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For Aaron McManus, being gay and Mormon are not exclusive of each other
I thought I was the only gay Mormon in England

‘Why do you give so much time and energy to an organization that doesn’t fully support who you are?’

Is InterVarsity acting in a Christ-like manner?
Christian organizations that fire employees who support same-sex marriage are failing to act as Jesus would

Pastor John Pavlovitz is critical of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s decision to fire employees who show support for equal marriage

Eid is celebrated by Muslims around the world
Last weekend was Eid, why Eid can be lonely for LGBTI Muslims

Khakan Qureshi reflects upon last weekend’s Eid and the feelings it can provoke in those who feel excluded by their families

Why did God have to take my first love away?

How I found my first great love, realized God wants me to be gay, then lost him in the most heartbreaking way

Pastor Pavlovitz remembers the first time he felt differently about girls
The day I chose my heterosexuality

Christian pastor John Pavlovitz has a message for those who believe that people choose to be gay

Pastor John Pavlovitz says being gay is not a 'lifestyle'
Repeat after me: There is no such thing as a ‘Homosexual Lifestyle’

Pastor John Pavlovitz wishes some of his fellow Christians would wise up to the fact that being gay is not a result of what people do but a core part of their identity

‘Sister Anna’ at the Orlando Vigil in Austin, Texas.
How Orlando unexpectedly united Muslims and LGBTIs

We found a way forward together

Too many LGBTI people feel unwelcome in church, says Pastor John Pavlovitz
If you’re LGBTI, here’s what one pastor really hopes you know

North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz says there are some messages of love and support that need to be repeated again and again

LGBTI people held protest against Romania's Constitutional Court decision
How can LGBTI people in Romania fight back as their future rights are at risk?

In Romania, gay rights leader Vlad Viski writes, LGBTI people are David and the Orthodox Church is the Goliath

Davis Mac-Iyalla is a Nigerian gay Anglican Christian.
The anti-gay Anglican Church drove me out of Nigeria but I still have faith

Gay Christian Davis Mac-Iyalla got death threats when he tried to engage with Nigerian Anglicans but he still believes the church can heal

Asifa Lahore speaks about how she feels about Ramadan
This is how a Muslim drag queen feels about Ramadan

The yearly fast of Ramadan, for drag artist Asifa Lahore, proves the struggle is still real

Italy has now brought in civil unions
Italy has joined the civilized world but gay civil unions are still under threat

Italy’s government made history by standing up to the Catholic Church to give lesbian and gay couples civil partnerships

The bizarre, disturbing video has been shared widely online
Gay and straight ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses speak out on creepy indoctrination kids’ video

‘As a young boy, I feared my parents and God’s judgement,’ says Josh Gutteridge

John Pavlovitz says he has not intention of keeping quiet about LGBTI rights
North Carolina Christian Pastor: Why I don’t intend to stop championing LGBTI rights

North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz says many people question him as to why he preaches about supporting LGBTI causes – or have dropped him as a friend

Using the restroom is not a crime
Transphobes who want to police women’s bathrooms are not Christian, they’re barely even human

Campaigner Jane Fae has a message for those angry US men who want the right to police women’s spaces

When gay Jehovah's Witness Josh decided to embrace his sexuality, he was no longer allowed to speak to his religious family and friends
Secrets of a gay Jehovah’s Witness: how I escaped the religion and rebuilt my life

The family of Josh Gutteridge, the MD of a web and branding agency, told him to be a ‘non-practicing homosexual’ – he had other ideas

Gabriel Hanrahan-Lawrence supports the Safe Schools program
Christian lobby group’s ‘concerted smear campaign’ against Safe Schools must be fought

Gabriel Hanrahan-Lawrence explains why they will be protesting outside the Australian Christian Lobby’s annual conference in Sydney next week

Desmond Tutu
Why LGBTI Christians should give thanks for Desmond Tutu this Easter

An Easter message for LGBTI Christians by Canon Mark Oakley, Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Canadian transgender activist Brae Carnes took photos of herself in men’s bathrooms last year to highlight the ‘ridiculous’ reality of of bathroom bans
Christian Pastor: Transgender people should be allowed to use the restrooms of their choice

Pastor John Pavlovitz says he is ‘tired of Christians tripping over themselves to be outraged by stuff that simply isn’t real’

Jonestown massacre photo memorial.
Jonestown and why LGBTIs should question their place in the church

A new book about the Jonestown massacre asks some fundamental questions about religion

Ellen DeGeneres takes on Mississippi's homophobic law
Read why this Christian pastor thinks Ellen is a better role model than mega-ministry evangelicals

Christian pastor John Pavlovitz says he’d take a ‘faithless’ person’ who lives a Christ-like life’ over ‘a jerk in Jesus’ name.’

A naked young man watches another swimming.
Why religion threatens our freedom of speech, particular for LGBTIs

Murders, bans and prison sentences continue today

Pope Francis opens the Synod on the Family, indicating no change on LGBTIs.
What’s really happening in the Catholic Church on LGBTI rights

If you treat the church as the enemy, you are missing the point

Surat-Shaan Knan wears the trans flag like a ‘tallit’, a Jewish prayer shawl, for Pride.
My trans coming out story shows how much the Jewish world has changed

My concentration camp-survivor grandpa suffered alongside the pink triangle gay men. Now we are building an inclusive Judaism

Robert with his Ghanaian Buddhist friend, Gifty.
How I discovered a religion that wants me to live my life proudly as a gay man

I left Christianity because they said I’d go to Hell

Terry Sanderson helped organize the UK’s Protest the Pope March in 2010.
How did LGBT History Month get hijacked by the gay community’s worst enemy?

Gay Christians put money into the collection plates of an institution that is actively trying to take away their human rights

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.
LGBTIs and Christian hate: Welby and the Anglican Church need to pick a side

The author of a new book on sexuality in the church says the price of avoiding a split in the Anglican communion may be too high

Openly gay himself, Mitch Mayne has become a voice for the issues of LGBTI Mormons.
How the Mormon Church can (and will) overturn its new policy and embrace LGBTIs

As an openly gay, active Latter-day Saint, Mitch Mayne is mending fences between his Church and the LGBTI community