Teenager with a phone.
Childline helpline sees big rise in kids seeking advice about being LGBT+

‘I’ve been feeling really sad and cry non-stop.’

Thee Amir is a makeup influencer on Yubo.
Gay Muslim makeup influencer: How I came out and found people like me

‘I met another gay Asian guy who shared my love for fashion and makeup and felt so accepted.’

Woman with head on friend's shoulder.
How you can help a friend struggling with LGBT+ domestic violence during lockdown

Charities issue advice to help friends suffering domestic violence and even friends you think may be abusers.

The team from Switchboard.
LGBT+ helplines see surge in calls as coronavirus heightens mental health problems

Plus links to support services around the world and the latest COVID-19 advice.

Olivia Levine in a pool.
How my first lesbian heartbreak made me discover I have OCD

Queer actor, comic and writer Olivia Levine shares her story of living with OCD.

Inside India's Third Eye Cafe
WATCH: This cafe in India mainly employs transgender people

‘We chose this name, Third Eye, because we knew we were going to start a restaurant which would employ the third gender’

Want to quit smoking? Here’s how to get started

LGBTI people have higher rates of smoking than the general population

Kylie Kwong is a well-known chef, writer and restaurateur in Australia
‘I want you out of my house’: Dad reacts when celebrity chef comes out

Gay chef and restaurateur Kylie Kwong shared her powerful story while being interviewed on an Australian TV show this evening

Tim'm T. West talks about the 20th anniversary of his HIV diagnosis
Today I’m 20 years HIV positive: Still thriving but still fighting stigma

Educator Tim’m T. West says he is sometimes left ‘tired of fighting … HIV stigma is still very much alive and well.’

resource A young man with mental health problems with his head in his hands
This self-care resource helps LGBTI people through tough times

It helps protect LGBTI people from toxic comments

Queer artist morgxn
Queer artist wants LGBTI youth struggling with anxiety to know they can ‘be messy’

Morgxn released a new video in which he sings about mental health

The bi+ group at Perth Pride.
8 tips for being confident and bisexual this Pride and all year round

Want to be out and confident as a bisexual person at Pride?

Nine in ten young LGBTI people experience depression or anxiety.
Nine in 10 LGBTI young people in the UK experience anxiety or depression

New alarming survey shows how younger lesbian, gay, bi and trans people struggle with their mental health

For the first time, a gay man has been ordained as an Orthodox rabbi
Openly gay Orthodox rabbi ordained in Jerusalem following discrimination in New York

For the first time, an openly gay man was ordained as an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, despite controversy

New Orleans resident Erik Alexander and his mom
I never thought mom would accept me being gay: now she couldn’t be prouder

OPINION: Erik Alexander reflects on the pride that bonds he and his mom – and how her reaction to his coming out threatened that for a while

How do you come out to your wife or girlfriend as a bisexual man? | Photo: Mike Lloyd
How to come out to your wife as a bisexual man

For bisexual columnist Lewis Oakley, he gets this question more than any other

Central Park School for Children in Durham, North Carolina had their first Pride and Liberation Event
North Carolina middle school invites drag queens to encourage students to celebrate differences

‘I am so proud of my school for making such huge steps to make Central Park a safe, intersectional space’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | Photo: Wiki
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publicly sends support to Drag Race queen Nina West

‘Thank you for being a relentless example of kindness, consciousness, compassion, and courage’

Nonbinary activist, actor, and model Jamie Windust
Nonbinary activist Jamie Windust petitions Parliament for gender-neutral passports

‘As trans and nonbinary people we’re used to fighting, but I am optimistic’

How do you come out to your child as bisexual?

Lewis Oakley, our weekly bisexual columnist, reveals how he decided to come out to his son

Janina Simmons (right) with her girlfriend at her Ranger School graduation
The first black female solider to graduate Ranger school attributes success to girlfriend

‘I didn’t do this, WE did this,’ Simmons wrote online in reference to her supportive girlfriend

Abby Bliss talks coming out to her Christian parents
Coming out as queer in a conservative Christian family

OPINION: Abby Bliss came out to their parents while at collage after meeting their first girlfriend

Gay life coach Chris Cooper, smiling
7 tips to tackling loneliness, according to a gay life coach

Loneliness particularly affects LGBTI people, but there are steps you can take to combat it

Davey Shields is a co-host of MenTalkHealth. | Photo: Supplied
How I started living for myself and not just for weekends on the gay scene

Feel like every Sunday is a waste? You’re not alone

An older man looks through blinds
Older LGBTI people fear having to return to the closet

A new documentary explores the experiences of older LGBTI people in Scotland and their fears about the care sector

Gay men in a promotion photo for Chariots sauna in London
Casual sex, loneliness and the desire for human contact

OPINION: Bathhouses, overworking, alcohol… LGBTI people use many tools to distract themselves from loneliness: some healthier than others

Ian Howley attempted suicide three times as a teenager
How I survived three suicide attempts as gay teen and am now getting angry

OPINION: Ian Howley, the CEO of UK-based organization LGBT HERO says it’s time to get angry about the high rates of LGBTI suicide

Pastor Dennis W. Wiley testifying in front of the House of Representatives on behalf of the Equality Act
WATCH: Samira Wiley’s dad testifies to Congress in support of the Equality Act

‘Let’s make sure the Equality Act becomes law, so that all of our beautiful, promising, gifted LGBTQ citizens, just like my daughter and daughter-in-law, can live their lives free of fear, free of bigotry, and free of discrimination’