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Manjinder Sidhu now helps other LGBTI Sikhs and South Asians.
What I learned on my rocky road to coming out as gay to my Sikh family

I was depressed and distant from my parents. Now they and my local Sikh community love and supports me

Pope Francis: Mixed messages on LGBTIs.
Whose side is Pope Francis really on: LGBTIs or the haters?

He may not want ‘to judge’ but that doesn’t stop him blocking marriage rights

Rev. Jide Macaulay of the House of Rainbow
LGBTI pastors speak out: What Christmas means to me

Christian church leaders based in the UK, South Africa and US explain what Christmas means to them

Donald Trump declines to say if he opposes. or supports, marriage equality
Why I, as a Christian reverend, am saying Happy Holidays, not Merry Christmas

And if Donald Trump and Pat Robertson don’t like it, they’ve missed the point

Texas teacher Madeline Kirksey.
Why one Texas teacher is putting young trans lives at risk by following the Bible

She thinks her opinion is more important than a trans child’s welfare

Rob's kids Jason and Jesse on their way to church.
Gay dad: Why is the Mormon church going after my kids?

Mormons have ruled kids can only be part of their church if they reject their LGBTI parents

Pope Francis.
The Pope’s US visit shows he’s all about straight, white, conservative Catholics

LGBTIs, women, African American Catholics and Native Americans didn’t get much papal love

Pope Francis says US catholics are committed to a 'truly tolerant and inclusive' society
Why Pope must act on Catholic adoption agencies refusing to place kids with gay parents

Catholic adoption agencies continue to bar same-sex couples from adopting – to the detriment of the kids in their care, says David Hudson

Pope Francis: Mixed messages on LGBTI people.
A gay dad tells the Pope what he would learn if he had dinner with his family

Borrow my kids for the evening – your world will never look the same again

John Pavlovitz (left) and Kim Davis (right)
Read what this Christian pastor believes Kim Davis should do with gay couples

Christian pastor John Pavlovitz wishes that Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis would follow the example set by Jesus

Dear American Christians, Kim Davis and your ‘martyrs’ are failing you

Kentucky clerks, pizza makers, bakers and florists aren’t victims, just volunteers

Kim Davis, clerk at Rowan County, Kentucky
Why the case of the clerk refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples is all about profit

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis won’t give licenses to gay couples

Pope Francis in St Peter's Square.
The Pope could be best friends with trans people after all

He doesn’t really think we are nuclear bombs

Supreme Court rainbow flag
A word of warning to my fellow Christians about same-sex marriage

Zack Hunt, a writer and youth ministry veteran, lives with his wife in Connecticut. This week he was inspired to write these words following the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage

Jesus not anti-gay.
How the Bible was re-written to attack homosexuality

Lies, mistranslations and anti-gay editing

A gay dad writes a letter to the couple who will get divorced if gay marriage comes to Australia

Rob Watson tells the Christian couple to ‘grow up’ in a powerful letter

Christian pastor on why he’s happy to call Caitlyn Jenner by her chosen name

Pastor John Pavlovitz, explains why, ‘As someone who seeks to live a life in the footsteps of Jesus’, he feels sad for anyone who refuses to respect Caitlyn Jenner’s wishes

A gay Ugandan on the best way to tackle homophobia in Africa

As IDAHOT approaches, Ugandan gay rights activist Tony Kitara reflects on the past, present and future of homophobia in his country

Christian pastor’s open letter to Mike Huckabee: Please end this war against LGBT people

Christian pastor John Pavlovitz has an Easter message ‘to all those fighting non-existent wars’: the gay community are not battling religion, but against discrimination

Christian minister attacks laws meant to harm gays and ‘protect’ religion

Perverting the Constitution and religious freedom

Lesbian moms
Why you have failed your God – and business – if you refuse to serve gay people

Open letter to the US florist who refused to provide flowers for a same-sex marriage ceremony and the doctor who turned away a child with lesbian moms

Why the story of Jesus’ birth has a particular message for LGBTIs

‘Being queer makes me no less black or Christian’

The straight housewife getting in the face of anti-gay Christians

She used to be a homophobe. Now she’s a hero

Is someone really stealing Christmas?

If so, it’s never been who you think

Why it is not a sin to be gay

Nigerian pastor explains why Jesus loves gays but African Christians do not