#vaginart is the best hashtag on Instagram
Stop putting glitter in vaginas and give us something useful

Charlie Mathers writes an open letter to the vagina product industry

The sisters are both bisexual and talk safe sex
WATCH: Bi YouTubers give us the ‘bisexual guide to safe sex’

The sisters are both bisexual and discuss physical and emotional protection when it comes to hook ups

Lesbians all over the world took to Twitter to celebrate their day
20 of the best tweets from #InternationalLesbianDay

‘Like, the gayest of gays. Lesbianic.’

Dental dams can be used as a prevention method during vaginal oral sex
Dental dams will change the oral and rimming you are having forever

You get a dental dam, you get a dental dam, YOU get a dental dam

Riley views her queer femme identity as strength
These queer femme women are smashing gender norms one dress at a time

Exclusive: They want you to know femininity isn’t a weakness

We're in love with all of them
Here are 10 incredible music videos featuring queer women

Grab your headphones. Sit down and get comfy.

We're shook by just how talented Rii is
Look at the work of this queer agender chicanx artist

We’re insanely jealous of Rii Abrego’s skills

Julian P. Boom and Fleur Pierets in New York
Female artists JF. Pierets discuss ‘drenching our work in love’ and marrying in 24 countries for art

‘People need to know that in most countries around the world you can’t get married as a gay person’

We wish we were this talented
You have to see these drawings of post-apocalyptic queer women

Well @miss_luckycat has a ridiculous level of talent

We celebrate National Girlfriend Day on 1 August
Let’s celebrate #NationalGirlfriendDay with some beautiful same-sex couples

Queer women are taking the day back to celebrate their other-halves

Eleanor thanks Twitter for her relationship
Meet eleanorrthomas, who believes being queer is ‘inherently political’

A friendly face on queer twitter is that of @eleanorrthomas. It was a delight to…

Bisexual marchers make their mark at San Francisco Pride
This young woman believes the Patriarchy is partly to blame for bi-erasure

This young woman believes the Patriarchy is at least partly to blame for bi-erasure. In…

Rani and Cristine share a kiss on their wedding day
‘Being with someone in the military takes a lot of getting used to’

A same-sex couple in the US open up about their relationship, wedding and the times they are forced to live apart

Queer women react to The L Word’s biphobia problem

Twitter has serious questions as to whether they’ll be fixing The L Word’s previous problem of biphobia

Meet queerboudica, the ‘offensively gay’ queer woman on Twitter

Jude talks Soho, her queer bubble, Baby Gays and the harsh reality of being a student

How an encounter with a biphobic lesbian made this bisexual woman stronger

‘I am hopeful. I am proud. And I am happy.’

Rhyannon Styles
WATCH: Performer and writer Rhyannon Styles talks about her transition

Rhyannon Styles’ The New Girl is an essential memoir for anyone wanting to know more about transitioning or just wanting a good summer read

helplines image
Need support? LGBTI helplines for those in crisis or seeking advice

Find here a list of helplines and crisis support websites that can help LGBTI people in need