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Mr Gay Japan 2019, Tiger Shigetake
Mr Gay Japan 2019 winner: We can’t ‘sit back and wait for a change’

Last year’s winner made a heartwarming marriage proposal to his boyfriend

Suelle Anglin of Jamaican LGBTI advocacy group, J-FLAG
Jamaica is changing – and our Gay Agenda shows the way forward

Stonewall 50: Suelle Anglin of J-FLAG on the importance of celebrating the beauty at the intersection of Jamaican and queerness

Jeff Graham of Georgia Equality
Is Georgia at a tipping point on LGBTI Rights?

Stonewall 50: Civil rights have their roots in Georgia, but the US state continues to lag behind when it comes equality legislation for all, says Jeff Graham

'I was so ashamed of who I was' writes openly gay singer Leo Law | Photos: Provided
‘I convinced myself I was ugly, useless, not worthy of love’

Gay singer Leo Law shares inspiring mental health story

Author Tatiana de Rosnay (right) and her gay son, Louis
This is what happened when I came out as the parent of a gay son

OPINION: Author Tatiana de Rosnay says she had little idea of the homophobia she’d encounter when she told people her son is gay

Charlie at a drag convention
Clubbing in London can be incredibly isolating when you’re not a man

The phrase ‘Let’s go to a sex club’ might signal the start of a good night out for some… Not for me

Picture on the left: Blonde woman with boyfriend. Picture on the right: Blonde woman in bathroom kissing Hayley
Gay and lesbian singers need to stop validating biphobic attitudes

OPINION: ‘Is it too much to ask for the L and G to be actual allies to the B for once?’

Reverend Jide Macaulay explains how Stonewall inspired him
How the Stonewall riots inspired me and continue to offer hope to millions

Stonewall 50: Rev. Jide Macaulay, Founder & CEO House Of Rainbow CIC, reflects on the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in New York City

Why is emo nostalgia so expensive under Late Capitalism?

The emo and pop-punk scene helped me embrace my bisexuality, but now the nostalgia is too pricey to afford

Richard Hendron is a former UKIP candidate | Photo: Richard Hendron
Gay right-winger says this is why gay men are becoming more conservative

OPINION: Is the recent study that says gay men are becoming more likely to vote for right-wing parties accurate?

Sacha Coward has a passion for LGBTI history
Stonewall is just one, important part of our never-ending queer history

Stonewall 50: ‘Ten years ago I was really apathetic about LGBTQ+ history. In fact, I was often actively critical of anyone that was outspokenly gay and proud,’ says Sacha Coward

Freddie Cosmo shares what the Stonewall Inn means to him | Photos: Freddie Cosmo
I’ve performed at the Stonewall Inn 100 times: here’s why it’s cooler than ever

Stonewall 50: ‘It’s a truly diverse crowd, all different walks of life’ says NYC’s Freddie Cosmo of the Inn in 2019

Are you still single? That's better than being in the wrong relationship | Photo: Pexels
7 replies for gay guys to straights who ask: ‘Why are you single?’

Tag a straight! (‘Because my last guy was too tight’ is a good one)

Female queen Lacey Lou.
Queer queens and trans women started the riot, yet the spotlight is on guys

Stonewall 50: ‘Know your queer history and the women who helped start the fight for our rights,’ says bi female queen Lacey Lou

A bisexual Pride parade in 2018 - 2019 had been heralded the year of 20-bi-teen
Are you doing your bit for 20-bi-teen?

‘Let’s make 2019 – heralded as 20-bi-teen – the year we finally address the issues facing the bisexaul community,’ says Lois Shearing

Founder of Iraq LGBTI group IraQueer, Amir Ashour.
Gay man who fled Iraq reveals all: Being LGBTI is a ‘death sentence’

Stonewall 50: Amir Ashour fled Iraq, then started the first and only LGBTI organization in Iraq

Matthew Hodson on HIV and AIDS activism being inspired by the Stonewall riots
We needed the fighting spirit of Stonewall when AIDS hit our communities

Stonewall 50: Matthew Hodson says we still need that fighting spirit today

William Barr at his Senate Hearing last week
The extreme worldview of Bill Barr – Trump’s choice for Attorney General

OPINION: Trump’s pick to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General views LGBTQ people as a threat to the moral fabric of society

Trans women in Indonesia
Trans women led Indonesia’s LGBTI movement and this is why it’s important

Stonewall 50: As New York celebrates 50 years since the Stonewall riots, Indonesia celebrates 50 years of the country’s first trans activist group

Why it might as well be me who fights for equality in my rural community

Stonewall 50: ‘Since I live somewhere so isolated, change always comes painfully slowly’

Jimmy Essex [right] and fiance Charles | Photo: Instagram/jimmy_essex
UK soap star announces engagement in Sri Lanka, where gay sex is illegal

OPINION: Jimmy Essex and outlets covering his happy news make no mention of Sri Lankan legals. That’s a problem

Luke standing in a garden while wearing a blue shirt
LGBTI celebrities, politicians and influencers play major roles in the fight for equality

Stonewall 50: Queer celebrities help normalize queerness and break down ‘structural views of homophobia’

Kurt Kelly and Stacy Lentz posing in front of the Inn.
How we carry on the legacy of the Stonewall Inn 50 years after that night

Stonewall 50: Lesbian activist and co-owner Stacy Lentz gives us an insight into the Inn’s present without forgetting its rebellious past

Two women embracing holding a banner at a Pride march.
Homeless queer people started our revolution, so why we forget about them?

Stonewall 50: How Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson inspired my own battle to end LGBTI homelessness

Stonewall Inn | Photo: David Hudson
Sex, socks and Stonewall: How my 1st NYC trip made me the person I am today

Stonewall 50: On his 1st visit to The Big Apple, how Liam Campbell discovered the Stonewall Inn and its unique history

Japanese LGBT activist and politician Taiga Ishikawa (Photo: Provided)
Partnerships, politics, and Japan’s own Stonewall Riot

Stonewall 50: With elections, lawsuits, and a swell in visibility, 2019 could be a milestone year for LGBTI Japan

Two men taking a selfie at a Pride parade. In the background, people marching waving trans flags.
Coming out in Lebanon was my own act of rebellion, but the fight isn’t over

Stonewall 50: I have been at clubs in Beirut during police raids and I know what it means to fear for your life

Two women who are censored thanks to Netsweeper is helping six countries block LGBTI content | Photo: All Out
Technology that blocks LGBTI content online is putting people in danger

OPINION: Canadian government funded company Netsweeper must stop selling its technology to homophobic countries that blocks ‘alternative lifestyle’ content online