Pope Francis says US catholics are committed to a 'truly tolerant and inclusive' society
Why Pope must act on Catholic adoption agencies refusing to place kids with gay parents

Catholic adoption agencies continue to bar same-sex couples from adopting – to the detriment of the kids in their care, says David Hudson

Toilets at the refugee camp in Belgrade.
What it’s really like in the Serbian refugee camps

I have cried too much to believe the tabloid nonsense about these people

Pope Francis: Mixed messages on LGBTI people.
A gay dad tells the Pope what he would learn if he had dinner with his family

Borrow my kids for the evening – your world will never look the same again

Sue Perkins was told by a doctor her infertility was 'easier' because she's a lesbian.
This is why Sue Perkins’ doctor should make everyone who believes in sex and gender equality outraged

Telling a gay woman it’s ‘easier’ for her to be infertile isn’t just rude – it’s dehumanizing

John Pavlovitz (left) and Kim Davis (right)
Read what this Christian pastor believes Kim Davis should do with gay couples

Christian pastor John Pavlovitz wishes that Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis would follow the example set by Jesus

A refugee camp in Belgrade, Serbia.
This is what happened when I went on Grindr in Serbia and met a gay refugee from Iraq

He’s not just a headline. He’s in my hotel room. This is his story

Julián Cancino: Campaigns for trans people and immigrants.
How I was locked out of healthcare as a trans immigrant

When the US health system froze me out of transgender care, friends, family and strangers stepped up

The posters that have appeared in Australia and, right, Matthew Hodson
Melbourne poster controversy: Grabbing attention is good, but PrEP is not a magic bullet

Matthew Hodson, of UK-based gay men’s healthy charity GMFA, says that PrEP does work but posters proclaiming ‘no more HIV’ are premature

L-R: Leo Varadkar, Tiernan Brady and Margot Slattery at the Out Leadership 2015 Europe Summit in London
Is ‘killing with kindness’ the best way for big business to advance LGBTI rights?

This week’s Out Leadership Europe Summit explored lessons learned from Ireland’s recent same-sex marriage referendum. David Hudson says that big business should take note

Mad Max and Legend star Tom Hardy was asked about his sexuality at the weekend
Why I asked Tom Hardy about sexuality at the Toronto International Film Festival

Daily Xtra journalist Graeme Coleman argues: ‘It’s time for a more open, comfortable discussion of sexuality’

Tom Hardy was asked about his sexuality at a press conference and the response went viral
5 reasons why the response to Tom Hardy being asked about his sexuality is ridiculous and hypocritical

The journalist doesn’t deserve such hostility – it shouldn’t be offensive to ask after someone’s sexuality, in the right context

A gay pride parade in Toulouse, France
Why your business needs to think globally in terms of its LGBTI appeal

Gay Star News editor Tris Reid-Smith explains why companies need to wake up to the benefits of the global LGBTI market – and how best to target that market

Trans Pride 2015: Are UK's laws on trans people out of date?
We must not let the state control trans identity

Official control of gender identity by the state is outdated – now a stronger trans community must fight it

Male escort and gay campaigner Steven Kesslar.
Rentboy.com bust: I’m an escort, not a terrorist, so get out of my pants

Leading male escort Steven Kesslar argues the Department of Homeland Security’s raid on Rentboy.com has made America more dangerous

Catwoman is one of the best-known LGBTI superheroes in the world.
Why I, as a straight fan, want more gay comic book heroes

Batwoman, Midnighter and many more like them are the way of the future

UK Parliament has started first inquiry into trans issues.
Day one of the UK parliament’s trans inquiry: I feel let down already

When are they actually going to talk to trans people?

Dear American Christians, Kim Davis and your ‘martyrs’ are failing you

Kentucky clerks, pizza makers, bakers and florists aren’t victims, just volunteers

Provincetown Carnival 2014: Always colorful and very gay
Are LGBTIs actually the ones making P’Town a lot less gay?

Provincetown’s Carnival Parade this year was a bit cleaned up – and a lot less ‘queer’

Sam Stanley has become the first English rugby union player to come out
Rugby player Sam Stanley’s boyfriend is not who you’d expect, and this is why it’s a very good thing

It turns out that Sam Stanley has been gently coming out for weeks, you just had to know where to look

Lord Montagu: Convicted in gay trial, later came out as bi.
The death of Lord Montagu and why his notorious gay trial was a turning point for Britain

Every gay and bi man in the country owes a debt to this reluctant, establishment hero

Kim Davis, clerk at Rowan County, Kentucky
Why the case of the clerk refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples is all about profit

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis won’t give licenses to gay couples

Cecil the lion, shot by trophy hunter
Will Cecil’s death stop the people who kill animals for fun?

If it had been any other lion, Cecil’s killing would have been legal

Bi Visibility Day
Why are gay people even more biphobic than straights?

Even people attracted to both genders can be negative about bisexuality

Bicon 2015, the annual UK bisexual event
This is why more young people say they are not 100% straight or gay

43% of young people aren’t totally gay or straight but few think of themselves as bisexual

Is Israel's gay-friendly reputation a mirage?
Why it’s time to wake up to Israel pinkwashing its problems

In the wake of the tragedy at Jerusalem Pride earlier this month, No to Pinkwashing member Colin Wilson argues that Israel isn’t the LGBTI-friendly country it claims to be

The number of blood donors in the UK has fallen 40% compared with ten years ago
Gay men should have the freedom to donate blood

Ethan Spibey is the founder of FreedomToDonate – a UK-based campaign to allow gay men to give blood. He says he felt moved to act after a relative required a major blood transfusion

African elephant.
The last chance to save the world’s elephants starts today – on social media

World Elephant Day highlights the shocking fact that an elephant is killed every 15 minutes

Stonewall stars Jeremy Irvine
Why is the Stonewall trailer pretending trans people didn’t start the riots?

Jane Fae is not happy with the trailer, calling the fictional narrative ‘crass to the extreme’

RAF fighters from the Battle of Britain
How gay was The Battle of Britain?

Lesbians and gays served as heroes in Britain’s darkest hour but were not treated as heroes when the danger had passed