Letter from Birmingham students about protests
Birmingham students write letter asking protesters ‘not to disturb us’

Protests over LGBTI education have been ongoing for weeks

The recipients of the Yankees Stonewall scholarships standing outside stonewall inn
New York Yankees reveal Stonewall Riots scholarship winners

The scholarships commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

Central Park School for Children in Durham, North Carolina had their first Pride and Liberation Event
North Carolina middle school invites drag queens to encourage students to celebrate differences

‘I am so proud of my school for making such huge steps to make Central Park a safe, intersectional space’

Richard Strauss, former doctor at Ohio State who abused male students
Ohio State University doctor sexually abused over 170 male students

A damning report revealed the truth about the now-dead doctor

Chicago high school couple who were kicked out of a restaurant
Teen boyfriends say they were kicked out of a Chicago restaurant for hugging

‘Get out. We don’t want your kind here,’ a man told them

American fast food chain Chick-fil-A plans to open shop in Toronto next year
Cal Poly faculty votes to remove Chick-fil-A from campus

‘If you have a mission statement that indicates that you value inclusivity and diversity, then you should be making your business decisions based on that’

Rainbow and American flags neighborhood
California parents remove children from school over LGBTI-inclusivity lessons

Some have argued that teaching lessons on LGBTI history is ‘far too complex’ for elementary school children

People celebrating pride in Turkish city Istanbul
Police violently break up student Pride march in Turkey

Video shows them using excessive force

Parkfield Community School muslim parents lgbt protest over LGBTI-inclusivity lessons
Education chief says ‘huge step backwards’ if schools stop LGBTI lessons

She said children should learn about the ‘diversity of modern Britain’

Anti LGBTI lessons protestors outside Parkfield School (Photo: Twitter) court
Teachers call for more govt support on LGBTI-inclusivity lessons in schools

This follow numerous protests outside a number of primary schools in Birmingham

The United Methodist Church announced anti-LGBTI policies earlier this year
Methodist confirmation class rejects the Church over its anti-LGBTI policies

Surprisingly, the Omaha, Nebraska congregation gave these students a standing ovation after their speech

A marcher carries the flag for bi visibility at Birmingham Pride in England.
Teacher of beleaguered LGBTI-friendly school lessons to lead Birmingham Pride

He received death threats after creating the program

Nigel Shelby
Nigel Shelby, teen who died by suicide, buried in rainbow casket

Family and friends also wore pride colors

Members of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority
Howard University sorority reportedly bans transgender women

It came out in a ‘diversity statement’

an outside of a school
School makes students remove Pride flag, but put it back after public outcry

Matthew Shepard’s parents said they felt ‘heartsick’ and what happened

US_Naval_Academy sign
US Naval Academy to enforce ban on trans students from 2020

President Trump’s ban on trans troops serving in the US military came into effect earlier this month

Student with a backpack
This student kicked a transphobic boy and then the school expelled her

He was trying to ‘protest’ trans students

Iowa students staged a walkout, both in support of and protest of, a transgender student using the restroom aligning with her gender identity
Iowa students stage walkout to protest (and support) trans student using the bathroom

The students split into two groups – those who oppose the trans student using the proper restroom, and those who support it

Cardiff University main building
Cardiff Uni cancels psychologist’s talk over anti-LGBTI education comments

Dr Kate Godfrey-Faussett was dropped after saying that LGBTI-inclusivity education can ‘corrupt’ children

Morehouse College
Historically black all-male college to accept trans students from 2020

Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, introduces new trans-inclusionary policy

Baltimore City Hall
Baltimore public school board passes policy to protect trans students

The progressive new policy goes beyond the Maryland state guidelines

Homophobic leaflet
Homophobic leaflets distributed at school amid LGBTI-inclusivity lessons row

The leaflets said LGBTI-inclusivity lessons promote a ‘gay ethos’

A school bus with rainbow decorations
Arizona repeals law banning LGBTI and HIV instruction for students

Education that ‘promotes a homosexual lifestyle’ was previously banned

Betsy DeVos answers questions in the House (Photo: Twitter)
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos admits she knowingly harmed trans students

She knew, but implemented damaging policies anyway

Bisexual student Julian and his boyfriend Francisco after their promposal
Bisexual student surprises boyfriend with sweet promposal at airport

‘It’s our spot,’ Julian tells GSN of the location choice