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Kylie Kwong is a well-known chef, writer and restaurateur in Australia
‘I want you out of my house’: Dad reacts when celebrity chef comes out

Gay chef and restaurateur Kylie Kwong shared her powerful story while being interviewed on an Australian TV show this evening

Janelle Monae is a strong ally to the trans and nonbinary communities
Janelle Monáe: ‘We must do better for our trans siblings’

‘We have to protect our babies, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community’

Woman wearing a rainbow flag kisses woman
Here’s what you need to know about cervical cancer

For Cervical Cancer Prevention Week we put together everything you need to know about this preventable cancer

Depression can happen to anyone | Photo: Talk to Change
Feeling blue? LGBTI people living with depression give advice on how to cope

Here’s some advice on how to cope with depression

Try using these gender neutral phrases to help the English language escape the gender binary
Here are the gender-neutral words and phrases you should know

Binary language harms non-binary people as well as cisgender and binary trans folks

The sisters are both bisexual and talk safe sex
WATCH: Bi YouTubers give us the ‘bisexual guide to safe sex’

The sisters are both bisexual and discuss physical and emotional protection when it comes to hook ups

Dental dams can be used as a prevention method during vaginal oral sex
Dental dams will change the oral and rimming you are having forever

You get a dental dam, you get a dental dam, YOU get a dental dam

helplines image
Need support? LGBTI helplines for those in crisis or seeking advice

Find here a list of helplines and crisis support websites that can help LGBTI people in need