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Sunrise on the Isle of Skye
12 breathtaking Scottish island locations to add to your travel bucket list

From the romantic Butt of Lewis Lighthouse to the Northern Lights over the Callanish Stones

The magical Knock Old Castle in Ayrshire
7 quirky vacation properties that showcase the best of the UK

A bunker, a lighthouse, a fairytale castle and more – welcome to the land of eccentricity!

Christie Elan-Cane has been fighting for non-gender specific people's rights for 25 years and could get X passports this year | Photo: Gay Star News
UK could become 10th country in the world to get gender neutral passports

After a 25 year fight, a landmark case could create a non-gender specific passport marker in the UK

Clifford Chance team at National Student Pride 2017 with Evan Davis | Photo National Student Pride
Clifford Chance uses partnership to grow National Student Pride

The law firm is partnering with the pride event to sponsor the TARGETjobs Awards

John Bright is the owner and director of new fashion brand Centre-Front
‘I’m too old for fast fashion so I took matters into my own hands’

Centre-Front is the perfect fit for guys who feel too old for fast fashion, but don’t want to splash cash on designer brands

Brendan Pearce at work
You have to see this illustrator’s cheeky Christmas cards

The NSFW range of Christmas Cards are on sale to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research

The writer sat at Heathrow
WATCH: This newlywed finds the perfect Christmas gift for his husband at Heathrow Airport

Forget the high street: airport shopping is the best way to get Christmas covered

Yoga teacher, Adam Hocke
What does ‘real men do yoga’ really mean?

Instructor Adam Hocke wants to smash stereotypes about yoga

A still from the Differio Hot Holidays campaign video
WATCH: Sexiest bakers alive make a hot mess for Differio

The men’s clothing store has cooked up something amazing for the holidays

Vauxhall Winter Wonderland decorated with festive spirit
London’s coolest free-to-enter seasonal experience is back

Grab yourself an Alpine Cabin and cosy on down with blankets and roasted chestnuts

World AIDS Day London skyline message
WATCH: London’s skyline lights up with World AIDS Day message

Amanda Holden officially launched the event

Who do you think made it possible for the LGBTI community?
Six people throughout history who ‘made it possible’ for the LGBTI community

Celebrate these LGBTI advocates and activists with Pink Lady®

Unison workers explain how they challenge transphobia
These trans people share how they overcome transphobia at work

‘I didn’t think my manager would take it seriously… but now, I know who I can turn to’

White Party Week in Miami takes place over Thanksgiving (Image by Adi Adinayev) Differio
Your gay-ified Thanksgiving guide to dinner deals and parties

Ideas for where to celebrate in the US and what to wear

Jack Monroe
This non-binary chef figured out the best way to show the ‘heat or eat’ crisis

Jack Monroe knows what it’s like to struggle and live on benefits

clinic laboratory sperm
Why you might want to consider storing sperm before gender transition

Transitioning from male to female? Robert McCaffrey and Kimberley Bryon-Dodd look at the benefits of freezing your sperm in case you want to parent a biological child

Sinful or Innocent?
Sinful or innocent? The Philippines is your gay paradise!

Learn more about one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world, the Philippines, and explore its vivid gay scene!

meggings leggings image
Leggings that’ll make your butt – and what’s in-between – look amazing

Clever ways to emphasize your lower body assets using patterns and textures

Heather Peace
INTERVIEW: Heather Peace on motherhood, traveling with babies and writing new music

Waterloo Road and Lip Service star speaks to Gay Star News after welcoming twin girls in June

Do you know what you're wearing for Halloween?
Gay couples costumes that don’t need to be sexy

Still looking for ideas for what to wear on Halloween?

The exotic country of the Maldives
Why is the Maldives one of the top gay honeymoon destinations despite its conservative culture?

Travel by Interest guides you through the paradise-like country of the Maldives and explains why it’s a great honeymoon destination

Can you believe it? Love Actually is 14 years old!
7 amazing movies starring Heathrow Airport to watch this autumn

From Love Actually to Edge of Tomorrow – all film buffs know airports equal dramatic heft

The perfect wine makes every movie night better
Your guide to the perfect wine and LGBTI movie pairings

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly are here to bring you all the answers you could ever need

Lisa conceived her son, Lennon, with the help of a sperm bank
What is it like to have a child using a sperm donor?

A lesbian couple share their experiences

Hotels for gay travellers in Asia
The forbidden but popular gay destinations in Asia!

Read our tribute to a gay trip in Asia, through the most adventurous forbidden destinations

Alex Burke
This gay man faced homelessness and suicide after he came out to his mom

Alex’s story is a familiar one to gay men in Northern Ireland

Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa
Live your gay dream in Thailand

Uncovering the best Thai destinations for gay holidays!