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Rowena Howie in her Revival Retro London store.
How this LGBT+ entrepreneur had spent lockdown championing small business in London

LGBT+ small business champion Rowena Howie on surviving the pandemic and how to build back better.

‘Bearded lady’ Harnaam Kaur: ‘I don’t give a sh*t about gender stereotypes’

Pansexual activist on giving a speech at New York Pride and bringing visibility to PCOS, a condition affecting cis women and trans men

A still from You Can Call Me Sir's first kink-filled video
Queer kink and dominatrixes take center stage in new NSFW rock video

New electronic rock duo You Can Call Me Sir have plenty of first-hand experience of queer bondage and sado-masochism

Out, proud DJ/singer Nancie: ‘Your value isn’t based on followers’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Read and delete!’ Star behind Love Island anthem Get Likes on how she deals with homophobia online and what she’s looking for in a girlfriend

Soccer play Sarah Walsh and her proposal to Toni Knowlson
This soccer player surprised her girlfriend with a romantic proposal at the Women’s World Cup

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Walsh spills to GSN how she managed it and what’s next

Supreme Court to hear Aimee Stephens' case
Meet the trans woman headed to the US Supreme Court for being unfairly fired

This is one of three LGBTI employment discrimination cases being reviewed by SCOTUS – its most significant LGBTI rights ruling since marriage equality

Survivors of Pulse, one of the many shootings depicted in the student film
High schooler’s film about Pulse and other shootings will move you to tears

‘In crowded places, I find myself subconsciously searching for guns,’ the student tells GSN about how her life’s been affected

Hip hop singer and rapper Aina Brei'Yon
Queer hip hop performer: ‘They wanted me to change because of how I looked’

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper, singer and producer Aina Brei’Yon is forging her own path in the US entertainment industry

Ali Krieger is a soccer star on the US team | Photo: Instagram
Meet the 41 out gay and bi soccer stars in the Women’s World Cup 2019

These footballers are making a massive difference for LGBTI visibility in sport

Booksmart features a drama-free, lesbian teenager.
This is why I wish LGBTI comedy Booksmart had come out when I was 17

OPINION: The movies I watched growing up convinced me that girl-on-girl attraction was a recipe for tragedy, but Olivia Wilde’s film is changing the game

The cover of the children's book Maiden and Princess
Children deserve more LGBTI stories – like Maiden and Princess, a new lesbian fairy tale

EXCLUSIVE: Authors tell GSN they wanted to write ‘an uncomplicated love story for queer people’

Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever in Booksmart
Booksmart is the LGBTI teen comedy we’ve been waiting for

Review: It’s going to go down in history as one of the best

The Netflix film The Perfection
The Perfection stars reveal what drew them to the controversial Netflix horror film

EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s about two women intensely drawn to one another’

The Netflix film The Perfection
Netflix’s new LGBTI horror film The Perfection is misogynistic garbage

REVIEW: And in the time of #MeToo, it wildly misses the mark

Suranne Jones as Anne Lister in Gentleman Jack.
Victorian-era power lesbian Anne Lister show gets season two

Gentleman Jack has just been renewed for a second season and this is why it’s great news for queer women

Liv Hewson and Drey Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet.
Santa Clarita Diet actor Liv Hewson: ‘There isn’t one way to be non-binary’

Non-binary lesbian star makes crucial point about gender identity

Brienne of Tarth, Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys Targaryen.
These are the worst LGBTI and feminist fails of Game of Thrones

OPINION: After failing its queer characters, Game Of Thrones is failing its women too

A new portrait of how Transgender Julie Doe may have appeared in life
Can you help solve the mystery of Transgender Julie Doe?

The Trans Doe Task Force aims to give names to the nameless – and help solves cold cases using the most modern forensic techniques

The Handmaid's Tale has become an icon in pro-choice abortion protests
Abortion bills in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri are also an LGBTI problem

Seven US states have passed these terrifying ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ laws

Meet Megan Hunt: bisexual single mom and first-term Nebraska state senator

‘I have a responsibility to make life in Nebraska better for those discriminated against’

The mural of Lyra McKee in Belfast |
Two men appear in court charges on night Lyra McKee killed

McKee was killed in Londonderry last month

Paula Pell and the cast of Wine Country
Gay comedian Paula Pell on getting her first on-screen love interest at 56

EXCLUSIVE: Plus she spills the tea on Amy Poehler as a director

Sex scene of Gentleman Jack.
A look behind the luscious sex scenes on LGBTI tale Gentleman Jack

New lesbian period drama starring Suranne Jones had an intimacy expert on set and it shows

Shantania Beckford
‘You’re not alone’: YouTuber Shantania Beckford on being black and coming out

Digital Pride: ‘Tell your friends first,’ she advises

Paula Pell and fiancée Janine Brito
Comedian Paula Pell says it’s lonely dating as an older LGBTI person

Digital Pride: But it can also teach you about yourself, she tells GSN

A float at West Hollywood Pride
How misogyny makes the LGBTI community a lonely place for queer women

Digital Pride: LA queer women tell GSN how West Hollywood isn’t a welcoming place

Amazin LeThi is fighting LGBTI homelessness | Photo: Supplied
Amazin LeThi: Coming out as a rainbow Asian athlete changed my life

Coming out in a sexist, homophobic and racist world is a very hard thing to do

These LGBTI Indians are making history (Photo: Twitter / Facebook)
Meet the brave LGBTI candidates making history in India’s general election

Openly-queer Indians are making waves in national politics for the first time

a woman in a white singlet and lingerie with legs outstretched sideways on a blue couch
Meet the woman behind the lingerie line for trans women which sold out in days

Lingerie for trans people by trans people takes the daily trauma out of just getting dressed