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Stop asking me if I’m a top or bottom – not every gay guy likes anal

Bradley Birkholz feels liberated as a side and wants you to banish the ‘butthole binary’ with him

Gay woman Cruz Mendoza taking a picture in a mirror
The fear of emulating toxic masculinity is getting in the way of my relationships

Cruz Mendoza is a multiple rape survivor and now finds themselves unable to express their sexuality

Tony Briffa
This is the world’s first openly intersex person elected into public office

Tony Briffa: Growing up, I was castrated and treated ‘like a freak’

Have you ever been femme-shamed?
I was femme shamed by a ‘masc4masc’ gay guy – and it sucks he’s so insecure

How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by… one of your own?

Consumables asks questions about hookups and the way we use Grindr
Grindr should have liberated our community but it’s making us lonely

I didn’t realize a play about a pornstar and a leather daddy would make me think about my own online hookups

James Wharton talks about his rape and being victim shamed
Don’t shame rape victims who were high, they aren’t to blame

James Wharton talks about being raped after overdosing at a chemsex party in his flat

David Robson from Wandsworth LGBT forum talks about his chemsex series
‘Shame can f*ck off, its what got us into chemsex in the first place’

David Robson from Wandsworth LGBT forum has found a sense of belonging away from high and horny parties

Stephen Morris has worked with hundreds of men convicted of crime
‘The number of gay men committing sexual crime appears to be increasing’

Steve Morris, lead for Chemsex Related Sexual Crime with the UK’s Prison & Probation Service, says drugs are turning gay men into victims and perpetrators of crime

I found compassion for anyone who engages in chemsex this is why
How I found compassion for everyone who has chemsex

Chemsex is about the relationship between drugs and sex, let’s talk about it without shame or stigma

david stuart chemsex lead at 56 den street Chemsex will define a period of our gay history
Chemsex will define a period of our gay history

56 Dean Street Chemsex Lead David Stuart: ‘Stop stigmatizing people who engage in chemsex and help them share their stories’

5 Guys Chillin explores chemsex
It’s time we had a grown-up talk about gay men, drugs and sex

Crystal meth, GHB and mephedrone … too many lives are being screwed up to avoid talking about gay men and drug use

Dan Beeson knows sexual identities can shift, he just didn't think his would
I rarely enjoy sex with other men, can I still call myself gay?

‘I guess this is my [graysexual] coming out’

Gay dating app person of color
LGBTI people of color deserve their own dating app

Lance Miller the black gay male founder of Noir says it’s time to end to the bigotry behind ‘preferences’

Should this man tell his wife he's been cheating on her with men?
This married man slept with me so he could cheat on his wife with men

Is the ‘cheatee’ as morally corrupt as the cheater?

Gay 'pups' at Christopher Street Day Berlin - leather puppies
How do you feel about fetish puppies taking part in Pride?

Two gay men offer their own ‘for’ and ‘against’ viewpoints

Chemsex James Wharton
Gay British ex-soldier: ‘Chemsex culture is now gay culture’

‘Drug use has always been part of gay culture; let’s not beat around the bush on that’

Growing Up Gay, Programme Name: Olly Alexander: Growing Up Gay - TX: 18/07/2017 - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Olly Alexander - (C) Antidote Productions - Photographer: Duncan Stingemore
‘Growing Up Gay’ shows why LGBTI kids need better Sex-Ed

This documentary is raw, essential and beautiful storytelling

Food 4 Thot
Food 4 Thot: A new queer podcast about sex, intersectionality and literature

‘We’re thotty, but also literary and academic and smart AF’

L-R: Dan Beeson and David Hudson
Should I take PrEP?

Two GSN writers explore issues around taking PrEP and their thoughts about whether to take the medication or not

Charlie Mathers thinks sex ed should be compulsory in all schools.
Bisexual student: Sex ed classes left me believing lesbian sex wasn’t ‘real’

Gay-inclusive sex ed should be compulsory for all, says Student Pride’s Charlie Mathers

Truvada is used a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
Condoms don’t suit everyone, which is why we need more people on PrEP

NHS England says it will give PrEP to 10,000 in UK. Matthew Hodson welcomes the news but wants more answers on how those most at risk will be selected

Do you insist on condoms to protect yourself and others?
I’m glad you’re on PrEP… but please don’t make me feel awkward if I still want to wear condoms

There are now several ways to minimize sexual risk-taking, but is that leading to a shift in attitudes towards guys who want to wear condoms?

Jordan Phillips is concerned about other men's attitude towards sex
Why do so many gay men put themselves at risk when it comes to sex?

Edinburgh-based Jordan Phillips is shocked by some of the behavior he’s encountered as a newly-single gay man back out on the scene

Criminalizing people for not wearing condoms is mis-guided, argues Matthew Hodson
Why criminalizing the transmission of HIV doesn’t help fight the virus

Sexual health campaigner Matthew Hodson is glad the Czech Republic has dropped all charges against 30 gay men with HIV

Tom Hayes calls for people to test for HIV.
16 people will test positive for HIV today and that will save their lives

Treatment is often only one pill a day and can stop you passing HIV on

I’m not a disposable hook-up profile, I’m a book to be read with great care

I may not be for you, but a lot of time, effort and care has gone into my creation

What is the ideal penis size?
The truth about gay men, sex and penis size

The surprising facts prove we have bigger things to worry about.

Lewis Oakley takes on biphobia on Bi Visibility Day
This bisexual guy wants you to know why his sexuality is not a phase

‘Being bisexual isn’t a phase,’ Lewis Oakley writes, ‘it is a lifelong sexuality’

PrEP: Why it’s not just for porn stars like me

Jason Domino, porn actor and sexual health campaigner, explains why he is on PrEP and why he wants NHS England to prescribe the medication to those at risk