What The Times newspaper got so wrong about trans kids and why it’s dangerous

OPINION: ‘Media coverage like this perpetuates misinformation and ultimately damages young vulnerable people’

Ian Howley attempted suicide three times as a teenager
How I survived three suicide attempts as gay teen and am now getting angry

OPINION: Ian Howley, the CEO of UK-based organization LGBT HERO says it’s time to get angry about the high rates of LGBTI suicide

a woman sitting facing the ocean
My loneliness is killing me AND costing me a fortune

OPINION: Loneliness is a public health issue that is costing us way more than money

Nance Lomax (far left, far right) was at Stonewall | Photos: Supplied
What was it like to be a 15-year-old trans teen at the Stonewall riots?

Stonewall 50: Nance Lomax, a trans woman, was a teenager on the night of the Stonewall Riots. This is her story

Adam Cola | Photos: Courtesy of Adam Cola
Why I gravitate towards feminine men – but don’t define myself by sexuality

‘I want to live in an era that puts an end to stereotypes and the need to categorize people’ writes singer Adam Cola

Peter McGraith (right) and family
First legally-married UK gay couple: UK law unequal for low-income couples

Home Office has one law for the rich, another for poorer couples, writes Peter McGraith

A young person with rainbow hair
Gay people exist everywhere – so what’s the point lying to kids about it?

OPINION: Just because they’re not visible, we must not forget that LGBTI people exist in every culture and in every country

Suelle Anglin of Jamaican LGBTI advocacy group, J-FLAG
Jamaica is changing – and our Gay Agenda shows the way forward

Stonewall 50: Suelle Anglin of J-FLAG on the importance of celebrating the beauty at the intersection of Jamaican and queerness

Poster for Fox's production of Rent
Rent is a musical stuck in the past and that’s where it belongs

OPINION: Unless someone updates it, it’s doing more harm than good

Jeff Graham of Georgia Equality
Is Georgia at a tipping point on LGBTI Rights?

Stonewall 50: Civil rights have their roots in Georgia, but the US state continues to lag behind when it comes equality legislation for all, says Jeff Graham

growing up with grindr learn lessons christian-sterk-218727-unsplash
How growing up with Grindr taught me an important lesson about dating

Opinion: Grindr is ten-years-old and has completely changed gay and bisexual dating – but not always for the better

My straight friend’s clap-back to homophobic slurs on our photo was perfect

OPINION: From calling us ‘fag leftard remoaning c**ts’ to apologizing – politicians could learn from this conversation

'I was so ashamed of who I was' writes openly gay singer Leo Law | Photos: Provided
‘I convinced myself I was ugly, useless, not worthy of love’

Gay singer Leo Law shares inspiring mental health story

Author Tatiana de Rosnay (right) and her gay son, Louis
This is what happened when I came out as the parent of a gay son

OPINION: Author Tatiana de Rosnay says she had little idea of the homophobia she’d encounter when she told people her son is gay

A straight couple
Eight questions straight people should quit asking gay people

OPINION: Dear straight people, please take note and store this away for future reference…

Charlie at a drag convention
Clubbing in London can be incredibly isolating when you’re not a man

The phrase ‘Let’s go to a sex club’ might signal the start of a good night out for some… Not for me

This is why it's important to have accurate gay sex in literature | Photo: Blake Mitchell
This is why it’s so important to have realistic gay sex in literature

OPINION: Bradley Birkholz looks at a new book that hopes to get gay sex right

Kathryn Breitner (center) on the last People's Vote march in London, 20 October 2018
The UK and EU are better together… and stronger

Kathryn Breitner, campaigning for a second ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit, sets out a vision for LGBTI rights if the UK stays within the European Union

Tris Reid-Smith [right] and Scott Nunn of Gay Star News | Photo: Jamie Wareham
Think being LGBTI has nothing to do with Brexit? Think again

A new report shows LGBTI people have a lot to lose if Brexit happens

Michael Cashman
‘Brexit is an act of incredible national negligence’

It is the gravest crisis this country has faced since 1940

Picture on the left: Blonde woman with boyfriend. Picture on the right: Blonde woman in bathroom kissing Hayley
Gay and lesbian singers need to stop validating biphobic attitudes

OPINION: ‘Is it too much to ask for the L and G to be actual allies to the B for once?’

Matthew Hodson on HIV and AIDS activism being inspired by the Stonewall riots
News of an HIV ‘cure’ should be treated with caution

OPINION: Matthew Hodson welcomes today’s news that a second man appears to have been ‘cured’ of HIV but says the procedure won’t be widely applicable

a close up shot of a Middle Ages man with a beard and glasses. he is looking directly into the camera
Here’s how to get onto England’s PrEP trial

The only way to get free PrEP in England is via the NHS’ PrEP trial

Reverend Jide Macaulay explains how Stonewall inspired him
How the Stonewall riots inspired me and continue to offer hope to millions

Stonewall 50: Rev. Jide Macaulay, Founder & CEO House Of Rainbow CIC, reflects on the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in New York City

Why is emo nostalgia so expensive under Late Capitalism?

The emo and pop-punk scene helped me embrace my bisexuality, but now the nostalgia is too pricey to afford

Shamal Waraich with his dog
As a gay Muslim man, LGBTI education in school would’ve changed my life

‘Allah made me this way’: Schools need to embrace inclusion and diversity, writes Shamal Waraich

Fred Dixon, President & CEO, NYC & Company | Photo: NYC & Company
Gay guy who’s the boss of NYC tourism on what Stonewall anniversary means to him

Stonewall 50: Fred Dixon, President & CEO, NYC & Company on 50 years since the Stonewall Riots and the Inn’s enduring relationship with NYC’s LGBTIs

head shot of a white guy in a blue shot, he is standing outside and looking at the camera
No, my eating disorder isn’t because I haven’t come to terms with being gay

Eating disorders are much more complex than the stereotypical images we see in the media

Emma Goswell talks about her own coming out
How a school bus journey home made me realize I might be gay

Gaydio presenter Emma Goswell tells her own very personal coming out story and explains why she started a podcast to collect stories from others