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Recording misogyny as a hate crime will not reduce misogyny itself

By Sophie Perry  The tragic death of Sarah Everard has reignited conversions around sexual harassment…

Police at Westminster Underground Station in London.
This is the true picture behind the UK’s alarming rise in LGBT+ hate

Leni Morris of hate crime charity Galop examines the rise in hate crime against LGBT+ people in the UK.

New York Stock Exchange.
There’s $20trillion of global LGBT+ wealth we could be leveraging to build a better world

Paul Thompson, director of LGBT Capital, says the LGBT+ and Black Lives Matter movements should push investors to an ethical future.

How to survive a pandemic – by a gay man who’s lived through one before

“Stay safe. Stay strong. Adapt and survive.”

Lendale Johnson.
America’s first black, gay male pro tennis player on growing up as a gay person of color

Lendale Johnson is the only openly gay, black male professional tennis player in the International Tennis Federation Pro Circuit.

Why it can be hard to make friends with other bisexuals

Bi activist Lewis Oakley explains how to make other bi friends and what can go wrong.

Thee Amir in his Pride make-up.
How I’ve celebrated this Pride Month with my LGBT+ teenage friends

This year’s online Prides have made it easier than ever for LGBT+ teenagers to take part.

Aram Bolandpaz.
How this lesbian TV reporter uses journalism to fight for the LGBT+ community in Iran

TV news reporter Aram Bolandpaz left Iran for Britain then came out as lesbian but is still fighting for the community.

Elyse and Maria left the States for a new life in Costa Rica.
Our adventure in Costa Rica and how we hope to share it, now same-sex marriage is legal

‘Just six weeks after we met, we decided to sell all our things and move to Costa Rica.’

Maurice Tomlinson and his husband on a beach.
It is time to campaign for equal marriage in countries where gay sex is still illegal

Caribbean queers can’t wait another 50 years for the future we all deserve.

Lewis Oakley with his fiancée and stepson.
I’m determined to be a proud bisexual dad to my kids and this is how

As bi campaigner Lewis Oakley becomes a dad, he looks at how to stay visible with a female partner and children.

Maurice Tomlinson and his husband on a beach.
Jamaican LGBT+ couples want same-sex marriage and may win it in court

Jamaica still criminalizes gay sex but legal same-sex marriage could come soon.

Dr Tony Ortega.
LGBT+ singles: You can make Valentine’s Day your day

Gay psychologist Dr Tony Ortega explains how to love yourself in this LGBT+ survival guide for Valentine’s Day.

Olivia Levine in a pool.
How my first lesbian heartbreak made me discover I have OCD

Queer actor, comic and writer Olivia Levine shares her story of living with OCD.

Matthew Parr in Mauritius.
Why I am flying out to Mauritius to challenge it’s anti-gay law

Mauritian activist Matthew Parr says Mauritius must decriminalise gay sex. Many of the tourists who visit the tropical island don’t realise the law exists.

Lewis Oakley takes on biphobia on Bi Visibility Day
Why it’s important not to lose our sense of fun on the fight for equality

The world can sometimes be a terrible place to be LGBTI, Lewis Oakley writes. However, try and remember that it’s not all bad

Brighton Pride bus football out-2
This is why all of the gay footballers are choosing not to come out

The Gay Footballer may or may not have been a hoax. But, either way, it amplifies a larger problem in football

Kyle Taylor, Director of campaigning group, Hacked Off
UK newspapers need to deal with facts not falsehoods on trans issues

OPINION: Kyle Taylor of Hacked Off says UK media coverage of trans issues points to a failure on the part of British newspaper regulator, IPSO

Lewis Oakley wears a bisexual t-shirt at Pride in London | Photo: Supplied
Gay men were biphobic at Pride: this needs to stop

Why is biphobia happening at a Pride event, of all places?

Suresh Ramdas became Mr Gay World India earlier in 2019
How I overcame prejudice and stigma to become Mr Gay India

Suresh Ramdas, based in Bangalore, won the 2019 Mr Gay World India title and now devotes himself to raising awareness around LGBTI issues in India

Heezy Yang as his drag alter ego, Hurricane Kimchi
Why I became a drag activist in South Korea

Ahead of his first London show, Heezy Yang on growing up gay in South Korea and using drag and art to change attitudes towards LGBTI people

Lewis Oakley is fighting for bi visibility | Photo: Supplied
Bisexual men are often made to feel like they’re not bi enough

Lewis Oakley is here with some tips if you feel like you’re not ‘bisexual’ enough for the world

Chris Cummings is the Chief Executive of the Investment Association | Photo: IA
Why your place of work should be LGBTI-friendly all year, not just for Pride

CEO Chris Cummings believes you can’t just talk about LGBTI-inclusion, you have to act on it

‘I found hope’: How coming out helped this gay singer confront mental illness

OPINION: ‘No matter how dark the world may seem, there’s beauty to be found’ Leon Else, a survivor of abuse, shares his moving personal story

Pink at Wembley Stadium, London review: ‘Puts her peers in the shade’

Daring physical performance and a discography packed with instantly recognizable party songs – what more can you ask from a pop gig?

A previous protest where an activist flew a rainbow flag at the pyramids in Giza.
50 years after Stonewall, nothing has changed for LGBTIs in Egypt

Stonewall 50: Is there a way Egypt can still have its Stonewall moment?

Men Talk Health at Pride Glasgow | Photo: Supplied
Glasgow, remember the Stonewall riots was not an ‘official Pride’ either

OPINION: Don’t worry, Glasgow will still have a Pride. And in some ways, it may have more of the soul of the original Stonewall than most

A previous Uganda Pride march in 2015
This is how anti-gay governments suppress the next Stonewall rebellion

Stonewall 50: Never forget that many countries’ activists are hoping and waiting for their breakthrough moment

The first major Pride protest in the UK, held in London in 1971 | Photo: Supplied
Are today’s activists lacking what the Stonewall rioters had?

Stonewall 50: Peter Tatchell reflects being at the forefront of the London Gay Liberation Front

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing Shallow at the Oscars.
Blaming Gaga for Bradley and Irina’s split is what’s really shallow

OPINION: Urging Gaga to go ‘get her man’ only reinforces the trite narrative of women competing for a man’s attention