Justine Greening is the conservative MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields in London and education secretary in charge of schools
Interfaith Leaders: ‘Stop schools from teaching that gay people are wrong’

‘It should be education, not indoctrination.’

Charlie wore the badge on her graduation robes with Pride
Why this bisexual woman wore the bi pride flag on her graduation robes

‘The badge was me making myself visible at an event some would label one of the most important in my life.’

Meet queerboudica, the ‘offensively gay’ queer woman on Twitter

Jude talks Soho, her queer bubble, Baby Gays and the harsh reality of being a student

'To celebrate equality and forward thinking. Young people need to take ownership of their future'
Young people share inspiring messages of why they march at Pride

‘If love happens here, it happens everywhere.’

Oral sex is part of the reason more gonorrhoea bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics
Oral sex is making gonorrhea more resistant to antibiotics

Patients with untreatable strains of gonorrhea have now been identified in Japan, France and Spain

Em Sendall is one of the leaders of GLOBE, the LGBTI network at Deloitte.
‘Being authentic has transformed my career. It can do the same for you’

Em Sendall shares her experiences of GLOBE – Deloitte’s LGBTI network – her proudest moments as a member, and her reflections on how being authentic helped her get where she is today

1 in 3 LGBT face workplace bullying or are harassed
1 in 3 LGBTs harassed or bullied at work

New report by the TUC shows that bisexual, trans and young people are most at risk

Brian Fadulto is now an openly gay singer
The ‘sassy’ kid from School of Rock is now an out and proud gay singer

From ‘you’re tacky and I hate you’ to spreading a message about love and acceptance

Facebook is working with the Trevor Project to extend its counseling services
Facebook makes LGBTI support available via Messenger

Staff from the Trevor Project will be online via Facebook Messenger in the coming months

Looking for an internship?
Flex your journo muscles as a GSN intern

If you’re an aspiring journalist, a work placement with Gay Star News could be the stepping stone you need.

Trans and gender advocate and musician Jaimie Wilson
How to be a better trans ally

Educate yourself and educate others

Daisy Reeves of Berwin Leighton Paisner
LGBTI students and graduates invited to attend London career booster

City companies keen to recruit from the LGBTI talent pool are hosting a day of workshops, Q&A sessions and mentoring

After graduating from law school, James Reed was shocked by the attitude of his first employer
Entering the workplace drove me back in the closet – until I switched employer

Attorney James Reed: ‘By the end of the first month of my job, I had retreated so far back into the closet that I began to lie again, just like I had in high school.’

Join a growing LGBTI media team
Make an impression in an LGBTI digital media company

If you’ve got a flair for marketing and can analyse industry trends and opportunities, then this could be the opportunity that you’re looking for

Teacher Anna Kellner and her son
Anna Kellner: ‘I am glad I am out at school; it feels good not hiding being gay’

The UK-based teacher said she came out at school partly because she couldn’t contain her excitement when her wife became pregnant