Sesange's group protest ahead of CHOGM.
We are no longer in the British Empire: It’s up to us to make gay sex legal

A gay Ugandan writes why the Commonwealth is the place to start on our mission to decriminalize gay sex worldwide

David Cameron wants to tackle LGBTI issues at the summit.
David Cameron must take the lead on global gay rights this weekend

The UK should be the greatest champion of LGBTI rights in the Commonwealth

Ben Panico worked on Capitol Hill from summer 2014-15
What it’s like to be a trans man on Capitol Hill

Ben Panico spent a year working Washington DC in the office of Rep. Jared Polis (Democratic-Colorado) for the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus

UK Parliament has started first inquiry into trans issues.
Day one of the UK parliament’s trans inquiry: I feel let down already

When are they actually going to talk to trans people?