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Thee Amir in his Pride make-up.
How I’ve celebrated this Pride Month with my LGBT+ teenage friends

This year’s online Prides have made it easier than ever for LGBT+ teenagers to take part.

Thee Amir is a makeup influencer on Yubo.
Gay Muslim makeup influencer: How I came out and found people like me

‘I met another gay Asian guy who shared my love for fashion and makeup and felt so accepted.’

Harvey Milk in NBC interview
How teaching LGBTI history could stop bullying in school

EXCLUSIVE: The LA LGBT Center has free resources for teachers to use

Jacob Edwards presents the Queer Cuture podcast, and has contributed to the latest season of the #QueerAF podcast | Photo: @ItsJacobEdwards
How dating apps actually empowered me to be my best self

OPINION: But Jacob Edwards wants you to know that asking ‘what’s in your pants?’ Is not an Ok pick up line

a male looking person wearing all black stands in front of a purple and yellow sign that read oi!
My coming out happened over and over again, but I’ve never been happier

Anick says to enjoy your coming out because it is a liberating feeling

Still from the Pride episode of Queer Kid Stuff
This webshow educates kids about the LGBTI community

Hosted by Lindsay, a queer person, and their best stuffed friend Teddy, this web show is the perfect way to introduce kids to the concept of LGBTI identity

a woman standing up in front of colourful wallpaper with her hands on her hips and her head cocked to the side
I’m trans, out and proud. But does that make me brave?

No one should ever have to be brave to be themselves

A University of Edinburgh student compared buying single-use plastic water bottles to bigotry like homophobia
Edinburgh student compares use of plastic water bottles to homophobia

‘It is 2019, not having a reusable bottle at this point is like still being homophobic or thinking climate change isn’t real – outdated and backward’

Rob Noon is the LGBT+ Officer (Open Place) for the UK National Union of Students who are threatening to defund the NUS Trans campaign | Photo: Rob Noon
Trans students need representation: Don’t take away our officer NUS

OPINION: Due to severe financial difficulties, the NUS is threatening to remove funds for their Trans officer. Rob Noon explains why that would be devastating for trans students.

media Young trans youth showing their Pride in New York | Photo: GenderFamilyProject Instagram / Daniel Tepper
Metro newspaper profits twice from transphobic advert: Pay the money forward

OPINION: No-one should profit from transphobia – The Metro should pass the money on to a trans charity who desperately needs it

Trans Teen Survival Guide by Fow Fisher and Owl Stefanía | Photo: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Is the new book, Trans Teen Survival Guide, a missed opportunity?

REVIEW: Trans person James Gaddas takes on the Trans Teen Survival Guide and asks, where’s the history?

Straight friends ask gay guy to be their homecoming dates
Straight friends ask gay guy to be their homecoming date in sweet proposal

He described the moment as a ‘high school dream’ come true

Will changing my label change the way people see me?

Joanna’s attraction to boys kept her ‘somewhat connected’ to her straight friends

Tom has justed started a new YouTube channel to tell coming out stories from all around | Photo: (Supplied) Proud Crowd
This coming out story will inspire you to tell your own more often

OPINION: Why I’m filming coming out stories that would have helped me when I was a young LGBTI person

The Gender Identity panel at Summer In The City. It featured YouTubers Jake, Danni, Steph, Roly, Ellen and Charlie.
10 tweets that sum up just how incredible Summer In The City was

You know it’s a good time when Dancing Hermione makes an appearance

How boozy was your LGBTI on campus society? | Photo: Winter Pride
Boozy and cliquey LGBT+ university societies fail students

OPINION: Students need to shake off the reputation that LGBT+ societies are cliquey drinking clubs – in the name of mental health

Brett Service now and as a baby - he was raised in the UK care system
This is what it’s like to be a gay child in the care system

A young gay man who grew up in the UK’s care system since the age of 13 months reveals some of his experiences

queer head exploding with unicorns and pizza on a-level
Queer advice to get through A-Level results day, no matter what happens

Looking towards uni or life after A Levels? Here is some advice on getting through results day

A group of prom attendees posing for a promo shots for Queer Prom
Forget all your bad dances: this inclusive Brighton prom is beautiful and queer AF

Wear whatever outfit you want and dance your heart out

This ex-Mormon is now free to be who she is meant to be
At 13 I protested gay rights as a Mormon, at 23 I’m gay and free

This is an amazing story of how enormously life can change in a single decade

Lesbian activists storm and block the Pride in London parade route
Is Pride in London supporting transphobes over trans people?

As London is left reeling from an anti-trans protest at Pride, trans student Robin Noon is calling for transphobia to be removed from our community

Rupert Everett (r) stars as Oscar Wilde
It’s still important to be Earnest – we should all see Oscar Wilde’s plays

OPINION: We can learn so much about the fight for LGBTI rights now, from queer stories that tell our history

Alex first thought he might be bi
Why this young bi woman has an issue with Netflix’s Alex Strangelove

‘Treating other sexualities as a punchline in your gay stories doesn’t make you progressive, you’re just an a**hole’

Alex Strangelove is a story of a gay boy fighting off heteronormative ideas
Netflix’s Alex Strangelove was never ‘erasing bisexuality’

The movie is a ‘story of a gay boy fighting off heteronormative ideas that have been forced on him his whole life’

Sidney feels Alex Strangelove missed the mark when it comes to biphobia
Alex Strangelove portrays bisexuality ‘simply as a stepping stone’

‘When it came to educating people about biphobia, I think the movie missed the mark’

Grace defends the homophobia and biphobia represented in Alex Strangelove. She say's Dell was not the antagonist.
Alex Strangelove ‘follows confused and confusing teenagers’

‘Many questioning people feel safer identifying as bisexual for a while in order to become more comfortable with their sexuality’

Jamey Jesperson
Meet Jamey Jesperson, the nonbinary activist who left the Mormon Church

‘It was three months into my first college semester—when I found myself sitting in a Gender Studies and a Cultural Studies class—when my world exploded’

A selfie of a young Muslim man standing in a public place
I’m a trans man, Muslim and poor, this what life is like for me

‘Navigating any queer space has been a challenge because of my religion and also because of my class’