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Daniel Harding.
Why everyone’s mental health could do with a ‘Holi-date’ this year

Singleton Daniel Harding says sitting on Santa’s lap has never been so appealing as he searches for an alternative.

Aish Divine.
My ‘BBC’ is my brown sexuality without having to explain or fit a stereotype

Singer song-writer Aish Divine gives his gay Indian answer to Cardi B’s WAP as he mocks stereotypes in his new music video.

Bradley Birkholz.
Why a growing number of LGBT+ people are incels – and angry they aren’t having sex

The ‘gaycels’ claim that the LGBT+ world’s unrealistic standards of beauty force them to be ‘involuntarily celibate’. But are they making it worse for themselves?

D'yan Forest.
This hilarious bisexual comic is looking for love on Tinder aged 85

From marrying a nun to playing the dutiful housewife, D’yan Forest has done it all and is still going strong.

Deborah Gold of National AIDS Trust.
We can end HIV transmissions by 2030 but we can’t be complacent

But as we reduce HIV rates, things will get harder not easier, says National AIDS Trust’s Deborah Gold.

The bi+ group at Perth Pride.
8 tips for being confident and bisexual this Pride and all year round

Want to be out and confident as a bisexual person at Pride?

Lewis Oakley is fighting for bi visibility | Photo: Supplied
Why it’s dangerous to treat gay and bi men’s sexual health in the same way

Bisexual men’s sexual health is at risk, Lewis Oakley says, because researchers treat gay and bi men the same way

Two guys kissing in a scene of Have We Met Before, a short movie about gay sex.
Have We Met Before? reflects on how looking for gay sex has changed

OPINION: Making this film further enhanced my love and nostalgia for the 90s, says director Oli Mason

Booksmart features a drama-free, lesbian teenager.
This is why I wish LGBTI comedy Booksmart had come out when I was 17

OPINION: The movies I watched growing up convinced me that girl-on-girl attraction was a recipe for tragedy, but Olivia Wilde’s film is changing the game

Four guys together in kink leather straps and one guy in a hat with leather chest strap
The reasons why kinks and fetishes will always have a place at Pride

OPINION: Some people believe kinky people should be removed from Pride as minors could be present

Lewis Oakley takes on biphobia on Bi Visibility Day
Some gay guys need to stop telling bisexual men they’re gay

Lewis Oakley: People that used bisexuality as a stepping stone to coming out as a gay have a lot to answer for

gay men stop fancying straight men
Many gay men are guilty of fetishizing straight men, but we need to stop

OPINION: We should stop not for straight people, but for gay men

orgasm Screenshot from new website, Why Not Bi?
Bisexuals will be the invisible victims in the imminent UK porn block

In his weekly opinion piece, Lewis Oakley takes on the UK government’s plans to implement a porn block

Adam Cola | Photos: Courtesy of Adam Cola
Why I gravitate towards feminine men – but don’t define myself by sexuality

‘I want to live in an era that puts an end to stereotypes and the need to categorize people’ writes singer Adam Cola

growing up with grindr learn lessons christian-sterk-218727-unsplash
How growing up with Grindr taught me an important lesson about dating

Opinion: Grindr is ten-years-old and has completely changed gay and bisexual dating – but not always for the better

This is why it's important to have accurate gay sex in literature | Photo: Blake Mitchell
This is why it’s so important to have realistic gay sex in literature

OPINION: Bradley Birkholz looks at a new book that hopes to get gay sex right

a close up shot of a Middle Ages man with a beard and glasses. he is looking directly into the camera
Here’s how to get onto England’s PrEP trial

The only way to get free PrEP in England is via the NHS’ PrEP trial

Jacob Edwards presents the Queer Cuture podcast, and has contributed to the latest season of the #QueerAF podcast | Photo: @ItsJacobEdwards
How dating apps actually empowered me to be my best self

OPINION: But Jacob Edwards wants you to know that asking ‘what’s in your pants?’ Is not an Ok pick up line

How do you 'PrEP' for a first date? A new short film explores what you need to think about | Photo: Prepster
Should you tell your first date you are taking PrEP?

OPINION: Prepster’s Will Nutland on how to ‘PrEP’ for a first date

The Real Brunch podcaster Martin Joesph has made an epsiode of the #QueerAF podcast about his eating disorder | Photo: @mynamesmartin
‘Thirsty pics’ are destroying self-esteem and warping our views on dating

OPINION: Martin Joseph is over the obsession with body pictures on apps: ‘If we match, keep them to yourself.’

Gay couple kissing
LGBTI people with cognitive disabilities on dating and stigma

A third of people with learning disabilities spend less than an hour outside of the house, due to negative public attitudes

Main actors of Extra Virgin gay kiss
Extra Virgin: An emotional deep dive into trauma and gay online hookups

This play is a ‘powerful must-see,’ writes Alex Protopapa

Eric and Lily starring at a screen while wearing make-up
Sex Education accurately deals with real life issues through a teenage lens

Spoilers ahead: Consider this my official pitch as to why absolutely everyone should give the Netflix show a go

Logan Paul
Dear Logan Paul: Instead of ‘going gay’ for a month, how about you go away?

Being gay isn’t a choice and it’s certainly not a phase, writes James Besanvalle

Matthew Hodson, Executive Director NAM aidsmap, is also HIV positive himself
Why you can’t expect HIV+ people to always tell you before having sex

OPINION: Matthew Hodson says expecting those with HIV to always inform you before sex overlooks the concerns that accompany disclosure

Willy Hudson | Photos: Author's own
This guy’s honesty on his difficult relationship with porn is inspiring

OP-ED: In this raw, honest essay, Bottom writer Willy Hudson shines a light on the cruel reality of porn dependancy

In From The Side – Independent gay rugby feature film | Photo: Matt Carter
What happens when gay rugby players on the same team have an affair?

OPINION: I’m sharing my story because the LGBTI community deserves stories that aren’t just about our sexuality

Matthew Hodson, Executive Director NAM aidsmap - undetectable
Science trumps HIV stigma: ‘When we are undetectable we can’t pass the virus on’

OPINION: Matthew Hodson of aidsmap welcomes new findings that confirm that HIV isn’t sexually transmitted when people with HIV are treated successfully

Will banning sex workers from adverising sex work on the net put them at increased risk?
This is why you shouldn’t stop sex workers advertising on the web

OPINION: The UK Parliament is looking at legislation to stop sex workers advertising on the web. This would be a big mistake, says Liam McClelland

Has Bradley convinced you to try frotting? | Photo: Pride Studios
Gay sex is better if you go beyond anal. Have you tried frotting?

OPINION: Beyond the butthole binary YouTuber Bradley Birkholz says we all have something to learn from the way ‘sides’ have sex