Camp Tawonga will be trying out all-gender cabins for a session this summer
California sleepaway camp to introduce all-gender bunks this summer

Camp Tawonga has seen an increase of non-binary campers and counselors over the last few years

Cast of remake of Rent
The cast of Fox’s RENT open up about their real life struggles to pay rent

When Kiersey Clemons was on a Disney Channel show, she still had to work a job at the mall to make enough money

From left: Blue Diamond, Steven Universe, White Diamond, and Yellow Diamond
Steven Universe season finale shows the importance of chosen family

Steven is no longer Rose Quartz or Pink Diamond — he is just Steven

Trans people on Twitter are sharing the stories of how they got their names
Trans people share their name stories on Twitter

Using the hashtag #TransNameStory, trans people are sharing their unique and personal stories of self-discovery

A young person with rainbow colored hair against a rainbow flag
Two percent of US high school students identify as transgender

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) surveyed over 130,000 young people; more than 1 in 3 trans youth attempted suicide in last 12 months

Woman wearing a rainbow flag kisses woman
Here’s what you need to know about cervical cancer

For Cervical Cancer Prevention Week we put together everything you need to know about this preventable cancer

Depression can happen to anyone | Photo: Talk to Change
Feeling blue? LGBTI people living with depression give advice on how to cope

Here’s some advice on how to cope with depression

A third-year med student at New York Medical College is vocal about the need to focus more on LGBTI health
Med students push for more LGBTI health training

According to a 2011 survey, the median amount of time med students spent on LGBTI healthcare was a mere five hours

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives a powerful speech at the 2019 NYC Women's March
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives LGBTI-inclusive speech at NYC Women’s March

‘Justice is about making sure that being polite is not the same thing as being quiet’

Promotional image for LGBTI documentary Words
Amazon removes LGBTI documentary, claims it didn’t meet Prime’s ‘quality standard’

The documentary about LGBTI identity went up on Amazon Prime over a year ago

Protestors carry signs at the NYC Women's March, with Trump Tower in the background
The Women’s March takes to the streets for the third year

But things are different this time around, after controversy surrounding the National Women’s March leaders

Two men in bed snuggle with one another before sleep
Could sleeping in separate bedrooms help your relationship?

We spoke to four gay people who live with a partner but sleep in separate bedrooms

Hundreds came out in solidarity with the gay men in Chechnya earlier trhis month
LGBTI people face torture and death in Chechnya – here’s how you can help them

This is a humanitarian crisis which is just getting worse by the minute. LGBTI people are dying, but we can help them

Buck Angel
Buck Angel gives advice to trans men at the gynecologist

‘I’ve begun developing a concrete list of tips on how to get the best care from your gynecologist if you’re trans’

A man checks his cellphone - opinion column on HIV stigma
This year it’s time we took control of our digital queer spaces

After Tumblr adult content ban and Facebook new guidelines, queer users can turn to a more inclusive platform

Starting on 1 February 2019, the state of New Jersey will begin offering a non-binary option on birth certificates
New Jersey to introduce gender-neutral birth certificates in February

The state of New Jersey will join New York City, California, Oregon, and Washington as places in the United States that allow non-binary birth certificates

Children in the UK city of Brighton & Hove will be taught a new, inclusive sex ed curriculum
In this UK city, new sex education lessons are a victory for trans rights

‘Our approach recognizes the fact that some people who have periods are trans or non-binary’

California's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is now offering a third gender option on drivers licenses and state ID cards
California offers ‘non-binary’ gender option on state ID cards in 2019

This is an important change for trans and non-binary Californians

This candid short doc about sex workers sheds a light on a life of danger

Let’s celebrate International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers today

Restrooms at the University of Utah are being audited on behalf of the school's trans and nonbinary students
University of Utah restrooms audited by students, LGBT Center for private spaces

‘It’s surprising how often bathrooms are needlessly gendered’

Gay Israeli activist Hen Mazzig
Meet Hen Mazzig: the gay Israeli activist challenging bigotry from the Left and Right

‘Being queer, a person of color, liberal, progressive, and a proud Israeli means being politically homeless’

A closeup of a girl looking sad and holding a mug in her hands.
Here are 5 mental health tips for any LGBTI person during the holiday season

Love it or loathe it, the festive season can be especially hard on any LGBTI person’s mental health

BDSM scene posed by model | Photo: Dream Boy Bondage
The four ways I knew that my kinky relationship had become abusive

How do you know when a turn-on becomes toxic?

Lourdes Rivas' book, They Call Me Mix
This Kindergarten teacher wrote a bilingual children’s book on gender-neutral pronouns

The book is based on the teacher’s own experience with gender-neutral pronouns

A still from Bethesda video game, Fallout 76
Fallout 76 players banned for life following in-game homophobic attack

The ringleader of the attack was a high school senior with the username NathanTheHicc

An American transgender woman is seeking asylum in Sweden
Meet Danni Askini: the first American trans woman seeking asylum in Sweden

‘I am a Trump refugee. His presidency has caused the situation that put me here’

A Salvation Army store
Here’s your yearly reminder to avoid donating to the Salvation Army this holiday season

The Salvation Army has a long history of anti-LGBTI discrimination

Ángela Ponce, Miss Universe Spain
Despite being crown Miss Universe Spain, Ángela Ponce still faces anti-trans backlash

The Miss Universe pageant takes place on 17 December in Bangkok, Thailand

Non-binary model and activist Jamie Windust
Here’s why non-binary model and activist Jamie Windust quit Fantastic Beasts

‘Misogyny, homophobia, transphobia everywhere plus 16 hour days in minus temperatures. Atrocious’

Jen Deerwater is bringing awareness to Native women's #MeToos
This Two-Spirited Cherokee is bringing awareness to Indigenous women’s #MeToos

‘All he saw was a disabled, queer, Native that couldn’t and wouldn’t fight back. He was dead wrong’