Martin Luther King Jr memorial.
Unity is the solution to the coronavirus pandemic and must be its lasting legacy

LGBT+ cleric Rev Irene Monroe says we cannot heal the world if we have not healed ourselves.

A shirtless man in a doorway.
That c word that screwed up my film premiere

How one gay Lithuania filmmaker and his boyfriend are getting through coronavirus together.

Rebecca Kadaga.
Uganda’s ‘Kill The Gays’ leaders have the most dangerous coronavirus response yet

‘The only product in the world that kills the virus.’

D'yan Forest.
This hilarious bisexual comic is looking for love on Tinder aged 85

From marrying a nun to playing the dutiful housewife, D’yan Forest has done it all and is still going strong.

Dr Tony Ortega.
LGBT+ singles: You can make Valentine’s Day your day

Gay psychologist Dr Tony Ortega explains how to love yourself in this LGBT+ survival guide for Valentine’s Day.

Olivia Levine in a pool.
How my first lesbian heartbreak made me discover I have OCD

Queer actor, comic and writer Olivia Levine shares her story of living with OCD.

UMC church with rainbow flag flying.
Why the United Methodist Church worldwide is about to split over LGBT+ people

The UMC is about to split into pro-LGBT+ and anti-LGBT+ denominations – with individual churches getting to choose which one they stick with.

Man on laptop at sunset.
UK’s bid to fight abuse online could censor LGBT+ sites

Beware the straights bearing gifts! Especially beware the straights in the most right-wing government this…

Deborah Gold of National AIDS Trust.
We can end HIV transmissions by 2030 but we can’t be complacent

But as we reduce HIV rates, things will get harder not easier, says National AIDS Trust’s Deborah Gold.

Matthew Parr in Mauritius.
Why I am flying out to Mauritius to challenge it’s anti-gay law

Mauritian activist Matthew Parr says Mauritius must decriminalise gay sex. Many of the tourists who visit the tropical island don’t realise the law exists.

Yes, I’m bisexual – and this concerns you how?

Comedian/writer Abigoliah Schamaun hasn’t stopped fancying women just because she’s in a relationship with a man – but she is bored of the ‘bisexual quiz’

LGBTI Muslim group Imaan marching at Waltham Forest Pride
LGBTI Muslim charity calls out woman in burqa shouting homophobic abuse

OPINION: Call out homophobia, but we also need the LGBTI community to stand up to racism and Islamophobia, writes non-binary Muslim Faizan Imaan

Lewis Oakley takes on biphobia on Bi Visibility Day
Why it’s important not to lose our sense of fun on the fight for equality

The world can sometimes be a terrible place to be LGBTI, Lewis Oakley writes. However, try and remember that it’s not all bad

Ian Usher, of Sonic Yootha, on attending Pride
Why I’m attending my first Pride parade at 43 despite being out for years

OPINION: Ian Usher is the co-promoter of Sonic Yootha, one of the most iconic queer nights in Liverpool, England

Karen Holden (left) is the solicitor representing Freddy McConnell, a trans parent fighting for the right to be listed as his child's father | Pictures: Supplied / Instagram
UK court ruling on whether a trans man can be a father could change lives

OPINION: The solicitor of a trans parent caught in a turbulent legal battle feels it could decide the trajectory of LGBTI rights in the UK

This singer hid being in love with his bandmate for years – then this happened

EXCLUSIVE: ‘”I don’t want this to ruin our friendship, but…”‘ Cub Sport star Tim Nelson shares his beautiful – and very unusual – coming out story

Truvada (PrEP) is used to prevent HIV infection
There’s a new way to take PrEP, but is it right for you?

PrEPster’s Dr Will Nutland gives the 101 on 2+1+1 PrEP

Brighton Pride bus football out-2
This is why all of the gay footballers are choosing not to come out

The Gay Footballer may or may not have been a hoax. But, either way, it amplifies a larger problem in football

Lana Del Rey at Latitude Festival review

A sophisticated set heavy on Born to Die bombast, with a rocky Off To The Races proving an effective set climax

‘Stripping in drag made me fall in love with my fat body’

OPINION: Diary of a Drag Queen author Crystal Rasmussen on how stripping on stage cured them of their internalized fat-phobia

racist Rev Irene Monroe leading worship in the summer of 2018.
Lesbian reverend takes aim at Donald Trump’s racist tweets

Oprah’s magazine described Rev Irene Monroe as ‘a phenomenal woman who has succeeded against all odds’

If we want realistic bisexuals on screen, let’s start with the closeted ones

OPINION: About 90% of bi men are closeted, so why not be realistic when depicting them?

Kyle Taylor, Director of campaigning group, Hacked Off
UK newspapers need to deal with facts not falsehoods on trans issues

OPINION: Kyle Taylor of Hacked Off says UK media coverage of trans issues points to a failure on the part of British newspaper regulator, IPSO

Alan Turing on the £50 note
Why putting Alan Turing on a banknote is something to celebrate

OPINION: Amid disarray over Brexit, putting maths genius Alan Turing on a banknote is an example of the British establishment doing something right

Meena Chander, is the Founder of LGBTQ diversity and inclusion conference This Is Us | Picture: Supplied
Is your company doing all these things to support its LGBTI staff?

OPINION: Meena Chander says that companies need to show support for their LGBTI staff all year round – not just during Pride season

'Woke' by Titania McGrath aka Andrew Doyle
I read ‘Woke’ by Titania McGrath and could not possibly roll my eyes any harder

OPINION/REVIEW: If you want to read a book of tired satire by a disgruntled white guy, look no further!

Why we need UK Black Pride and why it was so amazing

‘We hope you all feel the love UK Black Pride has for you’

A woman smoking medical marijuana
This is why you need to stop shaming my medical marijuana use

More and more LGBTI people are exploring legal weed, like cannabis bath bombs and other CBD products

Lewis Oakley wears a bisexual t-shirt at Pride in London | Photo: Supplied
Gay men were biphobic at Pride: this needs to stop

Why is biphobia happening at a Pride event, of all places?