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When 15-year-old Maia came out as bi to her mom, she was surprised to learn that her mom is bi, too
This teen girl came out as bi to her mom, only to learn her mom is bi as well

15-year-old Maia from Belgium had an amazing experience coming out as bisexual to her mother

An Ottawa parent participates in the protest with elementary school students
Canadian students stage walkout to protest outdated sex ed curriculum

‘It will affect the next generation of adults and we want everyone to grow up learning about their bodies, consent, mental health and LGBTQ rights’

A still from the trailer of Creating Gender Inclusive Schools
WATCH: This film seeks to bring gender inclusivity to public schools

Creating Gender Inclusive Schools introduces educators, children, and parents to issues surrounding gender identity, bullying, and stereotyping

Will is a university student in London and has been volunteering with Diversity Role Models | Photo: Facebook
Guy choked and forced to say sorry for being gay has message for his haters

His attackers escaped jail time – so now this gay student wants to use his attack for good

Transgender student Jay Alfie
Transgender student wins battle to hear chosen name said at graduation

The school at first was going to use his birth name

A couple posing for prom photos
Here are some of the best queer prom pictures from 2018

Put on those corsages and be your best queer self

For #TransDayofVisbility these trans and non-binary people shared their best moments | Photo: Gay Star News YouTube
These beautiful people share their best moments being trans

For #TransDayofVisibility, these trans people share heartwarming stories about the power of finding and feeling comfortable in their identity

Emma Gonzalez during her March For Our Lives speech
Emma Gonzalez, bisexual Parkland shooting survivor, gives emotional speech during March For Our Lives

‘In a little over 6 minutes, 17 of our friends were taken from us, 15 were injured, and everyone—absolutely everyone in the Douglas community was forever altered’

These LGBTI people want to inspire others to be confident about their bodies | Photo: National Student Pride
These LGBTI students got naked to talk about their body

‘I was terrified, but by the end, I was dancing around in my pants and crying with happy tears.’

Liam Hackett founded Ditch The Label an anti bullying charity | Photo: Instagram @diageoliam
LGBTI graduate honored for charity work inspired by bullying experience

Anti-bullying campaigner Liam Hackett credits his success to being authentic and out during his career

Nikki Hayden shares her moving story about a transphobic attack on Christmas Day | Photo: Gay Star News
Why I will visit my transphobic dad at Christmas even after he attacked me

Even after a transphobic Christmas Day attack from her dad, she will visit him because ‘spending time with family is hugely important’

Shots from the original and Queer Collective's version of Charlie XCX's Boys | Photo: YouTube
WATCH: This video will change what you think real boys look like

‘I want people to see these cute, unrepresented people having a good time.’

Umber Ghauri opens up about embracing the label disabled into her identity | Photo: Bathing Solutions
This queer Muslim makeup artist wants you to know about her hidden disability

‘What they don’t see is how a long work day means I need days to recover alone at home.’

Adorable couple describe the differences being out at school and Uni
Adorable couple describe the differences being out at school and Uni

The duo was in a long distance relationship before they moved to study at Uni together

Helicopter pilot Ayla Holdom was the first out trans person in the RAF talks about making your workplace more trans inclusive | Photo: My Genderation
Making your workplace trans inclusive is not hard. This is how to do it

A new film from the National LGBT Police Network made by trans people is here to show you how to make your office inclusive

A photo of writer Topher Gen - talking about sex education
Why I, as a gay man, was let down by my sex education at school

Topher Gen on the importance of making sex education inclusive for everyone – irrespective of sexuality

Sakris Kuplia calls on Finland to stop torturing trans people in interview with Gay Star News about the countries sterilization program
Young activist describes cruel ‘torture’ of the trans sterilization program in Finland

Describing the trans sterilization surgery this young activist says ‘they cut you up’

Olly Alexander and Paris Lees visit Woodside school in Documentary 'Growing Up Gay' with the Diversity Role Models
How one gay headteacher being out at school is preventing LGBTI bullying

Woodside High School ‘refuses homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia’ and has been recognized as ‘outstanding’

Daisy thanks Joan Jett for helping her realize she's bi
These young people explained the moment they realized they were bisexual

‘I didn’t realize for a long time actually. The heteronormativity was strong with this one.’