Thee Amir is a makeup influencer on Yubo.
Gay Muslim makeup influencer: How I came out and found people like me

‘I met another gay Asian guy who shared my love for fashion and makeup and felt so accepted.’

Olivia Levine in a pool.
How my first lesbian heartbreak made me discover I have OCD

Queer actor, comic and writer Olivia Levine shares her story of living with OCD.

Kylie Kwong is a well-known chef, writer and restaurateur in Australia
‘I want you out of my house’: Dad reacts when celebrity chef comes out

Gay chef and restaurateur Kylie Kwong shared her powerful story while being interviewed on an Australian TV show this evening

Tim'm T. West talks about the 20th anniversary of his HIV diagnosis
Today I’m 20 years HIV positive: Still thriving but still fighting stigma

Educator Tim’m T. West says he is sometimes left ‘tired of fighting … HIV stigma is still very much alive and well.’

New Orleans resident Erik Alexander and his mom
I never thought mom would accept me being gay: now she couldn’t be prouder

OPINION: Erik Alexander reflects on the pride that bonds he and his mom – and how her reaction to his coming out threatened that for a while

Abby Bliss talks coming out to her Christian parents
Coming out as queer in a conservative Christian family

OPINION: Abby Bliss came out to their parents while at collage after meeting their first girlfriend

Gay men in a promotion photo for Chariots sauna in London
Casual sex, loneliness and the desire for human contact

OPINION: Bathhouses, overworking, alcohol… LGBTI people use many tools to distract themselves from loneliness: some healthier than others

Ian Howley attempted suicide three times as a teenager
How I survived three suicide attempts as gay teen and am now getting angry

OPINION: Ian Howley, the CEO of UK-based organization LGBT HERO says it’s time to get angry about the high rates of LGBTI suicide

Author Tatiana de Rosnay (right) and her gay son, Louis
This is what happened when I came out as the parent of a gay son

OPINION: Author Tatiana de Rosnay says she had little idea of the homophobia she’d encounter when she told people her son is gay

Marco admires an actor's makeup on season 4 of Disney Channel show Star vs. The Forces of Evil. (Photo: YouTube)
Star vs. The Forces of Evil is normalizing boys who like makeup

‘This is the most flawless contouring I’ve ever seen’

Children participating in a Purim parade show off their costumes. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)
Here’s why LGBTI Jews love the holiday of Purim

It’s essentially a coming out story

A man buries his head in his hands
Gay and bisexual men wanted for prostate cancer research

The study wants to recruit men in the US who have, or are recovering from, prostate cancer

A man and his girlfriend hold hands
Man meets girlfriend’s parents and realizes he’s had sex with her dad

The older man warned the younger, bisexual man to break off the relationship with his daughter. What should he do?

Emma Goswell talks about her own coming out
How a school bus journey home made me realize I might be gay

Gaydio presenter Emma Goswell tells her own very personal coming out story and explains why she started a podcast to collect stories from others

When 15-year-old Maia came out as bi to her mom, she was surprised to learn that her mom is bi, too
This teen girl came out as bi to her mom, only to learn her mom is bi as well

15-year-old Maia from Belgium had an amazing experience coming out as bisexual to her mother

Bisexual actor Evan Rachel Wood opens up about her mental health for Nylon Magazine
Bisexual actor Evan Rachel Wood opens up about PTSD and mental health stigma

‘There is no economic class, race, sexuality, or gender that is safe from their own mind’

Diana Goh and son Avin Tan
Mom posts inspiring message about loving and supporting son living with HIV

There was a huge leak of personal data of people with HIV in Singapore this week – but this mom has told parents to make sure they show their children support

Cast of remake of Rent
The cast of Fox’s RENT open up about their real life struggles to pay rent

When Kiersey Clemons was on a Disney Channel show, she still had to work a job at the mall to make enough money

From left: Blue Diamond, Steven Universe, White Diamond, and Yellow Diamond
Steven Universe season finale shows the importance of chosen family

Steven is no longer Rose Quartz or Pink Diamond — he is just Steven

Trans people on Twitter are sharing the stories of how they got their names
Trans people share their name stories on Twitter

Using the hashtag #TransNameStory, trans people are sharing their unique and personal stories of self-discovery

A young person with rainbow colored hair against a rainbow flag
Two percent of US high school students identify as transgender

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) surveyed over 130,000 young people; more than 1 in 3 trans youth attempted suicide in last 12 months

A third-year med student at New York Medical College is vocal about the need to focus more on LGBTI health
Med students push for more LGBTI health training

According to a 2011 survey, the median amount of time med students spent on LGBTI healthcare was a mere five hours

Hundreds came out in solidarity with the gay men in Chechnya earlier trhis month
LGBTI people face torture and death in Chechnya – here’s how you can help them

This is a humanitarian crisis which is just getting worse by the minute. LGBTI people are dying, but we can help them

Buck Angel
Buck Angel gives advice to trans men at the gynecologist

‘I’ve begun developing a concrete list of tips on how to get the best care from your gynecologist if you’re trans’

This candid short doc about sex workers sheds a light on a life of danger

Let’s celebrate International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers today

Restrooms at the University of Utah are being audited on behalf of the school's trans and nonbinary students
University of Utah restrooms audited by students, LGBT Center for private spaces

‘It’s surprising how often bathrooms are needlessly gendered’

BDSM scene posed by model | Photo: Dream Boy Bondage
The four ways I knew that my kinky relationship had become abusive

How do you know when a turn-on becomes toxic?

An American transgender woman is seeking asylum in Sweden
Meet Danni Askini: the first American trans woman seeking asylum in Sweden

‘I am a Trump refugee. His presidency has caused the situation that put me here’

Non-binary model and activist Jamie Windust
Here’s why non-binary model and activist Jamie Windust quit Fantastic Beasts

‘Misogyny, homophobia, transphobia everywhere plus 16 hour days in minus temperatures. Atrocious’

Jen Deerwater is bringing awareness to Native women's #MeToos
This Two-Spirited Cherokee is bringing awareness to Indigenous women’s #MeToos

‘All he saw was a disabled, queer, Native that couldn’t and wouldn’t fight back. He was dead wrong’