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Yes, I’m bisexual – and this concerns you how?

Comedian/writer Abigoliah Schamaun hasn’t stopped fancying women just because she’s in a relationship with a man – but she is bored of the ‘bisexual quiz’

Karen Holden (left) is the solicitor representing Freddy McConnell, a trans parent fighting for the right to be listed as his child's father | Pictures: Supplied / Instagram
UK court ruling on whether a trans man can be a father could change lives

OPINION: The solicitor of a trans parent caught in a turbulent legal battle feels it could decide the trajectory of LGBTI rights in the UK

racist Rev Irene Monroe leading worship in the summer of 2018.
Lesbian reverend takes aim at Donald Trump’s racist tweets

Oprah’s magazine described Rev Irene Monroe as ‘a phenomenal woman who has succeeded against all odds’

'Woke' by Titania McGrath aka Andrew Doyle
I read ‘Woke’ by Titania McGrath and could not possibly roll my eyes any harder

OPINION/REVIEW: If you want to read a book of tired satire by a disgruntled white guy, look no further!

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing Shallow at the Oscars.
Blaming Gaga for Bradley and Irina’s split is what’s really shallow

OPINION: Urging Gaga to go ‘get her man’ only reinforces the trite narrative of women competing for a man’s attention

Booksmart features a drama-free, lesbian teenager.
This is why I wish LGBTI comedy Booksmart had come out when I was 17

OPINION: The movies I watched growing up convinced me that girl-on-girl attraction was a recipe for tragedy, but Olivia Wilde’s film is changing the game

Brienne of Tarth, Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys Targaryen.
These are the worst LGBTI and feminist fails of Game of Thrones

OPINION: After failing its queer characters, Game Of Thrones is failing its women too

Ariana Grande in the video for Monopoly
Celebrities like Ariana Grande don’t owe us a coming out

OPINION: Ariana Grande hasn’t labelled her sexuality – and she doesn’t have to, says bisexual activist Lois Shearing

Matilda Davies
Being a lesbian in a man’s world is lonely: Find your own tribe to survive

OPINION: On Lesbian Visibility Day, we need to talk about why being a lesbian can feel so isolating – and how we can make it better

Cate Blanchett in the 2017 movie, Carol
Lesbians on the big screen: Does it have to be so hard to see ourselves?

OPINION: Naomi Bennett, Founder of LesFlicks, talks about lesbians in movies and why she launched her streaming service to promote #WomenOnScreen

Kakyo Trinah is the founder of KakyoProject in Uganda
Meet with the woman using art and fashion to change LGBTI lives in Uganda

Stonewall 50: How one woman is using arts and crafts to validate queer lives in Uganda, one of the more homophobic nations in Africa

a woman sitting facing the ocean
My loneliness is killing me AND costing me a fortune

OPINION: Loneliness is a public health issue that is costing us way more than money

Charlie at a drag convention
Clubbing in London can be incredibly isolating when you’re not a man

The phrase ‘Let’s go to a sex club’ might signal the start of a good night out for some… Not for me

Clementine Morrigan talks about life with psoriasis
Magic queer sluts with psoriasis

Clementine Morrigan talks candidly about living with psoriasis: ‘I still want to be desirable. I still want to be sexy and have hot sex’

Emma Goswell talks about her own coming out
How a school bus journey home made me realize I might be gay

Gaydio presenter Emma Goswell tells her own very personal coming out story and explains why she started a podcast to collect stories from others

Female queen Lacey Lou.
Queer queens and trans women started the riot, yet the spotlight is on guys

Stonewall 50: ‘Know your queer history and the women who helped start the fight for our rights,’ says bi female queen Lacey Lou

Eric and Lily starring at a screen while wearing make-up
Sex Education accurately deals with real life issues through a teenage lens

Spoilers ahead: Consider this my official pitch as to why absolutely everyone should give the Netflix show a go

Elsie Greenwood wants to have her say on Brexit via a People's Vote
Too young to vote in the Brexit referendum – now I want a People’s Vote

OPINION: Elsie Greenwood is a bisexual student in Edinburgh who believes Brexit will be bad for the whole of the UK – and especially LGBTI people

A letter to my sisters on International Women’s Day

This bisexual woman thanks her sisters for ‘blinking and acting like nothing had happened’ when she came out

Hatti and her fiance Nathan at London Pride | Photo: National Student Pride
My fiancé supports my pansexuality by volunteering with me at pride

OPINION: National Student Pride’s chair on how her fiancé helps her challenge bi+ erasure at pride

Anya Crittenton
Stop assuming I’m straight just because I’m femme and like lipstick

How to belong when you don’t feel like you fit in (and vice versa)

A man looking over at a woman
Dear gay men, please stop groping your female friends

This bisexual woman asks gay men to stop ‘playfully groping’ their female friends, and stand with them instead

#vaginart is the best hashtag on Instagram
Stop putting glitter in vaginas and give us something useful

Charlie Mathers writes an open letter to the vagina product industry

Eleanor thanks Twitter for her relationship
Meet eleanorrthomas, who believes being queer is ‘inherently political’

A friendly face on queer twitter is that of @eleanorrthomas. It was a delight to…

Bisexual marchers make their mark at San Francisco Pride
This young woman believes the Patriarchy is partly to blame for bi-erasure

This young woman believes the Patriarchy is at least partly to blame for bi-erasure. In…

How an encounter with a biphobic lesbian made this bisexual woman stronger

‘I am hopeful. I am proud. And I am happy.’