Madonna in a cowboy hat
Madonna releases fun new song about safe sex ahead of upcoming full album

Listen to her song about using condoms and playing guitar with her gloves on

A poster at the University of Cambridge that reads: 'Women/Non-Binary only hour 7-8pm every Wednesday (Both Gyms and Pool), with 'women' and 'non-binary' crossed out and replaced with 'everyone'
‘Women and non-binary’ Cambridge University gym session sparks protests

‘Men, please be respectful and do not come in’

Female queen Lacey Lou.
Queer queens and trans women started the riot, yet the spotlight is on guys

Stonewall 50: ‘Know your queer history and the women who helped start the fight for our rights,’ says bi female queen Lacey Lou

Woman wearing a rainbow flag kisses woman
Here’s what you need to know about cervical cancer

For Cervical Cancer Prevention Week we put together everything you need to know about this preventable cancer

Depression can happen to anyone | Photo: Talk to Change
Feeling blue? LGBTI people living with depression give advice on how to cope

Here’s some advice on how to cope with depression

Eric and Lily starring at a screen while wearing make-up
Sex Education accurately deals with real life issues through a teenage lens

Spoilers ahead: Consider this my official pitch as to why absolutely everyone should give the Netflix show a go

Celebrities, stars and sportspeople who came out in 2018

Thank you for your bravery, and thank you for your visibility

Elsie Greenwood wants to have her say on Brexit via a People's Vote
Too young to vote in the Brexit referendum – now I want a People’s Vote

OPINION: Elsie Greenwood is a bisexual student in Edinburgh who believes Brexit will be bad for the whole of the UK – and especially LGBTI people

Keira Knightley as Colette
How Keira Knightley helped me embrace my relationship with genderfluidity

OPINION: She encouraged me to explore who I am and want to be

Jam Rostron is Planningtorock - interview with Gay Star News
Meet the genderqueer pop star you didn’t realize you need in your life

EXCLUSIVE: Planningtorock’s new album, Powerhouse, is one of the finest of 2018. David Hudson talked to Jam Rostron about the work’s candid songs

Queer people talk about the moment they knew they were lesbian

The pressures of compulsory heterosexuality are very real

Try using these gender neutral phrases to help the English language escape the gender binary
Here are the gender-neutral words and phrases you should know

Binary language harms non-binary people as well as cisgender and binary trans folks

Non-binary people Ali, Kieran and Spencer
Prepare for International Non-binary Day by learning how to be a better ally

Let these non-binary people school you on how to be a good ally

Kelly Rakowski is the woman behind the @_personals_ Instagram account
Would you use a new gay dating app that doesn’t include photos?

Kelly Rakowski is the woman behind a personals site that relies on words instead of pictures

The Futch Scale
Where do you stand on the futch scale?

We’ve never related to a strawberry more

Mary starts queer twitter hashtags every Sunday
Meet the teen behind the weekly queer hashtags on Twitter

Mary M: ‘Being gay wasn’t an option for me so I tried to push that thought away until I fell in love for the first time’

15 pictures of this year’s Dinah Weekend that will give you serious FOMO

A whole weekend of partying just for queer women?! Take us with you next time

A letter to my sisters on International Women’s Day

This bisexual woman thanks her sisters for ‘blinking and acting like nothing had happened’ when she came out

Hatti and her fiance Nathan at London Pride | Photo: National Student Pride
My fiancé supports my pansexuality by volunteering with me at pride

OPINION: National Student Pride’s chair on how her fiancé helps her challenge bi+ erasure at pride

Mae Desmond and the painting which helped her come out as bisexual
This bisexual painter used her artwork to come out

Mae Desmond had been struggling to come out for over a decade but finally had to

Jack explained they are 'Sam' in Patrick Strudwick's article about LGBT domestic abuse
Jack Monroe comes out as survivor of domestic abuse

‘At the time I remember being so scared of being identified by this article and what it contains.’

Anya Crittenton
Stop assuming I’m straight just because I’m femme and like lipstick

How to belong when you don’t feel like you fit in (and vice versa)

Little Mix, a pop group, in their music video for Power.
How pop music helped me feel more confident as a queer woman in 2017

Little Mix and Carly Rae Jepsen helped make a space for me

Hendrick at one month old
Lesbian moms speak about their beloved baby – born severely premature and fighting for survival

EXCLUSIVE: Erika Garcia-Santos gave birth to Hendrick on 1 October – more than three and a half months before his due date

Daphne and Velma bump into each other on the floor
Will the Daphne and Velma movie make our queer dreams come true?

‘Look, all I’m saying is that I deserve a Daphne/Velma backstory. If not, then I’ll have to riot.’

A man looking over at a woman
Dear gay men, please stop groping your female friends

This bisexual woman asks gay men to stop ‘playfully groping’ their female friends, and stand with them instead

Raphael in Shadowhunters and Todd in BoJack Horseman are both asexual
TV finally starting to include non-binary and asexual characters

GLAAD records the highest percentage of LGBTQ characters they have ever seen but racial diversity remains an issue

Queer Russian actor Alla Nazimova
Hey, Hollywood, this queer woman should be the subject of your next biopic

Alla Nazimova created ‘sewing circles’ for lesbians in Classic Hollywood