Inside a US school. Posed by models.
LGBT+ kids are on the frontline of a school bullying crisis around the world

Today is the first International Day Against Violence and Bullying at School Including Cyberbullying.

Teenager in rainbow sunglasses.
6 out of 10 LGBT+ kids feel unsafe in US schools because of their sexual orientation

More kids are saying ‘that’s so gay’ and ‘no homo’ again after years of decline.

Devin Bryant.
Headteacher kicked out this straight-A gay student because ‘it’s what Jesus would want’

‘If another queer kid comes out, I’m scared for them.’

Teenager with a phone.
Childline helpline sees big rise in kids seeking advice about being LGBT+

‘I’ve been feeling really sad and cry non-stop.’

Person sitting in window.
LGBT+ youth who have suffered ‘conversion therapy’ over twice as likely to attempt suicide

New study also confirms that religious leaders are guilty of over 80% of so-called LGBT+ ‘cures’.

Thee Amir in his Pride make-up.
How I’ve celebrated this Pride Month with my LGBT+ teenage friends

This year’s online Prides have made it easier than ever for LGBT+ teenagers to take part.

Teens playing basketball.
Being out at school is stopping LGBT+ teens from taking part in sport

New research shows that the more open an LGBT+ teen is about their sexuality, the less likely they are to participate in sport.

Thee Amir is a makeup influencer on Yubo.
Gay Muslim makeup influencer: How I came out and found people like me

‘I met another gay Asian guy who shared my love for fashion and makeup and felt so accepted.’

Shanghai Pride-goers in rainbow colors.
Over 20% of Chinese university students say they are not straight

A new generation is coming out in China.

Parkfield Community School muslim parents lgbt protest over LGBTI-inclusivity lessons
UK government put ‘extreme pressure’ on school to halt LGBTI-inclusivity lessons

Department for Education allegedly pushed for the suspension of LGBTI-inclusivity lessons amid protests outside Birmingham schools

Texas daycare denies child admission over parent’s same-sex relationship

The two mothers were told it was an issue they are ‘mates’ by Parkview Christian Academy staff

Morehouse College
Morehouse students post Twitter videos accusing staff member of sexual abuse

DeMarcus Crews is now on administrative leave amid an investigation

A student wearing a robe blowing glitter
Italy: University allows trans students to self-identify on official forms

Thanks to this confidential measure, trans students who haven’t legally changed their name and gender yet will have a positive academic experience

Switzerland in crisis: LGBTI youth dying by suicide at alarming rates

50% of attempted suicides in gay men happen before the age of 20 and that jumps to 74% for lesbian women

conversion therapy comments
Israeli LGBTI rights groups to protest minister’s conversion therapy comments

Education Minister Rafi Peretz has been widely condemned for saying conversion therapy can be effective

Anti LGBTI lessons protestors outside Parkfield School (Photo: Twitter) court
LGBTI lessons keep hundreds of Birmingham students from school

Protesting parents said they had ‘no alternative option’

A child uses crayons to draw a picture
Christian students suspended for allegedly making homophobic comments

Both students vehemently deny the accusations

Kids reading a book together
Amazon to support LGBTI inclusivity in schools with Reading Roadshow

‘It’s great that Amazon is visiting schools across the country to show young people that being true to themselves is an enabler, not a barrier, to their future’

child sitting alone with head in their arms bullying
LGBTI bullying the most common in UK schools, study finds

Bullying relating to sexual orientation or gender identity is more common than racism or sexism in UK schools

lgbti muslims have condemned the Birmingham protests
Birmingham school will resume altered LGBTI lessons in the fall

They are being tailored for a ‘faith community’

Survivors of Pulse, one of the many shootings depicted in the student film
High schooler’s film about Pulse and other shootings will move you to tears

‘In crowded places, I find myself subconsciously searching for guns,’ the student tells GSN about how her life’s been affected

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker
Illinois Governor signs order protecting trans and nonbinary students

Gov. Pritzker said he waned to ‘disrupt the patterns of discrimination’

The Calgary Catholic School District is requiring educators to sign a Catholicity clause
Indianapolis archbishop defends firing of teachers in same-sex marriages

Archbishop Charles Thompson said that all Catholic school employees were required to adhere to Catholic doctrine

Gavin Grimm graduated and now has a college scholarship
Gavin Grimm gifted college scholarship from generous stranger

Aaron Jackson previously took on the Westboro Baptist Church

Labour MP Roger Godsiff school
Birmingham MP causes outrage after voicing support for school protests

Roger Godsiff told campaigners protesting LGBTI-inclusivity school lessons ‘you’re right’

West Midlands Mayor homophobic protests'
‘Homophobic’ school protests must stop, says West Midlands Mayor

Andy Street said that the materials distributed at the school protests had left him in ‘disbelief’

Some school uniforms, like this one, feature a skirt
Boys can wear skirts, girls can wear pants for school uniforms in Mexico City

New policy promotes ‘equality’, mayor says

Birmingham school headteacher relieved over protest ban

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson speaks of enduring months of protests over LGBTI-inclusivity lessons

Anti LGBTI lessons protestors outside Parkfield School (Photo: Twitter) court
UK high court places bans on Birmingham school protests

There have been numerous demonstrations against LGBTI-inclusivity lessons outside schools in Birmingham