A previous Uganda Pride march in 2015
This is how anti-gay governments suppress the next Stonewall rebellion

Stonewall 50: Never forget that many countries’ activists are hoping and waiting for their breakthrough moment

Libby Baxter-Williams is launching a club night specifically for bisexual people in London
50 years after Stonewall, queers spaces are still not safe for all of us

Stonewall 50: Libby Baxter-Williams, co-promoter of a bisexual bar night, says the LGBTI scene isn’t as welcoming to bisexual and trans individuals

Jordan Charles explains his concept of Personal Pride
You don’t have to march at Pride to show your pride

Stonewall 50: Jordan Charles says there are many ways to demonstrate pride and make a difference – not everyone feels able to riot or break the law

The first major Pride protest in the UK, held in London in 1971 | Photo: Supplied
Are today’s activists lacking what the Stonewall rioters had?

Stonewall 50: Peter Tatchell reflects being at the forefront of the London Gay Liberation Front

The bi+ group at Perth Pride.
8 tips for being confident and bisexual this Pride and all year round

Want to be out and confident as a bisexual person at Pride?

Alexis Gregory talks about Stonewall and his play, Riot Act
Carrying on the riot

Stonewall 50: Writer and performer Alexis Gregory says we need to continue to listen to all voices across the LGBTI spectrum – and not live in fear

media Young trans youth showing their Pride in New York | Photo: GenderFamilyProject Instagram / Daniel Tepper
Why is the UK media telling lies about trans youth?

EXCLUSIVE: A mom talks about the heartbreak over the national attack on trans young people and the charity, Mermaids

‘Butch up’: How homophobic managers left this pop singer suicidal as a teen

OPINION: ‘Some were aggressive, intimidating’: Smashby, 21, on his dark initiation into music – but how self-management led to a song with RPDR’s Aja

Lewis Oakley is fighting for bi visibility | Photo: Supplied
Why it’s dangerous to treat gay and bi men’s sexual health in the same way

Bisexual men’s sexual health is at risk, Lewis Oakley says, because researchers treat gay and bi men the same way

Pope Francis and the retired Pope Benedict XVI | Photo: Vatican
How the Vatican trans document will impact me, a Catholic trans woman

Catholic trans writer Jane Fae on the divisiveness of the Vatican document: ‘Careless words cost lives’

When my ex fell in love again, I stalked his new relationship online for a year

OPINION: Social media taunted singer Kisos with the happy couple until his mental wellness cracked

Topher Gen on public affection and its dangers
This is what happened each time I showed public affection to someone

OPINION: A recent case of a gay couple being assaulted makes Topher Gen reflect on the issues LGBTI people face being themselves in public

Erin Curran writes about Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland: When will we get the rights we’re entitled to?

STONEWALL 50: ‘The older I get, the more I grow to discover that I shouldn’t have to stand for this,’ says 20-year-old novelist Erin Curran

Wes Streeting talks about the protests taking place outside schools
Gay, British MP: Government must act to stop anti-LGBTI school protests

OPINION: ‘Where leadership has been needed from Government, we’ve had a vacuum,’ says Labour MP Wes Streeting about protests outside school gates

Ignas Rekasius in Vilnius, Lithuania
Lithuania’s LGBTI community refuse to hide away any more

STONEWALL 50: Ahead of Baltic Pride, this writer says increasing LGBTI liberation in Lithuania is being matched by a rise in hate-motivated crimes

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing Shallow at the Oscars.
Blaming Gaga for Bradley and Irina’s split is what’s really shallow

OPINION: Urging Gaga to go ‘get her man’ only reinforces the trite narrative of women competing for a man’s attention

How straight guys ‘going gay’ on Black Mirror changed my view of sexuality

OPINION: The Netflix show has forced me to rethink what I believe about being LGBTI – and the concept of heteroflexibility (spoilers)

A stressed man stares at his laptop in his workplace
This is why more bisexual people don’t come out at work

OPINION: Your workplace may have a rainbow flag up for Pride month, but there is still more to be done to support bisexual employees, says Lewis Oakley

Two guys kissing in a scene of Have We Met Before, a short movie about gay sex.
Have We Met Before? reflects on how looking for gay sex has changed

OPINION: Making this film further enhanced my love and nostalgia for the 90s, says director Oli Mason

LGBTI activist Harish Iyer joins the Indian National Congress (Photo: Twitter)
How India’s Stonewall played out in the country’s courts

From 2009 to 2018, barristers, judges, newspapers, and celebrities weighed in on whether LGBTI people could live their true lives

Booksmart features a drama-free, lesbian teenager.
This is why I wish LGBTI comedy Booksmart had come out when I was 17

OPINION: The movies I watched growing up convinced me that girl-on-girl attraction was a recipe for tragedy, but Olivia Wilde’s film is changing the game

Bon Iver, Christine and the Queens at All Points East, London – review

Sensitive straight guys sway en masse for Justin, excitable LGBTIs assemble for Chris – but who did we prefer?

The two protagonists of F*ck The Boxes.
F*ck The Boxes is the LGBTI love story the Nazis don’t want you to see

OPINION: Gay director Abel Rubinstein opens up on the opposition he has been facing for his short movie

John O'Brien participated in the Stonewall riots
I rioted at Stonewall in 1969 – and there remain battles to be won

STONEWALL 50: John O’Brien was among those who defied the police outside New York City’s Stonewall Inn in 1969 – he reflects on the impact of that uprising

Li Huanwu Singapore
Li Huanwu’s same-sex marriage: Is this a big deal for LGBTI Singapore?

Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson marrying his boyfriend was big news among Singapore’s LGBTI community, but will it have any effect on the push for LGBTI rights?

Mural in Dallas, Texas, that features Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, to raise awareness around trans violence
What are you doing to stop violence against trans people?

OPINION: Rev. Irene Monroe says we all have a responsibility to stem the tide of violence that impacts trans women of color

New Orleans resident Erik Alexander and his mom
I never thought mom would accept me being gay: now she couldn’t be prouder

OPINION: Erik Alexander reflects on the pride that bonds he and his mom – and how her reaction to his coming out threatened that for a while

Zuheir Kreidieh talks about growing up gay in Lebanon
I had to leave Lebanon after I came out as gay and HIV positive on TV

Stonewall 50: Zuheir Kreidieh is a 29-year-old filmmaker and Lebanese refugee living in the UK

Four guys together in kink leather straps and one guy in a hat with leather chest strap
The reasons why kinks and fetishes will always have a place at Pride

OPINION: Some people believe kinky people should be removed from Pride as minors could be present