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A stressed man stares at his laptop in his workplace
This is why more bisexual people don’t come out at work

OPINION: Your workplace may have a rainbow flag up for Pride month, but there is still more to be done to support bisexual employees, says Lewis Oakley

Two guys kissing in a scene of Have We Met Before, a short movie about gay sex.
Have We Met Before? reflects on how looking for gay sex has changed

OPINION: Making this film further enhanced my love and nostalgia for the 90s, says director Oli Mason

Booksmart features a drama-free, lesbian teenager.
This is why I wish LGBTI comedy Booksmart had come out when I was 17

OPINION: The movies I watched growing up convinced me that girl-on-girl attraction was a recipe for tragedy, but Olivia Wilde’s film is changing the game

Bon Iver, Christine and the Queens at All Points East, London – review

Sensitive straight guys sway en masse for Justin, excitable LGBTIs assemble for Chris – but who did we prefer?

The two protagonists of F*ck The Boxes.
F*ck The Boxes is the LGBTI love story the Nazis don’t want you to see

OPINION: Gay director Abel Rubinstein opens up on the opposition he has been facing for his short movie

John O'Brien participated in the Stonewall riots
I rioted at Stonewall in 1969 – and there remain battles to be won

STONEWALL 50: John O’Brien was among those who defied the police outside New York City’s Stonewall Inn in 1969 – he reflects on the impact of that uprising

Mural in Dallas, Texas, that features Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, to raise awareness around trans violence
What are you doing to stop violence against trans people?

OPINION: Rev. Irene Monroe says we all have a responsibility to stem the tide of violence that impacts trans women of color

Zuheir Kreidieh talks about growing up gay in Lebanon
I had to leave Lebanon after I came out as gay and HIV positive on TV

Stonewall 50: Zuheir Kreidieh is a 29-year-old filmmaker and Lebanese refugee living in the UK

Omid Razavi on the importance of teaching LGBTI history
Kids deserve access to LGBTI-inclusive history lessons

Stonewall 50: Omid Razavi says growing up in the 90s, he had only The Golden Girls and To Wong Foo to turn to for relatable queer content

A Dhaka local models for the new issue of Elska | Photos: Courtesy of Elska
Why these LGBTI Bangladeshis want you to see them naked (NSFW)

OPINION: Editor of queer travel mag Elska on choosing to shoot an issue where gay sex is illegal – ‘He felt determined as an activist to be seen at any cost’

The hateful sign I came across outside the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem
This church believes the LGBTI ‘mafia’ is attempting a ‘hit job’ on them

OPINION: I was taken aback by the hateful sign outside the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, and it turns out the church has a very problematic past

Brienne of Tarth, Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys Targaryen.
These are the worst LGBTI and feminist fails of Game of Thrones

OPINION: After failing its queer characters, Game Of Thrones is failing its women too

Bisexuals need to buy merch to be more visible | Photo: Etsy/ManyManyMoonsAgo
Could bisexual merch lead the way to better bisexual visibility?

Bisexual correspondent Lewis Oakley believes there’s a lot of money to be made from bisexual consumers

LGBTI campaigners celebrate in Kolkata, India, September 2018, on hearing that gay sex is no longer a crime
What the Stonewall pioneers fought for is at risk

Stonewall 50: Writer Matthew Todd says the climate crisis facing the planet now threatens to overshadow advances in LGBTI rights

Jack Ganbaatar grew up in Mongolia
Growing up gay in Mongolia

Stonewall 50: Mongolia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world – leaving LGBTI people particularly isolated, says Jack Ganbaatar

Meet the gay guy whose love of gardening has gone global

Plant expert Michael Perry on his online following, Garden Day and why gardening’s good for wellbeing

Sadie Clark is a bisexual actor and entertainer | Photo: Supplied
If you feel like there’s no bi community, this is how to find it

Actor Sadie Clark says: ‘I promise you the community is out there willing to welcome you with open arms’

Meet rising star Pragya Pallavi | Photos: Quite Great PR
Indian lesbian singer shares moving coming out story: ‘70% of my friends unfriended me’

Pop pioneer Pragya Pallavi on debut album Queerism and India’s legalization of homosexuality

Author Yohann Devezy
I grew up with shame for being gay, so I wrote a kid’s book so others don’t

Yohann Devezy wrote a beautiful story about a young boy with a rainbow birth mark

'At some point the disco lights always come on' | Photo: Pexels
Why do so many gay men feel lonely? A life coach gives the unfiltered truth

Apps, ageing, body image: How gay male loneliness destroys lives

Hillsong UNITED and Pink | Photo: Instagram/hillsongunited and RCA Records
An anti-LGBTI church’s band may beat Pink to no 1 – how is this happening?

OPINION: The Chris Pratt-backed megachurch Hillsong is taking over pop culture. It has to stop

Abby Bliss talks coming out to her Christian parents
Coming out as queer in a conservative Christian family

OPINION: Abby Bliss came out to their parents while at collage after meeting their first girlfriend

Lewis Oakley at UK Black Pride | Photo: @lewyoaks / Twitter
Is this the reason why bisexual people have yet to form a community?

Considering bisexual people make up the majority of LGBTI people, why is there no ‘bi community’?

Davey Shields is a co-host of MenTalkHealth. | Photo: Supplied
How I started living for myself and not just for weekends on the gay scene

Feel like every Sunday is a waste? You’re not alone

Craig Michael during one of his runs ahead of the London Marathon.
Why I’m running for Pride at this year’s London Marathon

OPINION: Pride Cymru’s Craig Michael on why being visible at a big sports event matters

Shaun Dellenty
If we don’t teach children about diversity, lives will be lost

Stonewall 50: Former teacher Shaun Dellenty says 75% of primary school kids at his school experienced daily homophobic bullying – and it has to stop

Lewis Oakley is fighting for bi visibility | Photo: Supplied
Bisexual role models are needed to fight isolation and loneliness

In the first weekly opinion piece, Lewis Oakley reveals why bi people are struggling in comparison to gay and straight people

Pride Toronto
No Pride in policing: systemic oppression has no place in our parade

Stonewall 50: queer activist Lisa Amin on why banning police and the military from Pride Toronto honors the Stonewall legacy

Kakyo Trinah is the founder of KakyoProject in Uganda
Meet with the woman using art and fashion to change LGBTI lives in Uganda

Stonewall 50: How one woman is using arts and crafts to validate queer lives in Uganda, one of the more homophobic nations in Africa