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The Chemsex Monologues follow four people with interconnecting stories on the high and horny scene | Photo: Patrick Cash / Dionysis Livanis
Feeling horny and sexy at Pride? We need to talk about chemsex too

OPINION: This pride season we need to talk about the gay and bi men getting high and horny – they deserve our compassion

Two gay porn stars kiss
Why we need to stop slut-shaming gay men who want condomless sex

OPINION: And those on PrEP shouldn’t shame those who prefer to rely on condoms, says sexual health advocate David Stuart

A topless, conventionally good-looking man - i
Racial sexual preference isn’t a crime

OPINION: But it’s a don’t-go-there zone when absolutes drive lust and love, says Jeremy Helligar

Vintage gay porn magazines
My dad caught me with porn. It was awkward. And then he called the cops

This gay man will never forget his father’s reaction when he discovered pornography in his son’s school bag

The PrEP survey demonstrated people's misunderstandings about the drug (Photo: © Marc Bruxelle | Dreamstime.com)
Why you can’t put rising rates of gonorrhea and syphilis just down to PrEP

OPINION: Matthew Hodson says PrEP doesn’t necessarily make men abandon condoms, and the reasons behind rising rates of STIs in England are more complex

A man lies on a bed and uses his laptop
This is what happened when I ordered my first home-testing STI kit

OPINION: David Hudson says LGBTI people living in London are increasingly going to be asked to test themselves when it comes to their sexual health

Davey Shields is the co-host of the MenTalk Health podcast
Why I’m happy not having sex if it means I can donate blood

Davey Shields decided to turn a dry spell into a good deed

A man holds his hands over his face in despair
My date slipped away to have sex with another guy: Why was I even there?

EXCLUSIVE: Psychologist Tony Ortega recounts one of several bad dates that led him to re-think his search for love

Pray for More tops T-shirt by Darkroomcollection.com
We need to talk about ‘top privilege’

Stop bottom shaming and placing tops on pedestals, says Rembrandt Duran

A man holds a PrEP/Truvada pill to prevent acquiring HIV
Another man on PrEP has reportedly acquired HIV: So does it work?

OPINION: Matthew Hodson says no prevention method is 100% effective – but that shouldn’t cloud judgement on the effectiveness of PrEP

Lesbian kiss
Why is Amazon selling a ‘lesbian bible: for men’ eBook?

Among the bizarre self-published books on Amazon, this book may just take the cake

A man holds a PrEP pill - to help protect his sexual health
Why are we so judgmental around caring for your sexual health?

OPINION: Take pride in caring about your sexual health – shame and embarrassment are helping no-one

A man checks his cellphone - opinion column on HIV stigma
Do you still reject someone just because they have HIV?

OPINION: Despite huge progress in HIV treatment, Matthew Hodson says societal attitudes lag decades behind

Bradley Birkholz says listen to Ru Paul this valentines day | Photo: Logo TV
Forget a boyfriend this valentines day focus on loving your best gay self

OPINION: This valentine’s day, channel your inner RuPaul: ‘If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’

Hatti and her fiance Nathan at London Pride | Photo: National Student Pride
My fiancé supports my pansexuality by volunteering with me at pride

OPINION: National Student Pride’s chair on how her fiancé helps her challenge bi+ erasure at pride

Bisexual stripper writes heartfelt poem about his sexuality

The very literal poem tells the story of one afternoon when GK’s daughter and her new boyfriend came to visit

This is how one guy discovered his bisexuality by giving oral sex to a man (with his wife)
This is how bi men and ‘masc’ gay men can both get over bottom shame

This is how one guy discovered his bisexuality by giving oral sex to a man (in a threesome with his wife)

Matthew Hodson, Executive Director NAM aidsmap - undetectable
How do we know HIV undetectable equals untransmittable?

OPINION: Matthew Hodson explains why so many sexual health organizations back the message that those with undetectable viral loads don’t pass on HIV

Is a naked romp enough to lose your virginity? | Photo: Cocky Boys
Do you have to have anal to lose your ‘gay virginity?’

OPINION: I turned to the man in bed with me to ask: ‘Does this mean I’ve lost my virginity?’ – He laughed and said ‘No.’

Two men holding hands
What happened when I met a guy for a date instead of just a hook-up

OPINION: This Philippines-based writer says a one-off romantic date made a refreshing change from just meeting guys for booty calls

Nairobi street.
Criminals and police are working together to blackmail Grindr users

Gay app users in Nairobi are being targeted for blackmail, beatings and even rape by their captors

A portrait photo of Topher Gen
Hook-ups were fun at the time but always left me feeling empty afterwards

Topher Gen explains why he’s putting his days – and nights – of brief hook-ups behind him

'We demand sex workers rights'
Here’s why International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers matters to the LGBTI community

‘LGBT sex workers have been at the forefront of movements for LGBT equality, but are not always recognized’

YouTuber Bradley Birkholz recently wrote about being a side for Gay Star News | Photo: GSN
I’m being called a ‘homophobe’ for being a gay man who doesn’t like anal

YouTuber Bradley Birkholz reflects on the hateful comments he got about identifying as a side

Alexander Morgan founded Stay Brave after his Mom's inspiration | Photo: Alexander Morgan
How my mom inspired me to become a rape survivor and not a victim

Alexander Morgan from Stay Brave shares his story – CW: this story contains graphic descriptions of rape and sexual assault

Topher Gen talks about first date sex
The curse of sex on the first date: Does it kill the magic?

Do gay men jump into bed with one another took quickly on the dating scene, asks Topher Gen?

Simon Gage talks condoms and protection
Am I sexual dinosaur because I insist on condoms?

Simon Gage says that after years of relying on condoms for protection, his brain is hard-wired to continue using them

A photo of writer Topher Gen - talking about sex education
Why I, as a gay man, was let down by my sex education at school

Topher Gen on the importance of making sex education inclusive for everyone – irrespective of sexuality

Growing old with HIV: how to cope with ageing and those grey hairs you never thought you would have!

Here are some tips on how to cope with growing old when you are HIV positive