Main actors of Extra Virgin gay kiss
Extra Virgin: An emotional deep dive into trauma and gay online hookups

This play is a ‘powerful must-see,’ writes Alex Protopapa

Two women embracing holding a banner at a Pride march.
Homeless queer people started our revolution, so why we forget about them?

Stonewall 50: How Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson inspired my own battle to end LGBTI homelessness

Stonewall Inn | Photo: David Hudson
Sex, socks and Stonewall: How my 1st NYC trip made me the person I am today

Stonewall 50: On his 1st visit to The Big Apple, how Liam Campbell discovered the Stonewall Inn and its unique history

Japanese LGBT activist and politician Taiga Ishikawa (Photo: Provided)
Partnerships, politics, and Japan’s own Stonewall Riot

Stonewall 50: With elections, lawsuits, and a swell in visibility, 2019 could be a milestone year for LGBTI Japan

Two men taking a selfie at a Pride parade. In the background, people marching waving trans flags.
Coming out in Lebanon was my own act of rebellion, but the fight isn’t over

Stonewall 50: I have been at clubs in Beirut during police raids and I know what it means to fear for your life

Two women who are censored thanks to Netsweeper is helping six countries block LGBTI content | Photo: All Out
Technology that blocks LGBTI content online is putting people in danger

OPINION: Canadian government funded company Netsweeper must stop selling its technology to homophobic countries that blocks ‘alternative lifestyle’ content online

Tris Reid-Smith [right] and Scott Nunn of Gay Star News | Photo: Jamie Wareham
As MPs vote on May’s Brexit deal, why 72% of LGBTIs in Britain want a People’s Vote

OPINION: ‘LGBTIs have something extra to lose – our hard-won rights’ argues GSN Editor-in-Chief Tris Reid-Smith, in speech delivered in London tonight

Eric and Lily starring at a screen while wearing make-up
Sex Education accurately deals with real life issues through a teenage lens

Spoilers ahead: Consider this my official pitch as to why absolutely everyone should give the Netflix show a go

Donald Trump
13,000 LGBTI Americans struggle without pay in Trump shutdown

OPINION: Drew Anderson explains how difficult life gets for an LGBTI worker during a shutdown: ‘It was New Year when the debt collectors stopped calling’

There are two photos. On the left is a black and white photo of a man in an old-fashioned business suit. On the right is a female talking into a microphone and smiling.
I’m a lesbian so I changed my name to escape my family’s Nazi past

What would you do if your family had a dark history?

Straight people should be allowed in gay clubs
Why we need to encourage straight people to go to gay clubs

OPINION: Maybe the way to combat prejudice is to start dancing with our straight friends

How I made a short queer trans film produced without any edits

My dyke, queer, working class, transgender identity gave me an incredible story to tell. And it made me realize the power in telling it myself.

Logan Paul
Dear Logan Paul: Instead of ‘going gay’ for a month, how about you go away?

Being gay isn’t a choice and it’s certainly not a phase, writes James Besanvalle

LGBTI life in Taiwan tells us progress is not always a straight line

Stonewall 50: When the anniversary comes around, I hope the celebrations will include Taiwan as the first country in Asia to pass marriage equality

Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano
Do I even have to explain why using cheating as a prank isn’t funny?

Would you risk the trust in your relationship for a ‘prank?’

The Stonewall riots prove you can change the world over night

Stonewall 50: ‘We need to be free to have tough conversations without the name calling’

Farrah Moan | Photo: World of Wonder/VH1
Dear Farrah Moan: It’s OK to cry

Farrah’s not ‘annoying’ for expressing emotion – guys, girls, drag queens and everyone in between is allowed to do it

Jeremy Helligar says Stonewall and the black civil rights movement shaped him
The Stonewall effect: How gay pride and black power shaped me

Stonewall 50: Jeremy Helligar says that as a black gay man, the civil rights movement of the 60s and the Stonewall riots both shaped who he is today

Tarek Zeidan
For LGBTI people in Lebanon, they go through their own Stonewall everyday

For LGBTI people their fight for equality looks very different to the riots at Stonewall

Alex Protopapa is a fan of going out on the gay scene in London and elsewhere
Can you really make friends on the gay scene?

OPINION: Alex Protopapa wonders where many of the people he parties with disappear to in the cold light of day

I critiqued Manila’s All Stars Snatch Game and the Internet was not happy

OPINION: I was faced with a lot of hostility for pointing out an anti-Semitic stereotype — including from Manila Luzon herself

A man is prayed over in church by Evangelicals
Christian pastor: ‘Dear Evangelicals, leave LGBTQ people alone’

An open letter from Christian pastor John Pavlovitz to evangelicals intent on changing or lecturing gay, bisexual and trans communities

There is hope for the non-binary community

Stonewall 50: ‘I have faith in our allies to continue to support us and let our voices be heard’

Javid Nabiyev with a rainbow flag and an Azerbaijan flag
Azerbaijan is the worst place to be LGBTI in Europe and here’s why

Stonewall 50: Javid Nabiyev is a gay activist who had to flee Azerbaijan and now tells his story

racist Rev Irene Monroe leading worship in the summer of 2018.
Stonewall 50 Voices: I was at Stonewall and have seen it whitewashed

GSN today starts a series bringing you 50 LGBTI voices to mark 50 years since the Stonewall Riots. Our first guest writer was at the Stonewall Inn in New York on that fateful first night in 1969

Topher Gen says younger gay men need to be more understanding of older gay men
Gay scene ageism: If you dismiss older gay men, you’re the one missing out

OPINION: Topher Gen says ageism is rife on the gay scene and not enough is done to tackle it

Matthew Hodson, Executive Director NAM aidsmap, is also HIV positive himself
Why you can’t expect HIV+ people to always tell you before having sex

OPINION: Matthew Hodson says expecting those with HIV to always inform you before sex overlooks the concerns that accompany disclosure

Sacha Coward has a passion for LGBTI history
Why I’m angry at the fake gay history of soldiers Emil and Xaver

OPINION: Don’t create fake LGBTI history and present it as fact – our history is already rich and varied enough, says Sacha Coward